Everything is Bigger in Texas: Skatestock III and Spring Skatepark

The skateboarding stars collided in the great Lone Star state of Texas on Oct 17-18, 2014, for the Grand Opening of the Spring Skatepark (the biggest skatepark in America built by Grindline) and Skatestock III (with some of the greatest skateboarders and skate rockers on the planet) at the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark in Houston. The weekend was exploding with world-class action, skate legends, skateable art sculpture, skate rock and skateboarding at its biggest and best. Here are just a few photos that Lee Leal of Embassy Skateboards snapped in between rockin’ out with his band, Contortion Session bowl side. VIPS in attendance included: Steve Alba, Tony Alva, Peggy Oki, Steve Olson, John Gibson, Wally Inouye, Craig Johnson, Lance Mountain, Lee Leal, Doug Saladino, Chris Strople, Jerry Valdez, Brian Brannon and Tim Kerr…

Photos by Lee Leal, Raul Valdez and Lori Peltier.

SS2014_JUICE_OLSON_ART 11,000 pounds of epic Steve Olson art entitled “High Noon” at the new Spring Skatepark in Houston, TX. Photo by Lee Leal.

SkateStock_TA Tony Alva frontside grind at the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark in Houston. Photo by Lee Leal.

SkateStock_SALBA_02_JUICE Steve Alba at the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark in Houston, Texas. Photo by Lee Leal.

SS2014_JUICE_Lance_01 Lance Mountain inverted at the new Spring Skatepark in Houston, TX. Photo by Lee Leal.

SS2014_JUICE_WALLY_STROPLE The new John “Tex” Gibson signature Embassy skateboard has been skate legend approved by Tom “Wally” Inouye and Chris Strople. Photo by Lee Leal.

SS2014_JUICE_TEX Tex throws down a few autographs on his signature deck from Embassy Skateboards at Skatestock III. Photo by Lee Leal.

SS2014_JUICE_STROPLE_FILLION Chris Strople and Ken Fillion bro down. Photo by Lee Leal

SS2014_JUICE_OLSON Olson prepares to annihilate coping at Skatestock III. Photo by Lee Leal.

SS2014_JUICE_OLSON_OKI_TEX Steve Olson, Peggy Oki and John “Tex” Gibson. Photo by Lori Peltier

SS2014_JUICE_OLSON_ART_02 Steve Olson art “High Noon”. Epic. Photo by Lee Leal.

SS2014_JUICE_OKI_LEE Peggy Oki and Lee Leal at the new Spring skatepark in Houston. Photo by Lori Peltier

SS2014_JUICE_Lance Lance Mountain tests out the new keyhole built by Shaggy and the Grindline crew at Spring Park in Texas. Photo by Lee Leal.

ContortionSession_01 Contortion Session featuring Lee Leal, Ken Fillion and Troy Chason kick out the jams. Photos by Raul Valdez

SkateStock_Ben_JUICE Ben Johnson with a madonna over the keyhole at the new Spring Skatepark in Houston. Photo by Lee Leal.

SkateStock_KFC Ken Fillion classic at the big Texas bowl shaped like Texas at the new Spring Skatepark in Houston. He’s still got it! Photo by Lee Leal.

SkateStock_Lance_04_JUICE Lance Mountain style at the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark in Houston for Skatestock III. Photo by Lee Leal.

skatestock3 Coping slayers, Craig Johnson and Steve Alba. Photo by Lee Leal.

skatestockafterparty Skatestock III After Party. Photo by Lee Leal.

SS2014_JUICE_SALBA Salba signature slob air at the new Spring Skatepark in Houston. Photo by Lee Leal.

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