If you get the chance to skate with Julie you’ll be blown away. She grinds pool coping harder than most grown men and flies over hips like she has wings. Her natural ability to ride vertical and roundwall terrain is uncanny. this may be your first introduction to Julie, but it won’t be the last.

“I love to skate for fun. I like to skate with you and with my friends. I try new stuff, and hang out.”

We’re sitting here with Julie Kindstrand at the Bible Bowl in Santa Ana. I’ve got my son, Rhythm, sitting next to me, kicking back. We just got done skating the pool. How old are you, Julie?
I’m thirteen.

When did you start skateboarding?
I started skateboarding two years ago, when I turned eleven. I started out on roller skates at the roller skating rink. Then I took it to a skatepark, and saw my dad skating. I said, “I want to skateboard.” I took my dad’s skateboard, and the first thing I did was drop in.

Wow. The first trick you did was drop in?

You just got on a board and dropped in?
I went down some hills, but then I dropped in, and went for it. After the third try, I got it.

That’s rad. You were eleven at the time?

You’ve only been skating for two years, and you’re doing huge frontside grinds in the pool, backside airs over the hip, and 50-50s all over the place. Now you have this pool in your backyard. You’ve got it made.
Oh, yeah.

What is it that makes you want to skate?
I love to skate for fun. I like to skate with you and with my friends. I try new stuff, and hang out. It’s cool to just be with your friends and hang out.

Do you have a favorite spot that you go skate, besides your own pool in your backyard?
Yeah. I skate at the Vans Skatepark.

What type of skating is your favorite type of skating?
Pool skating.

[Laughs.] Like what kind of question is that, right? What do you do other than skateboarding?
I surf. I love to ride my dirt bike. I have a KTM65. Also, I’m in a vocal class. I sing a lot, and I play the violin.

You are multi-talented, huh?

What is your favorite thing to do other than skateboard?
Ride my dirt bike.

I know my son loves to dirt bike ride, too. I don’t know which one he would pick between dirt bike riding, snowboarding and skateboarding. [Rhythm shouts in background… ‘Snowboarding!’] You heard it from him. He would rather snowboard. Is there any favorite movie that you have right now?
I just got the Shaun White DVD, with the contest run where he got second place. That’s my favorite movie right now.

Shaun White is really influencing you right now?
Yeah. I just like watching the tricks on the movie, and then going into the backyard and trying it. Then I watch it again, and try it again, you know.

Are there any other skaters who influence you, or who you look up to?
I like my friend Cassidy Marmium. I look up to you, Lance Mountain, and my friend David Loy.

Are there any girl skaters that are pros that you look up to?
Yeah. Mandy Esch and Apryl Woodcock.

I know that your pool is called the Bible Bowl. You come out to my Monday night skate nights, and I see you at our church a lot. Why do you go to church?
I go to church to learn about God, and get the knowledge of the Bible. The Bible says that without fellowship it’s hard to walk the Christian way.

You know, back when I was thirteen, I was not thinking at all about God. I was thinking about skateboarding and that was it. It’s awesome to see kids like you. You want to skate for fun, and then you want to learn about God. Now you’ve got a pool in your backyard called the Bible Bowl. You were showing me songs on your computer that are all Christian rap, rock and Hawaiian songs. It’s awesome to see all the different types of personality and characteristics that you have. I know that you will excel in everything that you do, whether it’s motorcycle-riding, violin-playing or singing. You look like you have a wonderful life ahead of you. Is there a message you would say to girls your age that want to become skateboarders?
Yeah. I really love skating. I want to encourage other girls to skate. I know a lot of girls at my school that are like, ‘Heck, no. I can’t skate. I’ll break a nail.’ I’m like, ‘Look at me. I skate.’ They’re like, ‘Yeah. When can I come over to your house?’ I would love to see more girl skaters. There are so many girls now that the level of skating has increased a lot. My friend Apryl is as good as guys that are pros. It’s really cool to see that. She encourages me. I know that more girls skating will bring more and more girls to skate.

Awesome. It looks like you’re the example that you can still be a girl and skateboard. Is there anyone that you want to say thanks to?
Yeah. I want to thank Ghosttown wheels, because they always hook me up, and they are the best wheels in the world, in my opinion. I want to give thanks to Skaterbuilt for giving me all of my decks. Thanks to you, Christian, for giving me bearings.

Thanks to Ninja.
Yeah. Thanks to Kalani for doing all of my grip tape for me. Thanks to my dad for basically being my trainer, and taking me everywhere I need to go, and paying for my contests and everything that I do. I want to thank my friend Cassidy Marmion, for being my best friend and always being there and encouraging me. Thanks to Devon Lamb, for being a turtle. Thanks to my best friend, Dana who is always worried about me and is always saying, ‘Make sure you always wear your pads.’ When I go to skate, and I don’t want to put on my pads, I hear Dana’s voice in my head. I’m all, ‘Oh yeah. Put on your pads.’ So thanks a lot to her. Most of the real thanks go to Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for me, so that I can go to heaven. He’s the one that created me, and he’s the real purpose why I’m here on this earth. I’m skating to be a witness to him and to be a light for him, because he is the true and only God, and the only way to heaven. Thank you to God. He is my real encouragement. Thanks to my mom and dad. I love my mom so much. I want to thank her for giving me all of my dinners before I skate, and for giving me my burritos that I love ever so much. Also, thanks to my brother, who is nine months old right now, for making me smile all of the time. Thanks to my sister for giving me the attitude that she has, and for loving me no matter what I do, even if I’m mean and I tell her that I hate her. She will still love me and she still wants to play with me all of the time. That’s basically my thanks, right there.

That’s awesome. Thank you, Julie, for spending this time with me, and Juice Magazine. It was an awesome interview. I was just so blessed to have been able to do it. I love you, sister.
I love you, too. God bless you.


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