Juice Magazine 74 Steve Jones Sex Pistols

Juice 74 Steve Jones Sex Pistols Cover

Juice Magazine 74 Steve Jones Sex Pistols Cover by Steve Olson.

Juice Magazine #74 is hot off the press at 244 pages deep. The cover of this edition is a tribute to Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols. Photo by Steve Olson. It’s Olson’s debut behind the camera for a cover shoot and as Olson explains his subject, “Steve Jones is punk rock… From a wee lad, to a Guitar Hero… the way the story goes is this… You play in a band and no other band that anyone has ever heard play the kind of music that your band plays… one record that changes the way music and the music industry approaches music from that day on. There is only one Steve Jones.” This issue of Juice is dedicated to Jonesy.

Feature interviews in Juice 74: 

Pedro Barros

PEDRO BARROS INTERVIEW BY DIBI AND HERBIE FLETCHER: Photo by Anthony Acosta. Check out this epic tag team interview by surfing royalty, Dibi and Herbie Fletcher, as they talk to all-terrain skate phenom, Pedro Barros. Get the behind the scenes rush of Pedro’s gigantic transfer over the Duncan at the Vans Pool Party, as Dibi digs into Barros’ viewpoint on traveling with his bros, what keeps skateboarding fresh and what makes Pedro so stoked on life.


RHINO INTERVIEW BY JIM MURPHY: Photo by Dan Sparagna. As Murf will tell you, “Rhino grew up in the Northeast where hardcore skateboarding survived through cold winters with a dedicated hardcore skate community driven by the passion to ride whenever, wherever, rain, sleet or snow. That hardcore drive brought him westward where backyard pool sessions in SoCal introduced him to the Cali underground hardcore skate scene. His passion to document his crew through photography became the medium where Rhino’s skills got him into the world of skate mags. It was his good-hearted personality and hardcore roots that also eventually landed him the job as the Independent trucks team manager, and I can’t think of a better person for the job! No ego and all about the love of skateboarding and his skate family.”

Julien Stranger

JULIEN STRANGER INTERVIEW BY JESSE MARTINEZ: Photo by Tobin Yelland. Jesse Martinez finally landed the long-awaited Julien Stranger interview and it’s well worth the wait. Jesse Martinez and Julien Stranger are two of skateboarding’s most notorious characters. Both have spent the majority of their lives, since their early days in Venice, dedicated and committed to skateboarding. Here are two of our favorite heroes and antiheroes: Mess and Stranger…

Grant Brittain

J. GRANT BRITTAIN INTERVIEW BY JIM MURPHY: Photos by Anthony Acosta and Grant Brittain. Grant was there when the skatepark explosion of the ‘70s took off and, from his homebase of Del Mar skatepark, he began his documentation of the evolution of vertical concrete pool riding. His love for skateboarding was honed by all the people he met that came through Del Mar and skaters he met up and down the California coast. His eventual kinship with MoFo is a great read into how we are all united around skateboarding regardless of where you’re from or what brand you are aligned with. Grant has been through the highs and lows of skateboarding for the last 40 years, and his perspective on the evolution and Devolution of skateboarding is a wisdom built on hard work and dedication to that rider on the other side of the lens – no matter what terrain is being ridden. He is older, wiser, but don’t let him fool ya, he is still that humble kid who just wants to take photos and never takes for granted that he can actually do this for a living.


LANCE MOUNTAIN X STEVE OLSON (Part 2): Photos by Brendan Klein and Anthony Acosta. Lance Mountain and Steve Olson go for round two of their conversational dual interview, which produces some interesting conclusions as well as comedy. As Lance states, “Steve has a way with words and making you feel good about yourself. Charming, maybe, but I’m not a girl. There are many words to describe people who have done and loved what they do for so long, but to have the ability to pretend that none of it matters is the hardest, and it comes so easy for Steve, as does his skateboarding. He has shown us how to turn on a skateboard better than anyone. He has won multiple contests and awards. He has turned down more sponsorship opportunities than most have been offered. He brought in a new wave of style, thought and look to skateboarding. Some called it punk. We called it Olson.” Olson has some words for Lance too: “When one plays King of the Mountain, you try to get to the top, right? But when you play the same game with Lance Mountain, it’s hard to win… Competitive, that’s an understatement… Passionate, his picture is in the dictionary… Talented, well, that’s easy… Yes. Committed, slightly, and very… ’til death does he part ways with his skateboard”… Goofy, Disney owes, know what I’m saying? Loyal, ah yeah…, I mean… Should he be the first man knighted in skateboarding? Just think of the way it would sound…   Sir Lance  Mountain… off with his head!”

George Orton

GEORGE ORTON INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON: Photo by Jim Goodrich. Olson gets Orton to admit to inventing the frontside air, among other escapades, and describes Orton in one perfect paragraph: “When you go, and go hard… and that’s the only way you know… you’ve entered the world of George Orton. When all else fails, don’t bail, hold on tight… it’s gonna be all right, when you wake. Living proof is on the pages of this interview with the man who brought flying on skateboards to a reality, and changed the path of how we ride. Thank you, George. You’ve done good, boy… ”

Jeff Kendall

JEFF KENDALL INTERVIEW BY JIM MURPHY: Photo by Jim Goodrich. Murf talked to Jeff Kendall about his perspective as a vert skater in the ’80s to his reign today as VP of NHS and how he handles being a heavy hitter in the skate industry yet maintains his passion for skateboarding. As Murf says, “I remember the first time I saw Jeff skate and how solid and smooth his style was, stalling inverts and hauling ass all over the vert ramp with no sketchiness in sight. He had such a rad and unique style that it would burn in your brain that you had just witnessed Jeff Kendall throw down. Hailing from the Midwest, Jeff grew up riding backyard ramps and street skating whatever was around. The way he sees it, skaters skate everything with no limits.”

State of Skate Tony Alva

JUICE MAGAZINE STATE OF SKATE features interviews with 100 skateboarders from age 58 to 8 including: Tony Alva, Dave Hackett, Chris Strople, Duane Peters, Steve Olson, Dave Duncan, Steve Alba, Tony Magnusson, Pat Black, Jesse Martinez, Bill Danforth, Jim Murphy, Ric Widenor, Lester Kasai, Glen Charnoski, Bryan Pennington, Peter Furnee, Jeremiah Risk, Ryan Smith, Jason Jessee, Omar Hassan, Cam Dowse, Jen O’Brien, Depth Leviathan Dweller, Brett Roper, Travis Beattie, Chris Gentry, CW Dunn, Chris Albright, Charlie Wilkins, Cairo Foster, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, BJ Morrill, Dr. Lenore L.A. Sparks, Sid Melvin, Jesse Irish, Packy Fancher, Greg Lutzka, Jimmy Larsen, Adam Dyet, Luis Tolentino, Greg Harbour, Frank Faria, Ryan DeCenzo, Dave Bachinsky, Johnny Turgesen, Casey Meyer, Edward Sanchez, David Gravette, Ben Hatchell, Brian Geib, Felipe Gouveia, Eric Santos, Kyle Smith, Cameron Revier, Josh Stafford, Justin Grubbs, Etienne Eden Archila, Sanzio Piacentini, Josh Elder, Eddie “Mighty” Moreno, Kevin Kowalski, Otto Pflanz, Jeremy Smith, Adam Wiggins, Jimmy Wilkins, Danny Gordon, Jake Hilbish, Corey Blanchette, Adam Legassie, Nick Santos, Trey Rounds, Curren Caples, Justyce Tabor, Andy Anderson, Sarah Thompson, Coral Guerrero, Collin Graham, Derek Scott, Ace Pelka, Sonny Rodriguez, Jarren Duke, Mikayla Sheppard, CJ Titus, Noah Schott, Emily Earring, Julian Torres, Wyatt Wisenbaker, Josh Forsberg, Nathan Midgette, Roman Pabich, Yago Dominguez, Jack Winburn, Jonas Carlsson, Kiko Francisco, Bryce Ava Wettstein, Desmond Shepherd, Matty Jessee and Luke Kahler. Photo of Tony Alva by MRZ.


GBH INTERVIEW BY JEFF HO: Photos by Dan Levy and Zoli. Jeff Ho sits down with U.K.’s GBH, a crew of anarchists that have been at it for over 40 years with no end in sight… The early days of punk rock and skateboarding share many parallels. It all began with a small contingent of hardcore creatives that refused to accept the status quo and wouldn’t take no for an answer. GBH came from a working class background in the heart of England, while Jeff Ho and the Z-Boys came from a blue-collar neighborhood in southern California. Both went on to leave a permanent mark on their subcultures and continue to do so today. Jeff Ho sat down with Colin Abrahall, Ross Lomas, Scott Preece and “Jock” Blyth to compare notes.


FIDLAR INTERVIEW BY JEFF HO: Photo by Alice Baxley. The spawn of T.S.O.L.’s Greg Kuehn, as well as the son of world-class surfboard shaper, John Carper, along with Kuehn’s nephew, have collided to form FIDLAR, one of the fastest growing skate punk garage bands in America. Jeff Ho has been following the group, which includes: Zac Carper, Elvis Kuehn, Max Kuehn and Brandon Schwartzel, since its early days and he talks with Fidlar’s lead vocalist, Zac Carper, to find out what attributed to their meteoric rise to the top.

Highway Murderers

THE HIGHWAY MURDERERS INTERVIEW BY SCOUT JESSEE: Photos by Scout Jessee. In another passing of the torch interview, one of our great hopes for the next generation, Scout Jessee, tackles one of her dad Jason Jessee’s favorite bands, the Highway Murderers, resulting in a revealing and real interview with rad skate rock photos by Scout… “Sitting in a room… Face to face… The energy is high. Santa Cruz’s skate thrash punk band, with new album “Time to Die.”

Sex Pistols Steve Jones

STEVE JONES INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON: Photo by Curtis Y Smith. Olson gets the story from Jonesy of the Sex Pistols early days and what inspired the beginnings of punk rock. Jonesy shares how he really feels about music now and talks about some of the struggles he has overcome to get to where he is today.


MICKEY MUNOZ INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON: Photo by Art Brewer. Olson talked with surf icon, Mickey Munoz, about how a bunch of “dumb surfers” were not only responsible for innovative surfing and surfboard design, but also adapted their hard-earned watermen’s knowledge of the ocean to build the fastest boats on the planet, as proven in the miraculous comeback to victory for the most recent America’s Cup.


Juice Magazine 74 features interviews with:  Steve Jones Sex Pistols Pedro Barros Julien Stranger Lance Mountain Steve Olson George Orton Jeff Kendall Mickey Munoz State of Skate Tony Alva Dave Hackett Chris Strople Duane Peters Dave Duncan Steve Alba Grant Brittain Rhino GBH Fidlar The Highway Murderers Tony Magnusson Pat Black Jesse Martinez Bill Danforth Jim Murphy Ric Widenor Lester Kasai Glen Charnoski Bryan Pennington Peter Furnee Jeremiah Risk Ryan Smith Jason Jessee Omar Hassan Cam Dowse Jen O’Brien Depth Leviathan Dweller Brett Roper Travis Beattie Chris Gentry CW Dunn Chris Albright Charlie Wilkins Cairo Foster Pierre-Luc Gagnon BJ Morrill Dr. Lenore L.A. Sparks Sid Melvin Jesse Irish Packy Fancher Greg Lutzka Jimmy Larsen Adam Dyet Luis Tolentino Greg Harbour Frank Faria Ryan DeCenzo Dave Bachinsky Johnny Turgesen Casey Meyer Edward Sanchez David Gravette Ben Hatchell Brian Geib Felipe Gouveia Eric Santos Kyle Smith Cameron Revier Josh Stafford Justin Grubbs Etienne Eden Archila Sanzio Piacentini Josh Elder Eddie “Mighty” Moreno Kevin Kowalski Otto Pflanz Jeremy Smith Adam Wiggins Jimmy Wilkins Danny Gordon Jake Hilbish Corey Blanchette Adam Legassie Nick Santos Trey Rounds Curren Caples Justyce Tabor Andy Anderson Sarah Thompson Coral Guerrero Collin Graham Derek Scott Ace Pelka Sonny Rodriguez Jarren Duke Mikayla Sheppard CJ Titus Noah Schott Emily Earring Julian Torres Wyatt Wisenbaker Josh Forsberg Nathan Midgette Roman Pabich Yago Dominguez Jack Winburn Jonas Carlsson Kiko Francisco, Bryce Ava Wettstein Desmond Shepherd Matty Jessee Luke Kahler


Thank you for all the love and support and cheers to a very Happy New Year!

Thank you so much to everyone that contributed! JUICE™ MAGAZINE #74 PUBLISHER/EDITOR/CEO: Terri Craft ASSISTANT ED./SALES DIR.: Dan Levy SKATE EDITOR: Jim Murphy FEATURES EDITORS: Steve Olson, Jeff Ho, Herbie Fletcher, Dibi Fletcher, Jesse Martinez, Dave Duncan, James O’Mahoney, Bill Danforth, Big Tim Klemonsky Chris Mearkle, Chris Casey, Scout Jessee EDITORIAL ASSISTANT: Vanessa Davey CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGS: Steve Olson, Dan Levy, C.R. Stecyk III, Glen E. Friedman, Anthony Acosta, Scout Jessee, Bryce Kanights, Deville Nunes, Zoli, Tobin Yelland, Brendan Klein, Lee Leal, Jeff Ament, Dan Bourqui, Bob Gruen, Rhino, Matthew Chai, Jim Goodrich, Ted Terrebonne, Geoff Graham, Dean Tirkot, Steve Jones, Alex Baxley, Grant Brittain, Curtis Y Smith, Art Brewer, Jeff Divine, MRZ, Piero, Ross Miller, Dave Barker, Tadashi Yamaoda, Dan Sparagna, Ray Rae Goldman, Coburn Huff, Arto Saari, Brandon Wong, Paul Horning, Jon Burgess, Jack Newkirk, Eric Staniford, Anthony Tafuro, Thomas Rowe, Marc Nichols, Nick Martinez, Olga Aguilar, Anthony Claravall, Daniel Mathieu, Matthew Jenkins, Lindsey Kuhn, Andrew Jasper, Robbie Crawford, Eddy Densow, Matt Moose, Daniel Muchnik, NORB, Spencer Morgan, Bruno Passos, Jon Spitzer, Wes Cunningham, Dustin Damron, Colby Millsap, Austin Mye, Simon Rhim, Peter Furnee, Sam Miller, Moustache, Jon Campbell, Josh McElwee, Ken Hada, Ethan Walsh, Taylor Dehart, Jonathan Mehring, Jesus Torres, Yancey Wisenbaker, William Steinley, Alex Mosterin, Heidi Lemmon, Jason Kenworthy, Kevin Shepherd, Keith Halterman, Mike Scholl, Wes Tonascia, Todd Fuller, Steve Steadham, Ryan Smith, Brian Boog. JUICE™ MAGAZINE 319 Ocean Front Walk #1, Venice Beach, CA 90291 cell: 310-399-5336 office: 310-455-6169 E: juice@juicemagazine.com www.JuiceMagazine.com


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    Is your mag digital subscription only? Or can you purchase a hard copy through a retailer?
    Great magazine though guys. Keep representing!

  • JuiceMagazine January 30, 2016

    Hey Josh, yes we are a print magazine. You will be able to find copies of Juice #74 in most Barnes & Noble locations in the USA and on newsstands in over 34 countries in the next few weeks. We send the first copies to our subscribers and then ship the mags out to the newsstands, so keep an eye out for them. Thanks for your interest in Juice Magazine!


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