Bones Brigade Limited Series #9 Available April 7th

Check out the news from the legendary Bones Brigade…

We are happy to announce Bones Brigade limited series 9. Taking the momentum and interest from the rebuilding of the Animal Chin ramp, the coverage from the ramp recently and the 30 Year anniversary of The Search For Animal Chin this year, the limited Bones Brigade 9th series features some of the decks that appear in the film.

Mullen White, never re-issued before

McGill Pink, never re-issued shape, never re-issued before

CAB Black, classic colorway

Mountain White, new colorway suggested by Lance

Hawk Blue, never re-issued before

Guerrero Red, never re-issued before

Each deck comes with a new deck card made for this series, and will be uniquely numbered. (Ex 24 of 500). Limited to 500 of each rider’s deck could be made, except for Tony where up to 2,500 could be made. Made available to the public on Friday, April 7th at 12:00pm PST everywhere.

If you missed, “The Search Is Never Over” on ABC’s “World of X Games” here is the link to view it. The Search Is Never Over documents legendary Bones Brigade skaters Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Tommy Guerrero, Mike McGill and Steve Caballero as they reunite to skate the newly built Chin Ramp at Woodward West, thirty years after the original ramp was built. Twenty-two minutes of viewing skate pleasure.


Stacy Peralta featured in Forbes

Steve Caballero: Skateboard Legend and Motorcycle -Ridng Badass. Rolling Stone article.

Rodney Mullen- What skateboarding tells us about innovation

Tony Hawk ESPN commercial with Stuart Scott

BONES Wheels posted a fantastic Animal Chin ramp tribute piece

Watch for a NIXON/Bones Brigade watch release this mid April at core skateshops only. Six NIXON Time Teller watches each with a different Bones Brigade rider graphic.

Stay connected to the Bones Brigade via social media. Bookmark the Bones Brigade Facebook page for everything from classic photos to updates on the guys.

If you can, get out and skate.

In late February, down in Australia, Steve Caballero won the Master’s Division and new team rider, Jordyn Baratt won the Women’s Division.

BONES WHEELS riders, Chris Russell, Cody Lockwood, Kevin Kowalski, Ben Raybourn, Alan Young, and Jimmy Wilkins paid tribute to 30 Years of Animal Chin.

And check out some of the newest must have gear from Powell Peralta, Bones Brigade, Bones Swiss Bearings, Bones Wheels…

Powell Peralta OG Rat Bones Blue Deck – 10 x 31

Powell Peralta Flamable Navy T-shirt

Powell Peralta Rat Bones 60mm 90a – Blue (4 pack)

Powell Peralta Ripper Geegah Silver Deck – 9.75 x 30

Bones Brigade® Tommy Guerrero 5th Series Reissue Complete Skateboard Purple – 9.75 x 30.4

Bones Brigade® Rodney Mullen Mutt Reissue Skateboard Deck Red – 7.13 x 26.13

Bones Bearings Swiss Shield Lapel Pin

Bones® Swiss Bearings (8 pack)

BONES WHEELS SPF Pro Russell Inquisition 56mm 4pk

BONES WHEELS STF Pro Rogers Wolf 52mm 4pk

BONES WHEELS STF Pro Berger Medusa Wheel 54mm 4pk

Mini Logo Small Bomb Skateboard Deck 127 Pizza – 8 x 32.125

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