Dogtown Skateboards Announces Barker Barrett guest deck

Check out this video of the process of the development of Barker’s deck with Paul Schmitt:

Rip of the Week With Barker Barrett from Dogtown Skateboards on Vimeo.

A true collaboration between Dogtown Skateboards, Barker Barrett, with art by Alyasha Moore. Alyasha’s art incorporating curbs as wings brings Barker’s love for skating curbs out in this Limited Edition Pro Model Guest Board.

One of the most important qualities of the Skateboard World is the community we have grown up with and passing it on to those coming up behind us. One of the blessings of a career in Skateboarding is the relationships built upon in that time. In the eighties I witnessed the growth of the seminal New York/Tri State skate scene grow with the brand Shut Skates.

This crew of skaters possessed a core style of skating which reminded me of our Dogtown roots yet the exhibited a style bred form the NYC lifestyle and terrain. Relationships were formed from skating, traveling, and sharing a love for the progression of our sport together. During this period of time I had the pleasure of meeting Barker Barret and witnessed his passion for skateboarding first hand.

“I would like to thank Barker and Alyasha for their contributions to this project and for being part of our worldwide community and passing on the fun of skateboarding! DT Familia World Wide! The place for fun!” – Jim “Reddog” Muir

During the mid to late 80’s New York City gave birth to Shut Skates, a team of kids primarily from the Tri State area who’s approach to skateboarding mirrored their immediate surroundings. Gritty, High Powered, and fast as f*ck! This powerhouse freshman Shut team was often referenced as the “Dog Town of the East” due to their similar raw, big high powered styles and unorthodox approach to skateboarding.

Shortly after, the kindred of brotherhood  was solidified when many of the Shut Team Riders were sponsored by Dogtown’s DTS K9 Wheels and when the Dogtown Team started to spend more time in NYC.  Long lasting friendships were forged and these friendships largely exist to this day. I have to say it was amazing watching the dynamic between the two teams. Some of the most epic skating I’ve seen to this date.

It seems only right that Barker Barrett be given the honor of having a guest pro model with one of the greatest names and most innovative companies in the history of skateboarding – Dogtown.

“I am honored and humbled to have been able to work with Barker whom I have had the pleasure of knowing and skating with since the 80’s in creating his graphic and in capturing the Dogtown vibe and tradition.”

Alyasha Moore


“I’m honored to have a Dogtown board! Thank you Dogtown, Red Dog, Aly, Sweetser, Prof. Schmitt, and thank you to everyone who helps to keep Skateboarding alive…”

Barker Barrett

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