Cattleboro: What does it take to have a killer backyard wooden bowl in New England?

Words by Big Tim
Photos by Eric Full and Fraser Tattie

What does it take to have a killer backyard wooden bowl in New England? A LOT! Dedication on the backs of landscapers, masons, carpenters, skaters, delivery guys, painters, welders, you name it…

Blue collar to the bone. 20 plus years of a wooden ramp that rots away, gets gutted and rebuilt section by section every year. No corporate skate money, no contest banners, no soft drink helmets, no nothin… It’s a hardworking crew called the 59. They put it up to get away from you. So if you get a session, have fun and grind the hell out of it! Big shout out to Iggy, the owner, his family and city and estate gardener for being the backbone push behind a fun place I can feel at home when I ride.  – Big Tim

“Good times, what needs to be said? Countless sessions in a backyard that feels like home. Couldn’t be done without the coolest owner around. Always kept casual and clean. Twenty years of a backyard scene. Home to the 59… protected by wolves… a fortress of fun..and a whole lotta rippin’ going on. Thanks to all who contributed, especially Iggy and family for hosting decades of sessions.” –12345.9

“From day one, we chose crew life. You can’t kill something that just wont die.” – Chops Gray

“Backyards have been and always will be an expression of freedom and fun! Iggy Talls is a skater/musician who is ready, willing and able to preserve his bowl for the bros and gals to skate tough and rage in! Show his scene respect and you will be respected. – Murf

“Cattleboro is an amazing retreat from life where you can skate, see friends, swamp walk, treehouse lounge, throw horseshoes, have cocktails, shoot hoops and get away from the rat race. It is a collaborative DIY effort and all that is asked is to show respect to all mighty Iggy and his establishment, pitch in, bring beer and come with a local when its an ok’d session. Hands down my favorite place and scene.” – Davey Rogers


Head rancher at the Cattleboro compound, Iggy Talls powers through some beefy, hand-poured coping in his own backyard, which has hosted generations of parties and rippers all in the name of fun! Thanks, Iggy. you are da man! Photo © Eric Full

The frontside boneless never gets old in our eyes, and when it’s boosted properly like Jeff Phillips or John Gibson, it always stokes out the session! Nolan Munroe keeps the boneless legacy alive in Cattleboro! Photo © Eric Full

East coast rippah, Chris Warner, has deep roots in the northeast with legendary ripping for the last 20 years. He’s got high speed gnarly style with no sketch, and it’s an all or nothing approach that zings him through this frontside 50-50! East Providence Touch! Photo © Eric Full

Long time local, Davey Rogers, rips through a tip top grind assault with speed and authority after 30+ years of skate annihilation with no end in sight ! Photo © Eric Full

Crazyhorse has been ripping for so long, since the Skate Hut days, and it’s always rad to see him keep the stoke going by throwing down serious stylish smith grinds through the corner! Photo © Eric Full

Skateboarding is about pushing the limits, so sometimes ya gotta find an obstacle and up the danger factor to get the locals Screaming! FS Cote Coyote nosepick as the steer and Cowboys look on! Photo © Eric Full

Tatties slides through a crailslide on the ramp canvas after a relayer upgrade and before the next party paint job goes down! Skate, destroy and rebuild! Photo © Eric Full

Big Tim is ready to grind so get out of the way as he cranks one through the Cattleboro coping with style and aggression making Lee Ving proud! Photo © Eric Full

Eric Full is a long time newport local and isn’t scared to throw a crailslide just because. Skating tough is a Northeast tradition and Full is down to skate and photo document the family! Photo © Fraser Tattie

“If heaven aint like Iggy’s, then I dont want to go…” – Bruce Juice

“What happens at Ramptown stays at Ramptown.” – Tom Jolt

Thanks to Eric Full and Fraser Tattie for the epic photos. Long live Cattleboro!


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