JAY ADAMS BENEFIT at Skate Lab – Simi Valley, CA – Feb 4, 2006 from 4-11pm. Tickets will be $10. For more info or to purchase a 100% Skateboarder jacket, t-shirt or a ticket to the event or to make a donation to Jay, go to www.helpjayboy.com and http://www.skatelab.com/news/article.php?ID=366.

DARKSTAR NEWS – Darkstar Skateboards has added Adam Dyet to the team. Adam’s sponsors include Etnies, Sessions, Bones, Nixon, Ogio, BC Surf and Sport, Venture, Neff and Green Room. For more go to www.darkstarwood.com.

REAL NEWS – Real Skateboards has added Ernie Torres to the pro ranks at Real. Work is progressing on the new Real full length DVD.

RECENTLY DEKLINED – Mike York joins the Dekline Family: Mike’s creativity, energy, and smooth style have set a benchmark for excellence in professional skateboarding. Mike’s personality and skateboarding exemplify the Dekline philosophy of individuality, making him a natural fit with the brand. Complimenting the rest of the team, Mike joins Matt Ball, Gareth Stehr, Zarosh Eggleston, Patrick Melcher, Ben Gilley and Matt Dove. www.dekline.com

NEGATIVE ION NEWS – Stop by negativeion.com for updates from the Colorado crew and more.

TAMPA AM 2006 Presented by DVS, Hawk, and Skatepark of Tampa
January 26 – 29, 2006. Registration is now full. Please contact ryan@skateparkoftampa.com with inquiries… Promo For Product Tosses – * Get your products into the world’s largest product tosses at Tampa Am. Send it to: Skatepark of Tampa ATTN: Am Product Toss Promo 4215 East Columbus Drive Tampa, Florida 33605-3202. Contest Schedule
* Doors open at 9am and Contest begins at 11am each day
* Thursday: Open Practice
* Thursday Night: 5pm Skaters’ Meeting
* Friday: Street Qualifiers
* Friday Night: Vert Qualifiers
* Saturday Morning: Vert Finals
* Saturday: Street Qualifiers
* Saturday Night: 13-Year Anniversary Party at Masquerade in Ybor City – Doors open at 7pm
* Sunday Morning: Old Man Bowl Jam IV
* Sunday: Street Finals and Best Trick Contest

TAMPA PRO 2006 – * March 9 – 12, 2006 – * Street, Street Best Trick, and Vert Game of SKATE – * 4th Annual Team Manager/Industry VIP Street Contest * Over $50,000 in prize money. Contact Information – * Brian Schaefer: 813-621-6793 x202 brian@skateparkoftampa.com


NEW KOPING KILLER – Aaron Murray and Mariisa’s new baby boy Dez has arrived. . . .
Congratulations to the whole family! You can send gifts to P.O. Box 2915 Venice, CA 90294. Check out all the Aaron Murray and Koping Killer news and updates at www.KopingKillerSkateBoards.com.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETNIES – Etnies is celebrating 20 years in the biz. Congrats to the crew.

DVS NEWS – DVS Shoe Company Introduces the Photographer Series… DVS in collaboration with five of the most respected skateboard photographers in the industry, have teamed up to develop a new collection of shoes – The Photographer Series. The photographers include Giovanni Reda, Ben Colen, Gabe Morford, Mike O’Meally and Atiba Jefferson. Each of the five photographers hand selected an existing DVS shoe style. From there, they worked closely with our footwear and graphics teams to create a customized look by changing colors, materials and labels. The newly created styles will come in special shoe boxes embellished with photos from the respective photographer. As a bonus, each shoe box will include a collector’s postcard series that includes the work and bio for each of the participating photographers. The Photographer Series shoes are slated to ship July 10, 2006. DVS is proud to have the opportunity to help give the photographers the recognition they deserve. To find out more info go to www.dvsshoes.com/photographerseries

SILVER TRUCKS welcomes Ryan Sheckler to the team. The Silver Trucks team is Paul Rodriguez, Josh Kalis, Rob Dyrdek, Stevie Williams, Ryan Gallant, Brandon Biebel, Wade Desarmo and Nyjah Huston.

KING OF THE GROMS – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Fourth Annual King of the Groms at the 3rd Lair SkatePark… One of largest 12 and under skateboard contests in the country – King of the Groms offers something for everybody with Beginner, Intermediate and Expert experience levels. Choose the street course, the bowl, the mini-room, or do all three events! King of the Groms is a 3 day contest – Friday is practice, Saturday is qualifiers, and Sunday is finals. Spectating is FREE! If you would like to register a rider, have your company sponsor this event or any other inquires – please contact mark@3rdlair.com.

VSA NEWS regarding the VENICE SKATEPARK – It’s been a long haul but we are getting closer than ever to getting a sk8park for Venice. Keep the faith and support the VSA!100%Sk8Rs. I’ve got good news to report – it looks like Coastal Commission staff will recommend approval of the Coastal Development Permit Amendment which includes a term extension for removal of the monitoring wells (the last stage of the Damson oil facility clean-up) and elimination of the 4-foot height limit for the skate park. Keep in mind that this is the staff’s recommendation to the Coastal Commissioners and that the Commissioners will make a final ruling (which could be different than staff’s recommendation). Now, here’s where you all come in…the Commissioners need to know that Venice supports approval of the skate park permit amendment, including elimination of the 4-foot height limit for the skate park, and the best way to show your support is to get as many people as possible to attend the Coastal Commission hearing and speak out in support of the project. If anyone is unable to attend, then write a letter supporting the skate park addressed to Pam Emerson at the Coastal Commission’s South Coast District Office in Long Beach (mailing information is available on the web at www.coastal.ca.gov/address.html) The Coastal Commission hearing will be in Chula Vista (San Diego County) February 8th-10th. The agenda has not been established yet, and I will let you know which day (8th, 9th, or 10th) and the time the skate park item will be heard as soon as I get the finalized agenda from Coastal Commission planning staff. That’s all for now, Ger-I Lewis VSA/Surf-A-Thon. Email venicesurfsk8@yahoo.com.

CREATURE NEWS – John Ponts is now riding for Creature Skateboards. Congratulations to Ponts!

5BORO NEWS – 5boro’s new video, ‘New York, New York’ is available now at a shop near you. For more go to 5boro.com

OSIRIS SHOES PROUDLY INTRODUCES GAILEA MOMOLU TO PRO SKATE TEAM – Hailing from Canada, Gailea Momolu, has become the newest member of the Osiris skate team. Known for technical skating, Gailea will be heading up a new tech line along with PLG and AM Shuriken Shannon. Gailea’s other sponsors include Darkstar wood and wheels, New Era, Annex trucks, West 49 boardshops and Solo mobile. Gailea joins the Osiris Pro skate roster which includes: Jerry Hsu, Caswell Berry, John Rattray, Diego Bucchieri, PLG, James Brockman and Clint Peterson.

ALMOST NEWS – Congrats to Almost Team Rider, Ryan Sheckler for being chosen as one of Sports Illustrateds’ Top 10 Crowd Pleasers of 2005!

BLIND NEWS – Kris Markovich has left the team.

VENICE SKATEPARK NEWS – The project is on track and is expected to be completed in Spring 2007. VSA board members met with new L.A City Council 11Th District Rep Field Seagrave, project manger Paul Tseng, and RRM project manager Michael Sherrod. What the team is now doing is going back to the Coastal Commission to get approval of a variance to build up to 9-feet. They will attempt to have this proposal heard in late ’05 or early ’06.

ETNIES 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY – 2006 marks etnies’ 20th Anniversary, and the brand plans to celebrate all year long! As the first skateboarder owned and operated footwear brand, etnies’ anniversary celebration will stay true to its action sports roots with a special 20 Year Footwear Collection and a series of parties in New York City, Paris, France and Lake Forest, Calif. etnies was born in France in 1986 to meet the footwear needs of skateboarders and that very same passion and commitment to skateboarding has led to many innovations over the last 20 years. Accomplishments span from creating the first-ever pro model skate shoe, the Natas, to the development of the first and only biomechanics lab that creates technology that enhances rider performance and reduces skateboard injuries, the Sole Technology Institute. etnies is driven by skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX and moto x – and has given back to the global action sports community since its inception through building the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest, supporting skateparks all over the world, organizing and hosting contests and supporting amateur and professional team riders. etnies year-long 20th Anniversary Celebration will include 3 Cities, 2 Decades, One Ride: With origins in Europe, headquarters in California and presence in New York, etnies decided to host a moving party with events in the following cities:
o New York City, NY – April 6, 2006
o Paris, France – June 12, 2006
o Lake Forest, Calif. – October 21, 2006
20 Year Collection: The etnies 20 Year Collection honors the brand’s roots by bringing back some of the styles that revolutionized skate footwear. In addition to re-issuing classics like the Rap-High and Lo-cut One, the collection includes new slimmed-down versions of the Callicut, Scam and Lo-cut II.
Giving Back to Action Sports: etnies has created many prominent action sports contests throughout the world. Some of the highlighted contest for 2006 include etnies 3rd annual GvR (Goofy vs. Regular) contest, the European Open and Championship series, the Backyard Jam and additional skate, surf, snow, BMX and moto x events. Realizing that many skateboarders grow up in small towns, during its 20th anniversary year, etnies is taking on rural America with the Small Town Tour. For additional information, visit www.etnies.com.

VEOH AND SKATEBOARD.COM LAUNCH FIRST TELEVISION CHANNEL DEDICATED TO SKATEBOARDING – Contest Will Award $5,000 to Most Popular Video – Veoh Networks, Inc., the first Internet Television Peercasting Network, and Skateboard.com, the premiere online store and field guide for skateboarders, today announced the availability of the Skateboard.com Channel on the Veoh Network. Now anyone with a PC and a broadband connection can go to www.veoh.com, join the network, and watch full-screen, TV-quality videos from real boarders across the globe and from professional skateboarding organizations. They can easily publish their own videos, too. Veoh and Skateboard.com invite skateboarders everywhere to publish their videos to the channel. As part of the launch, the publisher of the most popular skateboarding video at the end of April will receive a grand prize of $5,000. For more information on the contest, please visit www.veoh.com/skateboardTV.


SUPER BOWL CONTEST – Feb 4th, 2006 – Bill Danforth will host the American Nomad Super Bowl Contest at Modern Skate Park located at Fountain Walk Mall in Novi, MI 48377. $20 entry fee includes skating 11am-8pm. 1st place $1000 cash. Advanced Division. Contest starts at 2pm. For details call 248-735-4446 or go to www.modernskate.com.

WORLD CUP SKATE NEWS – The 2006 World Cup Skateboarding Schedule is now posted at www.wcsk8.com.

VOLCOM’S TOGA PARTY AT SURF EXPO AND RAMP RUSH RESULTS! Orlando, Florida – January 14th, 2005:

1. Kyle Berard – $10,000
2. Mike Peterson – $5,000
3. Austen Seaholm – $2,500
4. Dennis Busenitz – $1,500
5. Omar Hassan – $1,000
6. Anthony Furlong – $900
7. Chris Senn – $800
8. Karma Tsocheff – $700
9. Tosh Townend – $600
10. Nilton Neves – $500

1. Grant Taylor – $500
2. Jake Duncombe – $400
3. Jared Lee – $300
4. Collin Provost – $200
5. Chaz Pineda – $100
6. Chris Lehman
7. Scott Doris
8. Jeremy Mrazz
9. Tommy Evans
10. Angel Ramirez

25TH MONSTER MASTERSHIP – A Quarter of a Century of Mastership – Preparations for the anniversary are already going ahead at full steam – June 30- July 2, 2006 – In July 2006, the most important contest in the skateboard scene will be celebrating its 25th anniversary The two-day Monster Rock Festival will mark the occasion. 25th Monster Mastership: World Skateboarding Championships – It is just 4 months since the 24th Mastership in Munster. More than 20,000 visitors applauded the World Champion in Street Style, Daniel Vieira, and held their breath as Sandro Dias rocked the Pipe with a perfect 900 in the Vertfinal. To mark the occasion, the skateboard community celebrated along with lovers of funky guitar-chords to the tunes of Mando Diao, Pennywise and Turbonegro at the Monster Rock Festival. Since September, the organiser of the event, titus communications GmbH, has been pushing ahead at full steam with plans and preparations for the forthcoming 25th anniversary of the Mastership. The next Mastership will be held in the Munsterland Arena from June, 30th until July, 2nd 2006: a completely new street course and half pipe, will attract riders from all over the world and skateboard fans to Munster. Then, the University town will once again be firmly under the control of the international skateboarding elite, who will determine their official World Champion in the Street and Half-pipe competitions. The highly personal atmosphere of the event promises the public close-up contact to their heroes. Given its history, the wealth of innovation (such as the legends contest and Europe’s first looping) and, finally, the level of the prize money, the Mastership has, over the years, succeeded in establishing itself in the face of competition from other skateboard contests. In addition, it is one of three official World Cups on this continent. This fact and initial discussions with USprofessional riders associations, will also guarantee a high-calibre field of participants. The Mastership is now in the position of being able to welcome the third generation of skateboard professionals. Riders who, in the 1980s, themselves hurtled daringly into the pipe, are today team managers and company bosses, and now send their own riders onto the course. The whole thing started 25 years ago in a company car park in Munster: at the time, skateboarding was completely new in Germany and a mere 20 spectators were able to generate enthusiasm for the first World Skateboard Championships. A quarter of a century later, the Monster Mastership is an established feature in the tightly-packed event calendar of professional skateboarding, and will once again fully live up to its cult status within the community. www.wcsk8.com

EASTERN SKATEBOARD SUPPLY OPEN HOUSE – Eastern Skateboard Supply is hosting it’s 3rd Annual Open House on April 21-22, 2006. Friday night ESS will host a skate session with live bands at Greenfield Grind Skatepark in downtown Wilmington, NC. On Saturday, ESS will have a street course set up in the ESS parking lot and a half pipe in the warehouse. Lunch will be served followed by the best trick contest. Saturday night ESS will host a party at Red Dog’s at Wrightsville Beach. Please call 910-791-8240 for details. Check out footage from the last two open houses at www.easternskateboardsupply.com.

HIGH GRADE DISTRIBUTION NEWS – Kenny Hughes will now be rolling tall on Satori’s.. Satori’s, Mapping Time In Space video will Officially be out in Stores early Jan 2006. Go to www.satorimovement.com and www.highgradedistribution.com.

NEW SK8 WEBSITE – A new website featuring skateboarding in Costa Rica will launch soon at www.sk8cr.com.

ARIZONA SKATE FEST – Mesa Parks and Recreation would like to invite you to Reed Park Skate-Fest ’06 taking place on Saturday, Jan. 28, at Reed Park located at 1601 E. Broadway Rd. between Gilbert and Stapley in Mesa. This year’s Skate-Fest will run from 1pm to 5 pm and will feature live music from Idle Red and others to be announced. There will also be free activities for kids including a free prize raffle. Also featured will be a skate demo provided by Underground Board Factory and Decision Clothing. Local skate shops will also be displaying merchandise throughout the festival. Email roger.singleton@cityofmesa.org for more info.

BOWL BASH DVD – The Globe BowlBash DVD’ is finished! 44 minutes of the BowlBash 2005 battle featuring Europeans best bowl skateboarders, like Alex Giraud, Alain Goikoetxea, Julien Benoliel and many others. The film is directed by Billy Pols, edited by Flip v/d Kuil and produced by Delivery productions’. Thursday January 5th, we will premier the main film in the Bitterzoet’ in Amsterdam. The film will show at 21:00, 22:00 and 23:00 hrs followed by an afterparty with D and VJ’s. January 9th the DVD will go on sale in selected skateshops and via bowlbash.com in an exclusive circulation.

SANTA CRUZ SKATEBOARDS NEW AM – MARIUS SYVANEN. Marius joins fellow Santa Cruz Am team mates Sid Melvin and Tommy Fynn. Born in Finland, Marius currently lives in San Diego and at age 16 has already lined up some major league sponsors like Fury Trucks, Ricta (flow), Osiris Shoes, DaKine, Hawk Clothing and Sun Diego Skate Shop.

SANTA CRUZ SKATEBOARDS’ ALEX CAROLINO TURNS PRO – Well deserved and well earned, Alex’s Gusto Pro Model will debut at the January ASR Tradeshow in San Diego. Both Alex and team mate Flo Marfaing will be at the ASR show in the Santa Cruz booth (#2113) off and on to sign a autographs. For more information about Santa Cruz Skateboards team and products, log on to www.santacruzskateboards.com.

X GAMES 12, AUGUST 3-6, 2006 – Los Angeles, Calif. ESPN today announces that X Games 12 will be held August 3-6, 2006 for its fourth consecutive year in Los Angeles, Calif. The annual X Games is the premier action sports event in the world, featuring athletes from across the globe competing for medals and prize money in the following sports: BMX Freestyle, Moto X, Skateboard, Surfing and Wakeboard. X Games 12 will be telecast live on ESPN and ABC. Announced earlier this year, X Games will remain in Los Angeles through X Games 15 in 2009. Details on sports, venues and athletes will be announced next year. Information on all X Games events can be found on www.expn.com.

GHOSTTOWN WHEELS has announced their sponsorship of the Wounded Knee Skateboards team featuring some of the toughest hardcore skateboarders including Jim Murphy, Science AKA Dave Maxwell, ChickenHawk, Sloppy Sam and Big Tim. Underground ripper Marky Clements has also been added to the team. Ghosttown makes super durable high performance urethane wheels available in 58mm, 60mm, and 63mm. Ghosttown wheels are also available through Eastern Skateboard Supply.

ESPN X Games announces its competition schedule for Winter X Games 10 to be held in Aspen/Snowmass, Colo. January 28-31, 2006. This schedule is subject to change. The most updated schedule will be posted on www.expn.com.

MATIX and PHARMACY BOARDSHOP PRESENT… A Matix Team Signing with Daewon Song, Marc Johnson, Mike Taylor, Jeron Wilson, Van Wastell and Danny Garcia on January 8th at 3:00 pm at Pharmacy Boardshop located at 16970 (Unit G) Bear Valley Rd. Victorville, CA. 92395. For more info go to MatixClothing.com and Pharmacyboardshop.com.

SURF EXPO VOLCOM CONTEST – Volcom Presents a $25,000 Pro Mini-Ramp Jam in association with SPoTlight Productions at Surf Expo – January 13-15, 2006 in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center. There will be a separate Pro and Am Contest. Mini-ramp dimensions: 60′ wide with multiple heights provided by Team Pain – teampain.com. $25,000 Purse. Registration or details contact Ryan@skateparkoftampa.com.
Friday – Demos – 11am – 12pm – Am and Pro
2pm – 3pm – Am and Pro
4:30pm – 5:30pm – Pro Only
Saturday – Pro Contest
11am – 12 pm – Pro Only Practice
12 pm – Contest Begins
Sunday – Am Contest
11am – 12pm – Am Only Practice
12pm – Contest Begins


ASR Celebrates 25 Years – ASR marks 25 years as the pre-eminent trade show in the surf, skate, snow, swim and youth culture market. For a quarter century, ASR has grown up alongside the action sports industry. Since 1981, companies and retailers have relied on ASR’s global reach to take their businesses to the next level. This January, ASR celebrates how far action sports have come and where the industry is headed next. Celebrate a quarter century alongside industry leaders and pros from past and future on Friday, January 20th in San Diego. The first night of ASR January, the House of Blues will host ASR’s 25th birthday bash! The high-fashion Elle Girl runway will host next season’s cutting-edge designs at 9. Right after the fashion show, Gunner Down, a hard-charging, ’80s-influenced band will kick things up a notch. Long-time ASR attendees won’t want to miss a slideshow retrospective that will project the funny, bizarre and classic moments of ASR’s first 25 years. ASR’s future looks bright with plans for more events, a new ASR Holiday show and emerging brands popping up in the Boost Mobile Gold Box Mission. The world’s top pros continue to build ASR into their busy schedules, this January skaters from around the world will compete for $10,000 in Matix’s ‘Rack a Few’ Rail Contest. While in 1981, computers couldn’t be found on ASR’s floor, today the entire show is wireless. It doesn’t stop there, in the next decade ASR plans to make doing business at the show even more productive using new technologies. Also be on the look out for more international expansion to meet global demand for action sports lifestyle products. Check out www.asrbiz.com.

CBGB To Close On Halloween 2006 – The New York Daily News is reporting that after a long and nasty rent fight, the owner of the legendary rock club CBGB agreed yesterday to move out of its grungy East Village site next year. ‘I guess money talks. That’s the name of the game,’ said Hilly Kristal, who opened the dank punk mecca in 1973. ‘We tried our best.’ CBGB, which gave bands like the RAMONES and TALKING HEADS a start, will leave its home on the Bowery next Halloween. Kristal is hoping to move the club to a new spot on the lower East Side and has looked at several spaces. But he also is considering opening a namesake joint in Las Vegas and is negotiating with deep-pocketed partners. ‘I’m trying to stay in New York, but New York is expensive,’ Kristal said. The Bowery Residents’ Committee, a nonprofit homeless-support group, owns the building housing CBGB and has long maintained that Kristal was paying far too little rent. ‘[We] can now concentrate on helping the needy and homeless of New York City’ said Executive Director Muzzy Rosenblatt.

RIP Link Wray – Guitar master Link Wray, the father of the power chord in rock ‘n’ roll has died. Wray, 76, died at his home in Copenhagen November 5, a statement from his wife and son on his Web site said. No cause of death was given, but his family said his heart was ‘getting tired.’ He was buried quietly after a service at Copenhagen’s Christian Church November 18, 2005.

LEGENDARY PUNK ROCKERS THE NEW YORK DOLLS SET TO RECORD NEW ALBUM JANUARY 2006 – On January 15, 2006, seminal lower-east side punk-rockers the NEW YORK DOLLS will enter a hometown studio with producer Jack Douglas (Aerosmith’s Toys in the Attic, John Lennon, New York Dolls’ self-titled debut, etc.) to record their first album of entirely new material since their sophomore album Too Much Too Soon. Led by David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain, the band Rolling Stone Magazine credits with ‘the sound and snarl of jubilant outlaw spirit’ will record new tracks including ‘Punishing World,’ ‘Plenty of Music’ and ‘Rainbow Store.’ The New York Dolls are Johansen (vocals), Sylvain (guitar) with Steve Conte (guitar), Sami Yaffa (bass), Brian Delaney (drums) and Brian Koonin (Keyboards). The ‘DOLLS will tour the world in support of the new release scheduled for summer 2006 on Roadrunner Records.

BUZZCOCKS – LIVE AT SHEPHERDS BUSH EMPIRE 2003 – Available on DVD – January 24, 2006 Through Music Video Distributors – Music Video Distributors and Secret Films are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Buzzcocks – Live at Shepherds Bush Empire 2003 for US distribution on DVD. This full-length concert DVD was filmed and recorded at Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England on April 27th, 2003 in Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. It includes an amazing 32-song performance as well as an exclusive interview with Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle. Special features include Australian Tour Footage, Sound Check Footage and a Tour Memorabilia Photo Gallery. Please visit www.mvdb2b.com.

LIVEWIRE RECORDINGS TO RELEASE – ‘SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE: THE BIRTH OF GRUNGE’ – RARE 20-TRACK COMPILATION IN STORES FEBRUARY 7th – Los Angeles, CA – December 6, 2005 — Livewire Recordings announced today the February 7, 2006 release of ‘Sleepless in Seattle: The Birth of Grunge,’ a compilation of 20 rare tracks from some of the most influential bands to come out of the Seattle scene. Chronicling the beginnings of Seattle’s underground rock movement from the mid 80s to early 90s, the album features seminal recordings from the pioneers of the grunge-era movement, including Green River, The Melvins, Malfunkshun, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Babes in Toyland, Tad, Skin Yard, The Gits, 7 Year Bitch and the Supersuckers, among many others. Widely considered the first grunge band, Green River (featuring Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament, and Mudhoney’s Mark Arm) released their debut album ‘Come on Down’ in 1985, giving birth to a new movement in music that would continue for over a decade. Executive produced by Colin Cobb, founder and president of Livewire Recordings and produced by Grammy-nominated producer Ted Myers (Nuggets, Troubadours of British Folk) as well as Clark Humphrey (‘The Real Seattle Music Story’), famed journalist and Seattle music historian. ‘Sleepless in Seattle: The Birth of Grunge’ will also feature a 16-page booklet of liner notes penned by Humphrey, detailing the history of the Seattle music scene from the mid 80s to early 90s. For more go to www.livewirerecordings.net

2006 WINTER SKA BRAWL TOUR – The Toasters, America’s longest running Ska band are embarking on another nonstop 50-city swing through the USA and Canada for the 2006 WINTER SKA BRAWL TOUR. Several stops on the Ska Brawl Tour will feature guest performances from Go Jimmy Go, Satori (ex- RX Bandits), Westbound Train, and Mustard Plug. The Toasters are currently in the studio in Valencia (Spain) laying down tracks for the You’re Gonna Pay single which will be out early in 2006 on the Megalith and Moonska World labels. They will then head immediately to the states where they’ll be playing every day from January 18th through March 11th. For more information visit www.toasters.org

DOCUMENTARY FILM ENTITLED ‘COACHELLA’ SET FOR THEATRICAL RELEASE JANUARY 24, 2006; DATES SET FOR COACHELLA VALLEY MUSIC and ARTS FESTIVAL 2006: SATURDAY, APRIL 29 AND SUNDAY, APRIL 30 AT EMPIRE POLO FIELD… As excitement builds for 2006’s COACHELLA VALLEY MUSIC and ARTS FESTIVAL–set to return for its seventh year on Saturday, April 29 and Sunday, April 30 at the breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful Empire Polo Field in Indio, CA–music fans across the country will now have the chance to experience six years of festival highlights when the documentary film entitled COACHELLA arrives in theatres January 24, 2006. Directed by Drew Thomas and produced by Goldenvoice, the two-hour feature film captures the magical sense of adventure that is unique to the COACHELLA VALLEY MUSIC and ARTS FESTIVAL, hailed as ‘The Best American Festival’ by Rolling Stone, ‘…the nation’s most respected rock festival’ by the Los Angeles Times and ‘probably the best festival in the world’ by England’s NME. The film is filled with one classic performance after another by iconic headliners and wide-ranging, forward-looking artists, and also includes interviews with COACHELLA VALLEY MUSIC and ARTS FESTIVAL artists and fans amidst the vast green landscape framed by beautiful desert mountains. Stay tuned for additional news about the COACHELLA documentary (which will make its public debut with a Los Angeles premiere on January 19 at the Orpheum Theatre) and the 2006 COACHELLA VALLEY MUSIC and ARTS FESTIVAL. For up-to-the-minute updates, go to www.coachella.com.

ANTHRAX TOUR – VH-1 CLASSIC and HOT TOPIC PRESENTS ANTHRAX WINTER 2006 US HEADLINE TOUR – Anthrax will start off the New Year with their first reunion US headline run with support from God Forbid, Sworn Enemy, and Manntis. Anthrax will continue to tour with their original line up. Already selling out the pre-sale tickets for LA and NY, Anthrax will prepare once again to spread the disease. Anthrax will be visiting many markets that weren’t hit on their recent North American tour with Judas Priest. For ticket and show information, please visit anthrax.com.


ED TEMPLETON ART SHOW – Ed Templeton’s The Fogged Mirror – Skateboarding’s ever-present artist and photographer extraordinaire, Ed Templeton, has a new show opening next month in Los Angeles. The Fogged Mirror opens on January 7, 2006 with a reception from 6:00pm -8:00pm at the Roberts and Tilton Gallery. The show will feature new paintings and runs through February 4, 2006. For those of you lucky enough to get your hands on a photographic original at one of Ed’s shows in the past few months, this is your chance to match it with a painting. Come on out and support Emerica’s favorite artistic genius! For more information please visit: www.toymachine.com/ed and www.emericaskate.com and www.robertsandtilton.com.

BOARD BUILDERS FORUM AT ASR – Future of Surfboard Manufacturing Front Stage at ASR – With the future of surfboard manufacturing up in the air, industry leaders, shapers and retailers are meeting at ASR, January 20-22nd in San Diego to figure out, ‘what’s next?’ The SIMA Board Builders forum is scheduled for Friday the 20th. At the forum, the options and alternatives for roam core manufacturing will be discussed. Under one roof, on the ASR show floor, surf industry leaders are available with wealth of insight into the surf world. In early December, Clark Foam, the world’s largest producer of surfboard blanks closed its doors. Leaving shapers with a massive shortage of materials to build boards. And leaving surf retailers with no supply just before the holidays. Now the industry is looking for solutions and alternatives for producing foam surfboard cores. Surfing’s most influential retailers, shapers and manufacturers will meet at ASR for the SIMA Board Builders Special Interest Group Forum. The forum is Friday, January 20th at 2PM, upstairs in Meeting Room 8. Check out www.asrbiz.com.

CLIF BAR HELPS THE 2006 MAVERICKS SURF CONTEST GO ‘GREEN‘ – Mavericks Surf Ventures (MSV) is proud to announce an innovative partnership with Clif Bar and Co., the nationally recognized eco-friendly food maker, to help make The 2006 Mavericks Surf Contest the first-ever ‘climate neutral’ surfing event. The paddle-in contest which brings together 24 of the world’s best big-wave surfers on just 24 hours’ notice between now and March 31, 2006, has always taken great pride in being environmentally conscious, but this partnership takes the efforts to new heights. The goal of the partnership is to minimize the environmental impact of the contest and ensure that the site at Half Moon Bay is left in a pristine condition after the 30,000 spectators leave its cliffs and beaches. To make this possible, Clif Bar is funding the purchase of enough renewable energy credits from NativeEnergy, a renewable energy firm, to offset the 86.6 tons of CO2 it’s estimated Mavericks competitors and event staff will generate through air travel, ground transport, hotels, boats, jet-skis, aircrafts and generators used during the event. CO2 is a greenhouse gas and the primary cause of global warming, according to climate experts. The energy credits will help fund construction of new wind farms on Native American land, providing an environmental benefit equivalent to taking 5,268 cars off the road for a day. In addition, Clif Bar and Mavericks will create education stations about composting and recycling, and replant areas of the cliff that will experience increased foot traffic on contest day.

SURFRIDER FOUNDATION LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE – The Surfrider Foundation today announced the launch of their long-awaited new website. In addition to a fresh new look and feel, the redesigned site integrates many exciting new features, providing visitors a more user-friendly environment in which to navigate the extensive and comprehensive site; including direct links to dozens of active campaigns and initiatives throughout the country, as well as information on Surfrider Foundation programs, events and chapters. The new site also features a ‘My account’ functionality, which allows members to review their membership status, donation record and other information. Other new additions to the site include Surfrider Foundation Action Network – a new resource where visitors can engage in ‘virtual activism’ on a variety of key issues using the Action Alert tool and a direct link to Rashguard.org, Surfrider Foundation’s revolutionary water quality reporting website. There is also an integrated blog, which features content and postings from the Surfrider Foundation’s chapter network. To view the new Surfrider Foundation website visit www.surfriderfoundation.org.

SAVE TRESTLES – If Surfers Do Not Save Trestles, Who Will? The water quality, sandbar sedimentation, and glorious sense of place of Trestles are threatened by an ill-planned toll road highway that would parallel (not just cross) the largely pristine San Mateo Creek that empties into the great Trestles breaks. It’s very important to keep the proposed toll road highway out of San Onofre State Beach and away from the San Mateo Creek. For more info on saving Trestles from the tollroad, see Surfrider’s Save Trestles web section at http://www.surfrider.org/savetrestles.

2006 MAVERICKS SURF CONTEST – On Saturday, January 7th, the 2006 Mavericks Surf Contest holding period will officially commence with a ceremonial prayer and paddle-out followed by a kick-off celebration. Mavericks Surf Ventures is pleased to announce the final five competitors who will round out ‘The 24′ competing in the 2006 Mavericks Surf Contest. The five were determined with input from the public who voted in a poll at www.surfermag.com. With an overwhelming 30 percent of the vote, Alex Martens was a shoe in. He’s joined by other poll favorites and Mavericks standouts Grant Baker, Josh Loya, Danilo Couto and Russell Smith. The Mavericks Surf Contest brings together 24 of the world’s best big-wave surfers on just 24 hours’ notice – between January 1 and March 31, 2006. Historically, Jeff Clark, contest director, board shaper and Mavericks surfing legend, has hand-picked ‘The 24’ – those with the courage and commitment to face what CNN calls ‘the most dangerous wave in the world’. This year, Clark selected the first 19 and then with input from thousands of voters at www.surfermag.com determined the final five. The remaining nine surfers from the poll will become alternates. Clark explained that the surfers were selected not just on their popularity, but also on their commitment to surfing Mavericks and how well they’ve done when they’ve had the opportunity to surf in previous Mavericks Surf Contests. ‘We’re opening the door for guys who are really pushing it. You never know where the next superstar is going to surface. We want to help them get their day in the sun.’ Clark, a legendary surfer in his own right also owns the Mavericks Surf Shop in Half Moon Bay and shapes boards for Jeff Clark Surfboards. He continues to surf competitively and recently placed fourth at the Nelscott Reef tow-in contest among peers Zach Wormhoudt, Shane Desmond, Peter Mel and Anthony Tashnick, who will all surf in the 2006 Mavericks Surf Contest. The 19 surfers previously selected for the contest include: Anthony Tashnick, Greg Long, Tyler Smith, Zach Wormhoudt, Shane Desmond, Matt Ambrose, Brock Little, Ryan Seelbach, Ryan Augenstein, Evan Slater, Eraldo Gueiros, Shawn Rhodes, Randy Cone, Grant Washburn, Darryl Virostko, Kenny Collins, Peter Mel, Nathan Fletcher and Mike Gerhardt. Clark also named the alternates which include: Mike Brumett, Troy Virostko, Jake Wormhoudt, Carlos Burle, Ross Clarke-Jones, Garrett McNamara, Ion Banner, Noah Johnson and Rodrigo Resende. When Mavericks roared through Half Moon Bay last March, 30,000 spectators and two million television viewers in 70 countries watched the best big-wave riders on the planet conquer waves that crested at nearly 50 feet in frigid waters with dangerous currents, jagged rocks and the ever-present threat of the Great White Shark. Last year’s contest was dominated by 20-year-old local surfer Anthony Tashnick, who will be one of the key threats in this year’s contest. But this year also brings the return of three-time Mavericks champion Darryl ‘Flea’ Virostko looking to reclaim his title. The 24′ surfers get the call and have a mere 24 hours to be onsite and ready to compete. Surfers and fans can track the waves and stay up-to-date on contest announcements on the official website, www.maverickssurf.com.

BLACK MONDAY – Clark Foam shuts down, Panic in the Surfboard sector. In a move that could have long-term repercussions on the domestic surfboard market, Clark Foam Founder Gordon Clark announced today in a faxed letter to shapers that ‘effective immediately Clark Foam is ceasing production and sales of surfboard blanks.’.. www.surfersvillage.com.

THE SURF BOOK – NOW AVAILABLE – From the beginning of his career, photographer Michael Halsband has made portraits of artists and musicians. In 1981 he traveled with The Rolling Stones as the official photographer on the Tattoo You tour. In the years that followed, he transitioned to editorial and commercial photography, until 1991, when he returned to portrait work. Since the 90’s he has also written and directed music videos and commercials. Halsband’s personal photo-documentary projects include a book project with AC/DC (1996, 2000), nudes and portraits of sex industry workers (1991-6) and a project with the School of American Ballet (1986-1991). His latest work, Surf Book, (with Joel Tudor), a book documenting the most influential people in surfing, hit bookstores earlier this year. For more go to www.michaelhalsband.com

DELRAY BEACH FILM FESTIVAL – The 1st Annual Delray Beach Film Festival announced today that a surfing contest for professionals and celebrities has been added to the list of weeklong events for the inaugural Festival. Among the many celebrities attending the event, Olympic Gold Medalist Tristan Gale and Gene Racine will partake in the event. Following the surfing contest, celebrities and locals alike can enjoy one of the film’s being featured by the Festival within eyes view of the beach. Participants’ fun in the sun will kickoff earlier in the week with surfing lessons provided by local professional surfers. Festival coordinators are currently accepting entries from members of the film industry to enter the competition boasting sponsors such as Quiksilver, Hurley, Globe and Redbull. The Delray Beach Film Festival begins March 8 and runs through March 12th, 2006, in Delray Beach, Florida. Organizers plan to screen over 100 shorts, features, documentaries and Xtreme sports films. A portion of the profits will go to the Humane Society of the Palm Beaches. Film Festival organizers are continuously seeking sponsors that would like to join this blockbuster event from its inception. For more information contact Michael Posner (561) 213-5737.

LEARN TO SURF WITH ANDY IRONS – Go from ‘Bro’ to ‘Pro’: Learn to Surf with Andy Irons Now Available on DVD from VAS Entertainment – Whether you already think you’ve got what it takes to surf like a pro or you’re fairly certain that surfing is something completely out of your klutzy reach, Learn to Surf with Andy Irons can help you out. Learn to Surf packs plenty of expertise, easy-to-employ tips and tricks, often-forgotten details, and amazing surfing footage – all of which is sure to get you stoked for a ride in the tide. According to a recent review conducted by TransWorld Business, Andy Irons is currently the most recognizable figure in surfing. In Learn to Surf, the three-time World Champion of Surfing joins up with TransWorld Surf Magazine Editor Chris Cote to show eager athletes everything needed to get started surfing – or to finely tune those previously-acquired surf and safety skills. Including important details on water safety, board choice, how to stand up, how to paddle efficiently, proper surfing etiquette and more, this is one film that is sure to make waves. In addition to packing all the information you need to bring out your inner surf pro – plus bonus expert advice from Andy – each Learn to Surf DVD also comes with a free subscription card to TransWorld Surf, ensuring that you’ll stay in the loop even when you’re out of the water. For more information, visit the website at www.vasentertainment.com.

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