HIT THE ROAD WITH DUANE PETERS and COREY PARKS for the 2005 OLD SKARS AND UPSTARTS TOUR. The skate punk rock tour will be hitting skateparks, backyard pools and nightclubs across the USA! Sponsorships available. Go on tour with DIE HUNNS September 1st- October 8th, 2005 as they hit all major markets across the U.S.A. Acts Planned For This Years Event Include: DIE HUNNS, BLACK HALOS, KINGS OF NUTHIN, ANGEL CITY OUTCASTS, RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS, THE NEEDLES + Plus Many Surprise Guest Bands and Skateboarders to be announced. The Old Skars and Upstarts Tour is a tour designed by the crazed mind of legendary skater and punk rocker- Duane Peters. There are also mini-festivals planned in such cities as Chicago, New York, Austin, and Los Angeles. Local skate bands will be playing at select shows. All shows will be hosted at all ages clubs so everyone can go. Skateboarding will also be a big part of this tour as the tour will hit many of the best skateparks, backyard pools and ramps throughout the country where Duane and the crew will skate with the locals. The purpose of this tour is to bring back the old school ways of doing things with a new school attitude. Punk rock and skateboarding are best done in a D.I.Y. fashion and there is nobody who does both of them better than Duane Peters.


SKATE CONTEST – Second Annual Millenium Skate Park Skateboard Contest – July 24, 2005 – Rain dates July 31, 2005. Owls Head Skate Park – Millenium Skate Park – 67th Street and Colonial Road – Brooklyn, NY. Time 11-6PM, Registration and Practice 8:30-10:30AM.

CONSPIRACY NEWS – Free Beer! Come check out Conspiracy Skateboards video party, featuring ‘The Omens’ and ‘The Symptoms’ and our video ‘Die…Skate or Die!’ at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, on July 22nd. Free keg and hot dogs at 5pm. Get there early! Conspiracy also welcomes two new riders: the infamous Glen Charnoski, and Albuquerque’s Abe Towrey. For more info, visit

SKATEPARK REVIEW SHOW – Juice Magazine will sponsor The SkatePark Review Show on PBS along with Scion, Independent Trucks, Black Label, Spitfire, etnies, Ipath, California Skate Parks, Ocean Pacific, Bell Helmets and Skaterade. For details go to

NEW SKATEPARK DIRECTORY – Take the Best Skatepark Directory in the World with you in your pocket! Now you can access our world wide Skatepark Directory (1,800 listings and almost 600 photographs) from any cell phone or wireless device that is web enabled at or (Devices must have javascript enabled)

SANTA CRUZ SKATEBOARDS – Santa Cruz Skateboards is proud to announce the addition of Florentin Flo Marfaing to the Pro Team. Flo follows long time friend and Brazilian powerhouse Alex Carolino, who also just signed with Santa Cruz last month. Flo joined Alex and the rest of the Santa Cruz Team in Barcelona where Santa Cruz Skateboards rented the team a house for three months. Is a new video already in the works? Stay tuned to for news and updates.

DEATHBOX NEWS – In between Washington Street commando sessions, Sam Hitz has been working on new graphics and shapes for the upcoming season. Matt Moffett has been in Europe at the Concrete Series and in Marseilles. Expect to see him up in the Northwest competing in the Tri-fecta. Zarosh has been ripping Washington Street between his vagabond travels. Word is that he’s heading to India soon. Doug ‘Pineapple’ Saladino has been skating with Salba and crew over the last few months. Pineapple and Shey will be going to Costa Rica to skate some secret shit. Hackett took his place in the winner’s circle claiming second place over all and first place in the tight slalom event in the European Slalom Championships in Stockholm, Sweden. Congratulations Hackett! For more go to

LIBERTY SKATES NEWS – Check out Mike Smith at his new digs at or email to go skate.

SPITFIRE NEWS – Daewon Song is now riding for Spitfire.

WICKED WAHINE BOWL SERIES – One Wicked Weekend in Baja, Mexico – The third event in the Wicked Wahine Bowl Series was a great success. The Cuatro Casas Hostel in Baja, Mexico proved to be the perfect location for the ladies to jam it out. This was the first Wicked Wahine event that joined skateboarding and surfing all in one location. Nicole Zuck was dubbed Wicked Skater for her effortless frontside and backside grinds throughout the entire bowl. The Deathbox Challenge was aptly awarded to Cressy Rice for her 50-50 through the corner to drop-in right through the deathbox. Mandy Esche rolled away as the Best Trick winner with a serious frontside lipslide. Heidi Kreis earned Wicked Surfer with her style, consistency and power. Wicked Wahine would like to thank Black Label Skateboards as the primary sponsor. Additional sponsors that made the event happen include: Concrete Divas, Billabong, etnies Girl, Tango Surfboards, Deep Roots Clothing, Skaterade, Graphics Works, HB Wahine, Madrid Skateboards, Vans Shoes, Sector 9 Skateboards, Vinaka Girl, Surf Chick, Cool Girls Skateboards, Kronik Energy Drinks and Lillid Skateboards.

GREAT WALL MEGARAMP JUMP: Quiksilver Great Wall MegaRamp Jump – Ju Yong Guan – Beijing, China… Skateboarder Danny Way Quiksilver Great Wall MegaRamp Jump site..

PATRICK KERR SKATEBOARD SCHOLARSHIP – The 2005 recipients of the Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship, the nation’s only college scholarship program for skateboarders, have been selected. The scholarships are awarded to students who have been activists for skateboarding in their communities. $5000 scholarship to Kyle Brady presented by Activision/TonyHawk’s Underground. Kyle created a program to distribute donated skateboards and skate clothing to underprivileged youth in Baltimore and played a vital part in the creation of a public skatepark in Maryland. $2000 scholarship to Benjamin Oldani presented by Mike Vallely. Benjamin designed and helped fundraise for two public skateparks in Lakewood, CO and was a founding member of the Lakewood Youth Commmision. $1000 scholarship to Benjamin Meyerson presented by The Tony Hawk Foundation. Benjamin was instrumental in the creation of the public skatepark in Oak Park, Illinois. $1000 scholarship to Sasha La Rochelle presented by Mountain Dew. Sasha teaches skate clinics, is a member of Skaters For Public Skateparks, writes articles and conducts interviews for skate magazines and websites, and is a professional skateboarder. $1000 scholarship to Daniel Marino presented by Jones Soda. Daniel helped to design and fundraise for the public skatepark in Ogden, New York. He was recognized by his town for volunteering over 580 hours to the project. $1000 scholarship to Jesse Quinlan presented by Jesse was the Chair of the Design Committee for the Page County Skatepark Association, built equipment, solicited donations, teaches skateboarding beginners, and scored a perfect 800 on the math SAT. $1000 scholarship to Daniel Stone presented by Foundation Skateboards. As his Eagle Scout project, Daniel organized the members of his Boy Scout troop to work on the creation of the Maynard, MA public skatepark. $1000 scholarship to Sean Neafsey presented by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC). Sean was instrumental in the creation of the public skatepark at Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York City. $1000 scholarship to Daniel Caridi presented by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC). As a 9th grader Daniel created a petition for a skatepark that, through his lobbying and fundraising efforts, was completed in the Fall of 2004. $500 scholarship to Mackenzie Brown presented by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC). Mackenzie created a petition for a public skatepark, researched park design and fund-raising, and testified before the town council of Tinton Falls, NJ.


PLAN B NEWS – Plan B Skateboards’ elite team of Paul Rodriguez, Danny Way, Colin McKay, Ryan Gallant and PJ Ladd proudly welcome the addition of Darrell Stanton to the line up. For more go to

NEW SKATE VIDEO – The new Adio DVD was just released. Danny Montoya and Brian Brown share a video part in this great new video by Adio. Danny’s latest shoe, The Montoya V.4, will be hitting stores this summer. Info available at

BUCKY LASEK PULLS A CLEAN SWEEP AT OLN’S 2005 GRAVITY GAMES, TAKING GOLD IN SKATEBOARD VERT AND BEST TRICK… Woodward, PA – In the lead after the first round of the Skateboard Vert competition, Bucky Lasek had the run of his life, pulling out lots of switch stance maneuvers, an alley kickflip indy grab to fakie, and a frontside caballero heelflip over the channel in the second run to secure the gold. A switch stance backside 360 mute kickflip landed him a second gold medal, taking first in the Best Trick competition for a clean sweep. Gravity Games Skateboard Vert Results: 1. Bucky Lasek 2. Andy MacDonald 3. Sandro Dias 4. Pierre-Luc Gagnon 5. Anthony Furlong 6. Chris Gentry 7. Neal Hendrix 8. Bob Burnquist 9. Juergen Horrwarth 10. Max Dufour 11. Jesse Fritsch 12. Jake Brown 13. Rune Glifberg 14. Paul Zitzer 15. Rob Lorifice 16. Lincoln Ueda 17. Mike Frazier. Log on to

SOCALSKATEPARKS.COM NEWS – Rebirth of Skateparks DVD – If you have not picked up this DVD yet, do it. The film documents 30 years of skateboarding history, narrated by Lance Mountain, and features the best in SoCal past and present. Lots of cool bonus footage including the desert pipes and the Fruit Bowl.


AMATEUR SKATEBOARDING NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT! – CASL is going on 25 yrs of quality amateur skateboarding at is finest! We have only been able to accomplish this with the support of the industry. But in recent years, support has been waning. Bring your riders to CASL events. We are also in need of product donations to our fund raising raffle. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for listening and I hope to see you at the contests. Darrell Norman – Head So Cal Judge – CASL.

2005 SCION THRASH AND JAM TOUR – The 2005 Scion Thrash and Jam Tour presented by Comcast SportsNet will make its debut in Ocean City, Md. July 30-31, 2005 on the Dorchester Street Beach. Scion’s Thrash and Jam showcases some of the world’s best skateboarders as they skate a 50-foot vert ramp on the beach. Scheduled performers include Bucky Lasek and skateboarding legend Christian Hosoi. Also expected to appear are Paul Zitzer, Buster Halterman, Jessie McDonald, Mitch Yoder and several Ocean City skateboarding legends. Riders will perform from 11 am to 5pm each day. The Ocean City Recreation Department will let fans meet and skate with the performers at the Ocean Bowl Skate Park on Third St. both days. Admission to both events is free courtesy of the OC Recreation Department, Utz and local Scion dealers.

ESPN X GAMES ANNOUNCES THE SECOND WAVE OF INVITED ATHLETES TO X GAMES 11 to be held in Los Angeles August 4-7, 2005. SKATEBOARD (World Cup Skateboarding, – Big Air – Jake Brown, Bob Burnquist, Jason Ellis, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Buster Halterman, Omar Hassan, Bucky Lasek, Rob Lorifice, Andy Macdonald, Brian Patch, Danny Way, Street – Men – Mark Appleyard, Chris Cole, Eric Koston, Greg Lutzka, Rick McCrank, Andrew Reynolds, Paul Rodriguez, Geoff Rowley, Bastien Salabanzi, Ryan Sheckler… Street – Women – Elissa Steamer, Lynn-Z Adams Hawkins, Evelien Bouilliart, Amy Caron, Marissa Del Santo, Patiene Frietas, Lauren Perkins, Vanessa Torres… Vert – Men – Jake Brown, Bob Burnquist, Sandro Dias, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Rune Glifberg, Buster Halterman, Bucky Lasek, Andy Macdonald, Tas Pappas, Shaun White… Vert – Women – Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, Cara-Beth Burnside, Mimi Knoop, Jen O’Brien, Holly Lyons… Vert Best Trick – Sandro Dias, Jake Brown, Bob Burnquist, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Rune Glifberg, Bucky Lasek, Colin McKay, Shaun White… SURFING (National Surf League, East Coast – C.J. Hobgood, Damien Hobgood, Baron Knowlton, Cory Lopez, Shea Lopez, Peter Mendia, Todd Morcom, Kelly Slater… West Coast – Shane Beschen, Tim Curran, Keiran Horn, Taylor Knox, Rob Machado, Pat O’Connell, Dane Reynolds, Chris Ward. For more go to

SACRIFICE NEWS – Neil Heddings is now on Sacrifice. New model to hit in late August. The new Sacrifice Chicas Division features team riders: Cressey Rice, Meredith Betts and Rose Bernfeld. Sacrifice is currently working on a new feature film with Jeff Roe and FUEL TV. Check out

CLAUS GRABKE UPDATE – Claus just sold one of his Powell decks for $4000 to a German collector!

SLALOM NEWS – Jason ‘Old School’ Mitchell is overseas this week competing at the European Championships in Sweden along with slalom champions Steve Olson and David Hackett… Giant Slalom Event in Sweden Results. It was a Team Radikal sweep. 1st- Kenny Mollica, USA, 2nd- Jason Mitchell, USA, 3rd- Mike Masey, USA

FLORIDA SKATEPARK NEWS – The Cocoa Beach Skatepark opened on July 4th.


CHOPPERTOWN: THE SINNERS is an exciting new documentary about the renowned motorcycle and hot rod club… THE SINNERS. A One World Studios Production written, produced and directed by Scott Di Lalla and Zack Coffman. Starring Rico Fodrey, Kutty Noteboom, Cole Foster, Jason Jessee, James Intveld and The Sinners. Featuring the music of James Intveld, The Whitewalls, and The Highway Murderers. Filmed on location in Southern and Northern California. This film is not yet rated. Strong language, adult themes, mild violence, light gunplay. For details visit

JEFF GROSSO NEWS – Jeff Grosso signature shoe to debut at ASR. Grosso has designed a 5/8 top, canvas/suede upper, gum outsole, vulcanized skate shoe with Grosso’s trademark smiley face graphic. The new Grosso signature shoe is part of the ‘Vulcanized Series’ by NSS.

FACTORY 13 NEWS – Factory13 is stoked to announce their new Art/Steve Godoy pro model available in August. The Godoy board will feature routed rails and a routed nose grab, formica bottom or all wood construction… The Curbslappys, featuring members of Factory13 have a killer skate punk record out on No Front Teeth records of London, England. The Curbslappys will be playing with the Briefs at the Grop Shop in Cleveland this August. A new Factory 13 storefront will open Aug 1st at JFA has new graphics to be released soon. Go to or email

FUELTV NEWS – This week we have a special edition of ‘FUEL TV’s 54321.’ We’ll be recapping the highlights of the Panasonic Open in Louisville, Kentucky, which was the first stop on the Dew Action Sports Tour, the pro tour of action sports. And in ‘FUEL TV’s 54321 on One,’ 20-year-old pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez talks about competition, his heroes, and joining the prestigious Plan B skateboard team. For your local FSN dates and show times, visit: To see if you get FUEL TV, visit

PACIFICA SKATEPARK NEWS – New skate park under construction in Pacifica, CA at Crespi Drive and Hwy 1.

RYAN SHECKLER DOMINATES AT SKATEBOARD PARK FINALS AT THE DEW ACTION SPORTS TOUR’S RIGHT GUARD OPEN – The 15-year-old Sheckler completed several amazing runs, including a frontside salad and a backside lipslide down the large handrail. Sheckler also nailed a frontside feeble over the round rail. Check for all up-to-the-minute information. 1 Ryan Sheckler 2 Chad Fernandez 3 Paul Rodriguez 4 Dayne Brummet 5 Wagner Ramos 6 Jereme Rogers 7 Paul Machnau 8 Alex Chalmers 9 Michel Simonetto 10 Alex Gavin 11 Kyle Berard 12 Chris Senn 13 Fabrizio Santos 14 Greg Lutzka 15 Austen Seaholm 16 Eric Mercier 17 Pat Channita 18 Caine Gayle 19 Santos Dos 20 Eric Koston 21 Ronnie Creager 22 Dan Pageau 23 Brendan Leung 24 Renato Vasconcelos 25 Daisuke Mochizuki

BUCKY LASEK WINS DEW ACTION SPORTS TOUR’S RIGHT GUARD OPEN SKATEBOARD VERT COMPETITION – Lasek’s final run was good enough to take the lead away from Pierre-Luc Gagnon and win the competition with a score of 92.50. Lasek’s winning run included a frontside heelflip gay twist, making this tough trick look easy. Lasek finished second at the Panasonic Open last month. He currently leads the Dew Cup standings with 175 points. Dew Action Sports Tour Right Guard Open Skateboard Vert Competition Results 1 – Lasek, Bucky 2 – Gagnon, Pierre-Luc 3 – White, Shaun 4 – Macdonald, Andy 5 – Furlong, Anthony 6 – Halterman, Buster 7 – Ueda, Lincoln 8 – Burnquist, Bob 9 – Hendrix, Neal 10 – Brown, Jake…. Dew Cup Skateboard Vert Points Standings after two events – 1 – Lasek, Bucky 2 – White, Shaun 3 – Gagnon, Pierre-Luc 4 – Macdonald, Andy 5 – Burnquist, Bob 6 – Pappas, Tas 7 – Furlong, Anthony 8 – Hendrix, Neal 9 – Ueda, Lincoln 10 – Dias, Sandro 11 – Brown, Jake 12 – Halterman, Buster 13 – Glifberg, Rune 14 – Crum, Mike 15 – Zitzer, Paul – 16 – Gentry, Chris 17 – Fritsch, Jesse 18 – Dufour, Max 19 – Ringstrom, Mathias 20 – Horrwarth, Juergen 21 – Lorifice, Rob 22 – Mayer, Danny For up to the minute stats, standings and athlete bios visit

SKATE CONTEST SERIES – Check out the action on Anyone in the area of any of the stops should come check it out..

GREEN SKATE LAB FUNDRAISER – For details go to and

SKATE CONTEST – What: Volcom’s $20,000 Pro Mini-Ramp Jam Presented by SPoTlight Productions at Surf Expo – September 16 – 18, 2005 in Orlando, Florida at Orange County Convention Center. Details and Registration:

CHRIS COLE CLAIMS GOLD IN SKATE STREET COMPETITION AT OLN’S 2005 GRAVITY GAMES, PRESENTED BY SATURN – Andre Genovesi Rakes in Two Titles for Best Trick in Zones 1 and 2. Pulling out difficult tricks in mass quantity, up-and-coming local skater Chris Cole claimed the gold at OLN’s Gravity Games’ Skate Street competition, presented by Saturn, today on the rails and benches outside the Spectrum Center in Philadelphia. A kickflip backside 360 in Zone 1 and a backside 270 to frontside lipslide and a kickflip backside lipslide, both on the rail in Zone 2, sealed his position on the top of the podium. Lots of switch stance flip trick and spinning variations landed Wagner Ramos the silver and Andre Genovesi the bronze. Brazilian Andre Genovesi also pulled a switch stance kickflip to backside tailslide to fakie in Zone 1 and a switch stance kickflip to backside 50/50 on the rail in Zone 2 to snatch the Best Trick title in both zones.
Gravity Games Skate Street Results:
1. Chris Cole Levittown, PA 1000
2. Wagner Ramos Florianopolis, Brazil 900
3. Andre Genovesi Sao Paolo, Brazil 875
4. Johnny Layton Murriat, CA 825
5. Billy Marks Corona, CA 750
6. Dayne Brummet Los Angeles, CA 750
7. Greg Lutzka Milwaukee, WI 700
8. Josh Evin Nelson, BC 650
9. Kyle Berard Virginia Beach, VA 625
10. Avi Luzia Tel Aviv, Israel 600
11. Mike Peterson Jacksonville, FL 525
12. Pete Eldridge Philadelphia, PA 500
13. Kevin Taylor Philadelphia, PA 475

OMAR HASSAN TAKES GOLD IN SKATE PARK COMPETITION AT OLN’S 2005 GRAVITY GAMES, PRESENTED BY SATURN – Advancing to the final round of OLN’s Gravity Games Skate Park Competition, presented by Saturn, at FDR Skatepark in Philadelphia on Tuesday, Omar Hassan killed the competition to take home the gold, keeping good lines, pulling lots of heelflip grabs and staying consistent throughout. Kyle Berard took the street approach to a new level, giving it a new look and bringing out lots of hard tricks to take the silver, and Benji Galloway straight out ripped to own the bronze.
Gravity Games Skate Park Results:
1. Omar Hassan Costa Mesa, CA 91.4
2. Kyle Berard Virginia Beach, VA 86.2
3. Benji Galloway Oceanside, CA 85.0
4. Steve Faas Philadelphia, PA 80.6
5. Ben Krahn Portland, OR 79.4
6. Julien Benoliel Marseille, France 79.4
7. Mike Peterson Jacksonville, FL 78.2
8. Jimmy Marcus Cardiff, CA 77.8
9. Tim Johnson St. Mary’s, GA 77.4
10. Rune Glifberg Encinitas, CA 77.4
11. Jesse Gullings Benlomond, CA 73.6
12. Daniel Cardone Cesena, Italy 68.0

Log on to for more information.

NEW BAND DECKS by DRAVEN – DRAVEN is doing skate decks for the following bands… The Misfits, Slipknot, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Motorhead, The Clash, The Adicts, Guns n Roses, Led Zeppelin, Slayer, Black Label Society, Judas Priest, HIM, Iron Maiden. For more info


GRIND FOR LIFE CONTESTS – Grind for Life Annual Fundraiser Benefit – Nov 19, 2005 and Oct 8th, 2005 GFL Contest #4 – 4pm YMCA Skatepark (pool contest only) – Entry fee for each contest is $15 and includes contest t-shirt. Please call 561-252-3839 for more info. For contest details go to

VOLCOM NEWS – Volcom Closes IPO; Raises $89 Million – Volcom announced the close of its initial public offering of 4,687,500 shares of common stock at a price of $19.00 per share and the simultaneous close of the underwriters’ over-allotment option to purchase an additional 703,125 shares of common stock at the initial public offering price. Volcom sold 4,187,500 shares in the offering and 453,125 shares pursuant to the underwriters’ over-allotment option… Copyright 2005 SportsNewsSource, LLC

POPWAR NEWS – Kenny Reed is in Russia with Planet Earth crew working on his part for the I-Path video. Chad Timtim is at home in Long Beach working on his Transworld Video part. Justin Strubing has been in Barcelona, Spain but is returning home to SF on 20th. He messed up his toe up while in Barcelona. We wish him a fast recovery. Dennis Durrant is on his way to Europe with Circa for the rest of the month but will be back in the US for the month of August. Aaron Johnson is at home in Canada working on the RDS video. Mike Barker just finished working on a 411 part and now on his way to the East Coast with the Es shoe team. Jon Newport is happily on the way to Russia with the Planet Earth squad.


BULLDOG NEWS – New items from the Bulldog Skates stables include the new Quad 10’s decks and the new ‘Mellow Yellow’ Soft Pour Wheel Series, 75a compound. For more info go to

VK SKATE NEWS – VK skate distribution has grown out of its current warehouse and now resides at 1940 East Occidental St. Santa Ana, CA. 92705. has also added Mike Santarossa as it’s new warehouse manager and Dave Reul on the phones. For more visit

VINTAGE VIDEO RELEASES – NSI video is leasing all of the vintage Skate Videos on DVD. NSI VIDEO proudly announces the release of NSI’s Historical Skate Video Documents Vol. I, II, and III, IV, V, and VI, which cover most of the NSA contests of the 80’s…. and include every skater of the 80’s. Call NSI for more info at (310) 374-7476.

STEREO NEWS – New Stereo Pro Danny Renaud is at Woodward for 2 weeks, then he will be coming out to SF and LA at the end of July to skate the west coast. The new Stereo/Etnies shoe will launch on July 22nd. Check

BIG WORLD NEWS – Doug Ernest O.G. drummer from punk legends Verbal Assualt has joined Big World. 25 ta life. – Sid

TOM KNOX NEWS -Tom Knox’s band Cacti Widders new full-length CD ‘One Way Ticket’ are currently at the pressing plant! 11 new rockin’ tracks from Visalia’s finest… Check out for further details!

Medications ‘Your Favorite People All In One Place’ CD DIS 149
Lungfish ‘Feral Hymns’ CD/LP DIS 147
Fugazi ‘Repeater’ Remastered CD DISCHORD 45
The Evens ‘s/t’ CD/LP DIS 150
French Toast ‘In A Cave’ CD/LP DIS 148
Medications ‘s/t’ CDEP DIS 146
Routineers ‘s/t’ CD DIS 133.5/Sammich 9
Q And Not U ‘Power’ CD/LP DIS 143
For more go to

FUSE TV NEWS – Vivid Girl Tera Patrick and her rock star husband Evan Seinfeld (lead singer of BioHazard) will appear on an upcoming episode of Fuse’s Slave to the Metal, a show in which the network’s resident metal mistress, VJ Juliya, dishes out advice to fans who call or e-mail questions about life, relationships, sex and, of course, the best in music with a hard-edge. For more information on the network, airdate and time, visit Fuse at

S.S.T. NEWS – SST Record’s Overkill (Black Flag label mates) have reformed with all the original members after 22 years apart and are playing this coming Saturday August 6, 2005 @ the 3rd Annual N.A. Punk Show, Noon – 10pm. Tickets $12. advance or $15. @ door @ Ken Miller Rec. Center 3330 Civic Center Dr., Torrance, Ca, 90503… Saturday August 13, 2005 and @ The Rock-it Cafe 14239 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne, Ca. 90250 (310) 676-1867 – Ignite Productions present’s : J.F.A. and SST Overkill and Instigator. Tickets $10…. Saturday August 27, 2005 – T.S.O.L and D.I. and SST Overkill at Vault 350 club in Long Beach. Tickets $12. For more go to www.

ALICE COOPER NEW ALBUM – Alice Cooper’s 31st album, DIRTY DIAMONDS features glam/trash/blues/punk/candw/rock. Now Cooper has become an ‘Alice Cooper’ franchise. He’s created restaurants in Phoenix and Cleveland and also hosts his very own syndicated radio show where he interviews other hard rock folks and actors of note. Dirty Diamonds comes out in August on New West Records.

SIDE ONE DUMMY RECORDS NEWS – MxPx’s ‘Panic’ and the 2005 Warped Tour Compilation are in stores now. For details go to

HELLFEST 2K5 NEWS – JakPrints and Alternative Press Magazine present 9th Annual Hellfest 2K5 – August 19-21st in Trenton, NJ, at the Sovereign Bank Arena. Tim Glomb of MTV’s Viva La Bam and owner of Sk8 Ramps, is building us an exclusive 10,000 sq. st. public street course to be skateboarded by not only those entering our contest to qualify for United Skateboard Association’s (U.S.A.) legendary Beast of the East contest, but for any ticket holder willing and able. The contest will have three divisions of competition: Intermediate, Advanced and Sponsored. Along with our unique street course will be the Red Bull Vert Ramp (closed to pro and amateur skateboarders and riders only). The names involved: PRO RIDERS: Colin McKay, Jason Ellis, Christian Hosoi, Phil Hajal, Charlie Wilkins, Dan Pensyl, Brandon Westgate, Danny Falla, Joe Tookmanian, Andy Pitts, Pat Smith, Steve Rodriguez, Mark Nardelli, Tom Colabraro, Animal Bikes, For more

CLAY WHEELS NEWS – Clay Wheels has been in the studio working on new material! Ray Stevens II has been working on music for soundtracks (Guarte), dee jaying and playing solo acoustic shows in the Bay area and Northwest. Upcoming shows include – July 30, 2005 – Clay Wheels, Tommy Gun and the Bullets, Hot Black Desiato at Thee Parkside at 1600 17th Street @ Wisconsin St. San Francisco, CA 94107 Ph. 415.503.0393. Show starts at 4PM. Cover $10. Check out this show too. August 26th, 2005 – CLAY WHEELS, S.L.A. and Nagg at The Blank Club at 44 Almaden San Jose, Ca 95112 . Cover $7.00. To book the Clay Wheels at your club contact Ray at

BYO RECORDS – Check out all the new releases and tour dates from BYO Records including Clit 45, Manic Hispanic, Throw Rag and Shark Soup at

SURF’S UP – Huntington Beach Preps for U.S. Open of Surfing – The prestigious Honda U.S. Open of Surfing presented by O’Neill features 600 of the world’s top surfers competing for cash prizes totaling $185,000. It’s the centerpiece of the 2005 Bank of the West Beach Games – an action-sport lifestyle festival featuring competitions and exhibitions for skateboards, BMX bikes and beach volleyball as well. The surf competition is the largest World Qualifying Series (WQS) in North America for both men and women. The 15 highest-scoring surfers in the series qualify to compete for the world title. Previous champs include some of the best-known names in the sport: Slater, Andy Irons, Cory Lopez, Sunny Garcia and Rob Machado. New this year is an all-new women’s junior pro (ages 19 and under) complimenting the existing men’s junior pro and longboarding divisions. The event, which takes place from July 23-31, 2005 amounts to the quintessential surf culture experience. Sharing the limelight with surfing are BMX and skateboarding competitions. A custom-made, kidney-shaped course with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop will showcase gravity defying moves in freestyle motocross (FMX) and skateboarding. Stars of BMX and skateboarding will do battle in The Bank of the West Soul Bowl with $50,000 in prizes. All events are open to the public, free of charge. The surfing competition begins Saturday, July 23, and runs through Sunday, July 31. Festival activities, BMX and skate competitions begin Thursday, July 28. FMX and live music begin Friday, July 29. While you’re in town, don’t miss the induction ceremonies for the traditional tributes to the legends of surfing. Once a year, usually in conjunction with US Open of Surfing, the most accomplished people in the world of surfing are invited to put their immortal stamp on the outdoor plazas in front of Huntington Beach’s two famous surf shops at Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street. The Surfing Walk of Fame at Jack’s Surfboard features a granite stone with the name of inductees embedded into the sidewalk, similar to the Walk of Fame for Hollywood stars. This ceremony will be held July 28 at 10:00 AM. Across the street, The Surfers’ Hall of Fame also honors surfing greats by having them imprint their handprints, footprints and signatures in wet cement, the same way it’s done at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. This ceremony will be held on July 29 at 10:00 AM. Check out or for more information.

SURFING AMERICA USA CHAMPIONSHIPS – The Surfing America USA Championships concluded with nine new USA Champions and 38 USA Surf Team members selected. Championship titles were awarded to first place winners in nine divisions: Dusty Payne from Hawaii in the open men’s division, Courtney Conlogue from California in open women’s, Kyle Ramey from Hawaii in boys under 18, Erica Hosseini from California in girls under 18, Kai Barger from Hawaii in boys under 16, Christa Alves from Florida in girls under 16, Riley Metcalf from California in boys under 14, Christian Wach from California in open longboard and Chris Welpman from California in open bodyboard. The following athletes, listed by division, were named to the 2005 USA Surf Team: Open Men – Nick Rozsa, California; Kevin Sullivan, Hawaii; Matt Mohagen; California; Jeremy Johnston, Florida; Nick Blunda, New Jersey; and Ryan Heavyside, Florida… Open Women – Courtney Conlogue, California; Jenny Quam, California; Darlene Conolly, California; and Christa Alves, Florida… Boys Under 18 – Tanner Gudauskas, California; Sebastian Zietz, Hawaii; Drew Ventura, California; Dane Ward, California; Eddie Guilbeau, Florida; and Chris Waring, California… Girls Under 18 – Demi Boelsterli, California; Erica Hosseini, California; Alana Blanchard, Hawaii; Connie Arias, Florida; Bethany Hamilton, Hawaii; Lexie Papilion, California; Courtney Conlogue, California; and Christa Alves, Florida…. Boys Under 16 – Cory Arrambide, California; Trevor Saunders, California; Jeff Lukasik, California; Kai Barger, Hawaii; Jordan Gaudet, CA

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