Ocean View Festival – June 22, 2003 – Autry Museum of Western Heritage – LA, CA – July 27, 2003 is the last day of the exhibit Ocean View: The Depiction of Southern California Coastal Lifestyle at the Showcase Gallery at the Autry Museum. Ocean View: For more about this exhibition, go to www.cmp.ucr.edu/exhibitions/ocean-view/ or go to www.autry-museum.org.

The Venice Surf and Skateboard Association is pleased to announce that the VSA will be participating in the Abbott Kinney festival on Sept 28th. Email venicesurfsk8@yahoo.com for details on plans for the new skatepark in Venice, CA to be built at the site of the old Damson oil well, a few yards away from where the Venice Pavilion was located. Submit your ideas for the park now.

Skateboarding Across America – On Board For Lowe Syndrome – Press Release from Jack Smith – On August 2nd, 2003 myself and three friends will begin pushing our skateboards 3000 miles from Oregon to Virginia. We will make this crossing in a little over three weeks. This world record attempt will draw attention to a rare disease called Lowe Syndrome. My fourteen year old son, Jack Marshall Smith, passed away May 6th, 2003 due to complications resulting from Lowe Syndrome. www.lowesyndrome.org/ My son has been an incredible inspiration to myself and many others, whose lives he has touched. This is my chance to pay him back for all that he has taught me. Myself, along with friends Paul Dunn, Bob Denike, and Gary Fluitt set the world skateboard distance record nearly twenty years ago when we completed the transcontinental skate in 26 days. This time it will be a lot harder we’re all a fair bit older now, we have jobs and families, and pushing a skateboard 150 miles a day won’t be quite as easy this time around. We are currently seeking sponsors for the trek. All proceeds generated from pledges will be donated to The Lowe Syndrome Association. The cross-country team consists of myself, Nick Krest, Paul Dunn and Gary Fluitt. My employer www.justpushplay.com, a division of VAS Entertainment is a major sponsor of the trek. In fact VAS Entertainment president, Jeff Reynolds, plans on skating several days with the us. Professional skateboarders Tony Hawk and Andy MacDonald have also expressed interest in joining the team for a day of skating. For more information on Skateboarding Across America – On Board for Lowe Syndrome or to make a donation, visit: www.ncdsa.com/contest_registration.asp?ContestID=101. Thank you for all your support. Sincerely, Jack Smith and the Skateboarding Across America – On Board for Lowe Syndrome Team. Email: jack@videoactionsports.com.

SPAUSA Brings Action Sports to Inner City Games August 8 – 10- LA Event Seeks Participation and Donations – LOS ANGELES, July 18, 2003 – The Skatepark Association of the United States of America (SPAUSA), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing youth with safe places to skate and bike, will bring action sports to the Inner City Games for the first time. The Los Angeles area event, to be held August 8 – 10 at the Hollywood Sports complex in Bellflower, will feature skateboarding and BMX clinics, jam sessions and competitions, and is actively seek participation from athletes, manufacturers and retailers. We’re excited to be working with the Inner City Games and the groundwork is laid for a successful event, said Heidi Lemmon, Executive Director of SPAUSA. But, the more involvement we have from others in the skateboarding and BMX industries, the more memorable the event will be for the kids. This is a great way for people to give back to the industry and to a great group of kids who could really benefit from a weekend of fun. Any athlete, manufacturer or retailer that would like to get involved with the skate and BMX events should contact Heidi Lemmon immediately at 310-823-9228 or sk8pks@aol.com. At least 3,000 children from housing projects and inner city areas of Los Angeles will have the opportunity to participate in the Inner City Games events at Hollywood Sports. The event will also be open to the public, as space allows. Children must bring their own skateboarding and BMX gear to participate in those particular events. The park will also have paintball, rock climbing and beach volleyball. There will be music from DJ Orator, the All Girl Skate Jam on Saturday, product giveaways and other exhibits. Athletes affiliated with SPAUSA include Steve Berra, Stevie Williams, Jeff Ferris, Frank Hirata, Jen O’Brien, Ronnie Chalk, Matt Hoffman, Dave Mirra, Dennis McCoy. The mission of the Inner-City Games is to provide opportunities for inner-city youth to participate in sports, educational, cultural and community enrichment programs; to build confidence and self-esteem; to encourage youth to say no to gangs, drugs and violence and yes to hope, learning and life. The organization began in Los Angeles in 1991 when Arnold Schwarzenegger joined forces with Danny Hernandez, Executive Director of East LA’s Hollenbeck Youth Center. Creating the Inner-City Games Foundation (ICGF) in 1995 and serving as its Chairman, Schwarzenegger expanded the program to other U.S. cities. In just six years, the Inner-City Games has spread to 15 major U.S. cities and is serving over half a million young Americans. For additional information on the ICG, contact the Los Angeles Inner-City Games office at (323) 881-6570 or visit their national website at www.lainnercitygames.org. The mission of the Skatepark Association of the United States of America is to educate, inform and raise public awareness in all areas of skating and biking. To further this goal SPAUSA’s efforts include providing free information about public and private skateparks; providing youth with safe places to skate and bike; developing construction guidelines for skateparks; providing skatepark builders, owners and operators with a forum to share information; providing educational programs for skaters and bikers; certification of instructors; development of training programs for coaches; assistance in development of competitions and demos; and providing or assisting with affordable insurance for participants, events and skateparks. More information can be found at www.spausa.org.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – CONTACT: Justin Gold Promotional Manager Sessions Apparel – Email- justing@sessions.com – SESSIONS, The Tim Brauch Memorial Fund and friends and family are proud to host the Fifth Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Skateboard Contest. We will continue to host the event in Tim’s back yard at the Vans Skate Park in Milpitas, Ca. on Saturday, Oct. 11th 2003. Continuing with the format of previous years, we will once again kick off the event with an Amateur Street Contest followed by a jam-style Bowl Contest, allowing sponsored, un-sponsored, and professional contestants to compete together. As in previous years, Tim’s closest friends will be judging the entire event. In addition to the contest there will be raffles, DJ’s, and games for the spectators. In the previous years, this event has united hundreds of professionals and industry types, friends and family, along with complete strangers to watch, participate, and remember a friend who brought so much to our lives. In an effort to give as much back to skateboarding as Tim did, The Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Park Fund, a non-profit fund set up to raise money for the construction of skate parks, was formed. And thanks to hundreds of Tim’s friends, it is gaining more and more momentum every year. The first skatepark to be built from this fund will be a 20,000 sq. ft. concrete wonderland featuring a street course and bowl, located in Scotts Valley, CA. We’re $50k away from breaking ground, with the total cost of the park being $550k. Thanks to all of you who have donated your time and money, we’re almost there! We (Sessions and organizers of the contest) are looking for donations of product, services, and/or monetary to be used for prizes, raffles and donations. All sponsors must be secured prior to July 28th. Thank You, GOLD – SESSIONS Promotions (831) 461-5080 ext. 621

PRESS RELEASE – Powell Team News – Steve Caballero has a full schedule this summer. Look for him at these scheduled events- July 20th-28th… Monster masterships in Dortmund, Germany. August 1st-3rd… Evel Knievel week in Butte, Montana. August 3rd- 10th… Vans Warped tour (east coast). August 14th-23rd… Vans East coast tour. August 24- 30th… Woodward skate camp in Woodward, Pennsylvania. Steve will be appearing in Tony Hawk’s next video game, THUG. You will be able to find him in the ‘free skate’ mode. Pat Channita travels to Europe to compete in some of the WCS contest over there. He filmed an interview for 54321 in Venice, CA and also flew back east to do a trick tip for MTV Sports. Rodney Jones is touring Europe with Billabong and competing in all the major contests there. Danny Wainwright won the best trick contest in Prague and finished 9th at the Armageddon Cup in London. He also won the Etnies Championship in Birmingham

For Immediate Release DEKLINE ANNOUNCES TEAM – (San Diego, CA) – DEKLINE, the latest brand launched by Tum Yeto, Inc., is proud to announce the team that is forging a new class of society: Ben Gilley, Patrick Melcher, Cyril Mountain and Gareth Stehr. – Ben Gilley (age 25) is a real southern crazy, and originally hails from Birmingham, Alabama. Gilley now creates his place in San Diego, California, where his talent on a skateboard is taking the industry to a new level. Gilley’s draw to join the DEKLINE movement was the fact that it was grassroots and gave him the chance to be a part of something strong from the beginning. With no fear of big rails, gaps, and just about anything else for that matter, he feels It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. – Patrick Melcher (age 25) recently set up permanent residence in Hollywood, California, half a continent away from his blood brothers in Chicago. Melcher is a refreshing necessity for today’s skateboard scene, with an original and unique way of finding new spots, and making them happen. Melcher came to DEKLINE with ideas about the brand that were right in line with the basic DEKLINE formula, Make it different, something fucking different and original that I can roll with my program and not have to change it all up when I go skate. Smash it up! DEKLINE! – Gareth Stehr (age 20) scraped up what dough he could last year and said I love you Auckland, New Zealand, but I’m going to California. Since landing in San Diego, Gareth has been blowing doors off the skate scene. Finding him self smack in the middle of DEKLINE’s early stages, Stehr was so stoked on the overall brand identity concept, and that his ideas were appreciated by the rest of the creative team, he was soon a member of the DEKLINE family. That’s right, boys! Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’! – Lance Cyril Mountain (age 18), formally known as Lance Jr., now spreads his original creative style through Long Beach by day and Santa Ana by night. His interest in design, and his constant fight for individuality, whether in his music or skating, his personal credo of Lead yourself, follow no one, made Cyril and DEKLINE an obvious fit. These four riders bring more to the table than just raw skateboard talent: design creativity, great attitudes, and a strong interest in doing their part to make the brand successful, a rarity in skateboarding these days. The DEKLINE team will grow slowly and selectively, building on the interests of this core group. Future members of DEKLINE’s new class of society will include musicians and icons from other lifestyle cultures, following the original brand strategy to work with people who believe Conformity is out! and choose their own individuality instead. DEKLINE combines the latest in technology with classic design elements. The complete Spring 2004 line of footwear, apparel and accessories will be released in September 2003 at ASR San Diego. A limited line of branded soft goods will also be available throughout the Summer and Back to School 2003 seasons. DEKLINE is the most recent addition to the Tum Yeto, Inc family of brands, which has produced industry leaders in performance, quality and reliability since 1990. In addition to having one of the most intense programs for team riders and marketing, Tum Yeto is a full line manufacturer, nationwide distributor, wholesaler and exporter of high-end professional skateboarding products including hard and soft goods. The company is run by skateboarders, for skateboarders, and has experienced over ten years of continued growth. www.dekline.com

Conspiracy Skateboards are about to put out a new vert model for the daring (Stinger 331/4 X 9 1/2–16+ wheelbase) and are adding a new Pushead Logo deck for the streetheads. The Heat is kicking both in Texas and out west but travel plans to tour CO, and NM are still on the sweat list. Trinidad and La Junta rule but are on FIRE!!! The Jam in Midland at thier new park is set for HOT August so we’ll plan that up too…..Too many pools in Houston/Austin… San Antonio is building something, too. – Visit www.conspiracyboards.com


A Surf Odyssey – Aug 2 – Opening Night- A Surf Odyssey – Robb Havassy exhibit @ Hyatt Regency – Huntington Beach, CA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Bacon Skateboards offers free video editing service to skateboarders – Cayucos, CA – July 16, 2003 – Bacon Skateboards is launching a new FREE service for all skateboarders around the country. Bacon is encouraging skaters to send them any footage of themselves skateboarding. Bacon will edit the footage to music and post it to their website for the skateboarders to show their friends, family or potential sponsor. Bacon requests that videos be accompanied by an image release form which can be downloaded from their website. Additionally all submitted video must be in either mini-DV or VHS (compatible) format. If skaters have another format they would like to submit, Bacon recommends contacting them first. Videos can be sent to: Marketing Department Bacon Skateboards 55b Cayucos Drive Cayucos, CA 93430. Owner of Bacon Skateboards, Ethan Bettencourt comments, Everywhere we skate we see kids with video cameras. As a matter of fact, we end up getting footage of a ton of kids from the filming we do for our own team riders. He continues with, When we were editing our footage, we thought it would be a good idea to get some of the other skaters’ footage up on our site. For info: www.baconskateboards.com or Contact: info@baconskateboards.com

Jason Jessee was pleased to announce that he got fired from his job as emcee at the Boost Pro Mobile Skate Contest in Las Vegas. After his first question on camera, the corporate-type TV media moguls pulled the plug and fired him on the spot. Word has it VH1 scooped him up immediately after… Mr. Jessee recently interviewed the one and only Jonny Manak for the new issue of Juice Magazine and we’ve been laughing the whole time that we’ve been transcribing it. Pure Juice gold, thanks to Jason, Jonny and Shitbird.

JUNE 21-AUG 16 – Lead Poisoning curated by Rich Jacobs and Marsea Goldberg @ New Image on 1005 N Fairfax Ave West Hollywood, CA – Lead Poisoning curated by Rich Jacobs and Marsea Goldberg features the pencil drawings from over 60 artists, illustrators and creative types. Artists in the show include: Geoff McFetridge Karen Finley Neil Blender Mark Gonzales Gary Panter Ashley Macomber Johanna Went Stacy Peralta Erika Borboa Clare Rojas Barry McGee Petra Larsen Nancy Steiner Rick Froberg Rich Jacobs Aaron Rose Ed Templeton Cynthia Rowley Gary Davis Brian Chipendale Isaac Lin Osgemeos Nina Cynthia Connolly Christopher Ruess and more to be listed soon. With Special thanks to RVCA Clothing for their generous support. Email – newimgart@aol.com

JULY 18 – OCTOBER 12 – Skate Culture – The Art of Skateboarding @ The Contemporary Art Center of Virginia – 2200 Parks Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 – (757) 425 – 0000 Featured Artists: J. Grant Brittain, Miki Vuckovich, Shepard Fairey, Garry Davis, Neil Blender, Todd Swank, Jo Jackson, Cheryl Dunn, Jim Houser, Rebecca Westcott, Ed Templeton, Deanna Templeton, Chris Yormick, Thomas Campbell, Chris Lindig, Chris Johanson, Mark Gonzales, Tony Cox, Mike O’Meally, Andy Jenkins, Adam Wallacavage, Dalek, Bigfoot, O, Tobin Yelland, Atiba Jefferson, Rich Jacobs, Ben Woodward, Deseree Astorga, Evan Hecox…  Skate Culture: The Art of Skateboarding is providing insight into the creative art works of skateboarding subculture. The time frame of our focus beins in the early 1980s and continues to the present day. Skate Culture sheds light on a huge amount of raw, passionate, yet innocent artistic energy practiced with little or no expectation of financial reward. Most of the artists involved in Skate Culture share a common string: a need to exist creatively in a world full of business as usual. The do-it-yourself approach and non-team effort of many skateboarders made it possible for this spontaneous explosion to thrive in times and bland environments. These individuals took the initiative to make it all happen for themselves simply because they wanted to-and had to-have fun and express themselves. Fun and self-expression was (and still is) the order of the day. For more info email Susan@cacv.org.

PRESS RELEASE – TEAM BONES NEWS- Chris Senn has joined forces with Bones Wheels with a new pro model wheel out soon. Chad Bartie receives 2nd place honors in Prague this past weekend. Rodney Jones has been kicking ass lately with a 5th place finish @ Slam City Jam and an invitation to both the X-Games and Gravity Games 2003. Rodney has earned himself a Pro wheel to be released in September. Rodney’s newest shoe sponsor is Savier. Tyler Hansen has decided to not take the bet Rodney Jones offered him. As you might remember from the last update, Rodney bet Tyler $50 to not shower for a year. Tyler was going to take the bet before his new girlfriend intervened. Vancouver’s Jordan Hoffart and New York’s Nick Maliszewski are both in California for the summer and have been seen hanging out with fellow Bones Wheel teammates Aaron Perko and Tyler Hansen. Angel Ramierez is a 14 year old. from Denver, Co and is well… an amazing unknown talent. If you are planning a skate trip to Denver…make sure you call 303 Board Shop and hook up with Angel and his crew. Lots of good vibes, good skateboarding, and great skate spots. Denver native and balls to the wall Bones wheel rider Travis La will also be down to skate. BONES Team V.I.P. Skater – Ben Schroeder is pure power and speed. With a make it or die attitude – Ben Schroeder is one of our all time favorite skaters. Here’s to you Ben, it has been an honor over the years. Check out Ben at http://www.boneswheels.com

For Immediate Release… THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN On Saturday 30th August 2003, Peninsula Events Australia will host ‘Australia’s Richest Ever Junior Skateboarding Contest’, at the Multi Million Dollar Frankston Arts Centre in Melbourne. Appropriately named ‘SHOWDOWN’ Pro Junior Skateboarding Contest, this ‘Invite Only’ event will see Australia’s Most Spectacular Junior Skateboarders do battle for the ULTIMATE PRIZE in Australian Skateboarding, including the ‘Golden Deck’ and the ‘Piste De Resistance’ an ‘ALL EXPENSES PAID’ trip to Woodward West Action Sports Camp in California USA. This will be the first time Australia’s Elite Junior Riders have ever met ‘exclusively’ in the one competition, so prepare yourself for a night full of high drama, spectacular arial action, nerves, tears and at the end of it all, a Showdown Battle that will determine once and for all, who is Australia’s No1 Junior Skateboarder. For details on riders set to appear check out the Showdown Page at www.peninsulaevents.com.au. This event is proudly supported by Woodward West Action Sports Camp California USA, Frankston City Council and Youth Week Victoria 2003. Tickets are currently on sale from the Frankston Arts Centre Melbourne e: ticket@frankston.vic.gov.au

HELP DESIGN THE SANTA MONICA SKATEPARK!!! -Santa Monica wants to know what you want in the new skatepark they are building… Click on this link and fill out this survey real quick like. http://pen.ci.santa-monica.ca.us/ccs/parks_sports/got_wheels.htm (alternate format available by calling 310-458-8310) Santa Monica/Venice Skateboard Association info: http://www.geocities.com/cyclesantamonica/skateboard.html

PRESS RELEASE – HUNTINGTON BEACH SURFING WALK OF FAME ANNOUNCES 2003 INDUCTEES – HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – Thursday, June 26, 2003 – The Huntington Beach Surfing Walk of Fame, the nation’s first sidewalk monument honoring surfing, has announced its tenth class of inductees. The Walk of Fame’s 10th annual ceremony to honor those individuals who have made significant contributions to the sport and culture of surfing will take place at 10:00 a.m. on Thurs., July 31 in front of Jack’s Surfboards (located on the corner of PCH and Main St.). Later that evening, the inductee class of 2003 will join with honorees from the past nine years to be feted at a Gala Dinner at the all new Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach. Inductees include Mike Doyle, one of the original North Shore pioneers and winner of the 1964 Surfer Poll in the Surf Pioneer category and Martin Potter, the 1989 ASP World Champion known for his radical mix of power and style was voted in as Surf Champion. Chuck Linnen, a standout competitor in international events and in Huntington Beach was selected Local Hero while Marge Calhoun, winner of the women’s Makaha International Surfing Championships in 1958 was selected as Woman of the Year. Larry Flame Moore, Surfing magazine’s photo editor for four decades with 42 covers to his credit and counting, and Tom Y Morey, founder of the world’s most popular wave riding vehicle, the Boogie Board, tied for Surfing Culture. Dedicated on May 28, 1994 by honoring Duke Kahanamoku as the Father of Modern Surfing, the Huntington Beach Surfing Walk of Fame marked an historic addition to ‘Surf City’. Each year, the Walk of Fame’s selection committee conducts ongoing research through surf associations, museums and media venues around the world to compile a comprehensive ballot of qualified candidates. An international panel of surf affiliated voters then cast their votes in five categories. Each inductee receives a granite stone embedded in the sidewalk in front of Jack’s, the Surfing Walk of Fame Patron. The Walk of Fame is also honoring Michelle Turner, owner of the Sugar Shack, on the ‘Honor Roll’. Michelle Turner is an ardent supporter of several Huntington Beach surfing programs and has served breakfast to more up-and-coming surfers through the years than anyone in Calif., said Peter Townend, Walk of Fame board member. Created in 1995, the honor roll pays tribute to those individuals who have contributed to surfing and its culture and are deserving of recognition, but might not qualify to receive a stone on the Walk of Fame. In recognition of its 10th anniversary, the Surfing Walk of Fame is producing a 160-page commemorative, coffee table book. Each Honoree receives a two-page spread including a photo from the Action Sports Group (ASG) archive of Surfing and Surfer magazines. A limited number of books, expected to sell quickly, will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis beginning July 31st at Jack’s Surfboards and the International Surf Museum. The Surfing Walk of Fame induction ceremony, which is open to the public, coincides with Philips Fusion featuring the Honda Element U.S. Open of Surfing presented by O’Neill July 28 to August 3 at the Huntington Beach Pier. For Surfing Walk of Fame induction ceremony, Gala ticket sales and commemorative book information please contact Suzie Asadourian at Jack’s (714) 536-6567.


EMP FESTIVAL 2003 (an update from the organizers) – The Hey Punk! events came about via our skate punk exhibit, which follows the connection between underground music and skateboarding culture, specifically Los Angeles from ’76-’81. The annual event showcases the talents of the athletes and musicians, as well as introduces the golden age of skateboarding and its soundtrack to the public. Each year in August (since ’00), we’ve flown in a group of legendary pro skaters for a demo at the Seattle Center Skatepark (which happens to be located right across the street from EMP) and 6-8 punk bands for a free outdoor concert next to the skatepark. The legendary pros are usually joined in the demo by new school pros and local hot shots. Attendance outdoors is usually between 3000-5000 people. In addition, over the course of the weekend, we show skate films in our 200 capacity movie theater and lead Q&A/panel discussions with skaters and musicians. We also have one ticketed evening concert at our 1000 capacity venue called Sky Church. Past evening shows have featured TSOL, The Dickies, and X. EMP is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and we hope to continue the positive momentum of Hey Punk in 2003. For more info, sponsorship details, etc. – www.emplive.com – PAST SKATERS: Duane Peters, Steve Olson, Tony Alva, Doug Pineapple Saladino, Dave Hackett, Steve Alba, Adrian Demain, Mike Folmer, Brad Bowman, Tom Wally Inouye, Wentzl Ruml, Dave Reul – PAST BANDS: TSOL, The Dickies, Angry Samoans, X, Agent Orange, Los Olvidados, JFA, The Faction, The Adolescents, Supersuckers, Free Beer, Drunk Injuns, US Bombs, The Hunns, D.I., fluf, The Clay Wheels… – PAST PANELISTS: Mofo, C.R. Stecyk III, Mike Roche (TSOL), Skip Engblom, Glen Friedman, Steve Turner (Mudhoney/skater), Wentzle Ruml, Steve Alba. Get involved – Be a sponsor of one of the coolest events of the year. Email JUICEMAGAZINE@GMAIL.COM for details.

If you’re going to be in NYC in June, stop in The Earl McGrath Gallery and check out legendary lensman Art Brewer’s exhibit. Brewer will be showing his limited edition prints from the fabulous Surfers Journal book Masters of Surf Photography: Art Brewer. The exhibit runs: June 19 – August 9, 2003 @ Earl McGrath Gallery 20 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019

July 15-18 and Aug. 12-15. – The Skatelab Skate Camp is here again. Email stevebadillo@adelphia.net for details or go to www.skatelab.com. On Jun 20, The Skatelab will host the Skatelab Summer Kick Off Party with Best Trick Contest (9pm) DJ and Food @ Skatelab – Simi Valley, CA

July 31-Aug 3 – 34th Annual Street Rod Nationals @ Kentucky Fair and Expo Ctr – Louisville, Kentucky USA – giant outdoor car show is the world’s largest automotive participation event. www.nsra-usa.com

August 9 – Woodies at the Beach – Santa Barbara, California USA – Sponsored by the Santa Barbara Woodie Club at Ledbetter Beach. Last year’s event included hula girls, outrigger canoes and a raffle with 3 surfboards plus many more happening things. Info: 805-966-4171.

September 20 – Wavecrest @ Encinitas, California USA – The big woodie meet at Moonlight Beach; and a breakfast tour on Sunday morning. Wavecrest has become the world’s largest gathering of wooden bodied automobiles. 282 Woodies attended Wavecrest 2000.

Check this out. Kessler, Puppet Head and Zephyr are in it. Street Prophetz. A documentary on urban culture produced and directed by Matt Martelli and Josh Martelli. Co-produced by Pat DJ Peril Simpson. Due to release in Aug 2003 – the film features names like DJ Rob Swift, Satva Leung, Tyrone Olson, Dave Mayhew, ?uestlove, Mathias Ringstrom, Zephyr, Andy Kessler, Puppet Head, Harold Hunter, and Stevie Williams. http://www.streetprophetz.com

The Next Cup Amateur Series
9/03 San Diego, CA street contest downtown SD (Trade show weekend)
10/18/03 Irvine, CA Boomers/Gravity Games Outdoor Park
11/15/03 Northridge, CA Northridge Outdoor skate park
12/15/03 Temecula, CA Finals at POINTX Camp
For more www.madmediadesign.com

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