FDR: Wall riding.


SKATE CONTEST – Saturday August 20, 2005 – Pedlow Skate Park presents the 2005 Competition Summer Scorcher. Compete in 12 and under division, 13-17 division, 18 and older division, slalom and flatground Game of Skate. 9-9:45 Warm up and Registration. 10-4pm Contest . Location – 17334 Victory Blvd Encino, CA 91316. Phone 818-266-6991.


BROOKLYN BANKS SKATE CONTEST – August 27 – Brooklyn Banks Skate Jam – N.Y.C. – 1-5pm – Back to the Banks Best Trick Contest – presented by 5boro, Etnies and Red Bull. Over $3000 in cash and prizes. Sponsored by Spitfire, 5Boro, Volcom, Emerica, Autumn and KC/DC. Event schedule at

LANCE MOUNTAIN SWEEPS GRAND MASTERS AT OREGON TRIFECTA – The Firm Skateboards founder and team rider Lance Mountain decimated the world-class concrete of three Oregon skateparks to win every event in the Grand Masters of the 2005 Oregon Trifecta August 12-14. Showing up at some of the parks for the first time with only a few minutes to ride before his heat, Lance proceeded to demonstrate his command of the concrete during the Golden Otter 2 at Lincoln City, the Crown Royale at West Linn and the Corn Cup at Newburg. Look for the new Firm line of skateboards to release in September with graphics by Lance on selected pro boards by Bob Burnquist, Rodrigo TX and Javier Sarmieno, as well as an updated version of the Team 17th/21s Lancers model and the Lance Mountain Knights Cross signature board. The Firm offers a wide range of decks and wheels for everyone from the most committed street skater to larger boards for pool, pipe and park applications. See the complete line of The Firm skateboards at

VENICE SURF-A-THON – Sept 24th, 2005 at Venice Breakwater, Venice, CA. Contact Ger-I at 310-876-9833 for more information.

CASL CONTEST -August 20-21 – The next contest is at Woodward West Skate Camp this weekend! The North and South Cali divisions each have their own respective days of competition.


AQUA CLARA SHOWDOWN – Saturday, September 3rd, 2005 – Reklis presents the Aqua Clara Showdown – Gates Open at 7pm – $4 donation requested – 1274 Cleveland St. Clearwater, FL (across from Popeye’s Chicken) – 4 Bands at the Kidney Pool – Guy Smiley, Speed Wobbles, Mariola plus special guests… 4 Hip Hop Acts at the Square Pool – FLA, DJ Webb, Cooper Kentae, plus special guests. Sponsored by Juice Magazine, Bulldog Skates, West Side Skateshop, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Print, Skatepark of Tampa, Atomic, Urban Skate Shop, Low Key Films and Villin.

UNITED SKATE – United Skateboard Association (U.S.A.) moves to the Big Apple – After seven years in New Jersey, the United Skateboard Association (U.S.A.) has moved its offices to New York City – to 40 W. 23rd St., in the Flatiron District off 5th Ave. 2004 went out with a bang for the U.S.A.’s two strong amateur contest series. ‘Towards the end of the 2004 season I watched how our business was developing more in some areas and changing in others’, says T. Eric Monroe, founder of the United Skateboard Association. ‘We were getting a lot of marketing and production business out of New York City, so when the opportunity presented itself we knew we had to make the move to the City.’ The U.S.A. has been instrumental in setting the pace for amateur skateboarding events. Since 1998, U.S.A.’s Beast of The East Series has helped locate and develop a significant amount of top amateur talent. U.S.A. also hosts the GROM series that focuses on the less experienced skaters ages 13 and younger. For 2005, the U.S.A. took a step back from the contest series focus due to lack of sponsorship dollars. ‘It was a hard decision for us not to do the full contest series this year. A good handful of sponsors did come to the table to support our programs, but for our program to be executed properly, there just wasn’t enough financial support to do it successfully’, explains Monroe. ‘We will be doing a few contests this year that will be tied into other events so we’re happy we can do something for the kids this year. We are getting more involved with production, marketing, promotions and event execution for our various clients. Being near New York has helped us in the past, being in New York will help our future,’ concluded Monroe. For more information go to

SKATE CONTEST – Saturday – August 27th – 9am-7pm at Boulder Skatepark – Divisions – 10 and under, under 18 b-div, under 18 a-div, female all ages, best trick all ages, advanced all ages, bowl jam 18+… Register day of event – $10. Location – YMCA of Boulder Valley 2850 Mapleton Ave Boulder, CO.

SOUL BOWL 2005 Results – Huntington Beach, CA
1st. Cara Beth Burnside
2nd Jen O’Brien
3rd Apryl Woodcock
4th Holly Lyons
5th Mimi Knoop

1st Tony Magnusson
2nd Jake Piasecki
3rd Aaron Astorga
4th Eric Nash
5th Ben Schroeder

Grand Masters
1st Henry Gutierrez
2nd Mike Smith
3rd Duane Peters
4th Steve Alba
5th Ken Fillion

Pro Division
1st Bruno Passos
2nd Benji Galloway
3rd Jesse Fritsch
4th Matt Moffett
5th Steve Salisan

WCSK8 NEWS – Check out the World Cup Skateboarding web site… Dave Hackett wins European Slalom Championship… Mayor Proclaims ‘Skateboarding Week’ during Slam City Jam 2005… Beach Games/Huntington Beach… this weekend… X Games Eleven Aug 4 – 7, 2005 …plus updated overall rankings, etc… Europe Results … and all that plus more… including the Dew Tour! Visit


STEVE CABALLERO NEWS – Steve is celebrating 25 years of skating with Powell Skateboards. In honor of that, Powell Peralta will be releasing a limited edition silver CAB Propeller graphic deck this year.

SKATEPARK REVIEW SHOW – Juice Magazine will sponsor The SkatePark Review Show on PBS along with Scion, Independent Trucks, Black Label, Spitfire, etnies, Ipath, California Skate Parks, Ocean Pacific, Bell Helmets and Skaterade. For details go to


BURNSIDE BLOWOUT – 2nd Annual Burnside Blowout Nontest fundraiser – Saturday, August 20th. – Burnside Skatepark, Inc. and the Burnside Skatepark website at are hosting the 2nd Annual Burnside Blowout Nontest fundraiser. Send product to add to the giveaways and raffle. Last year was a huge success. This year is even more important for Burnside. The land right next to the skatepark has recently been sited for development and will be seeing multiple office towers next door within a year’s time. After sitting down with the developer and architect of the new development, Burnside Skatepark Inc. secured lighting and additional land to expand the skatepark. Partners in Burnside Skatepark, Inc., Mark ‘Red’ Scott, Chuck Willis and Sage Bolyard, have said that all additional work to the skatepark will be done. Basically, Dreamland Skateparks will be doing the work, but Burnside is still footing the bill. This way we are still in total control over the park and it’s design. The more money we can get from donations and a raffle, the more elaborate we can make the skatepark addition. Please let me know by e-mail,, if this is something you would be interested in helping us out with. That’s it, go skate. Chuck Willis – Burnside Skatepark, Inc.

AUTOBAHN NEWS – Pat Duffy is currently lost in Las Vegas with Mike Crum, doing some demos in between sessions at the tables, all on the World Industries tab. Donny Barley and Joey Pepper just started the Zoo York ’40 days and 40 nights’ tour of the U.S. Jerry Hsu is living in New York and filming for the enjoi video. Chico Brenes has a new Pro wheel coming soon. Joey Brezinski is filming for a Cliche video featuring Joey that should be out in a few months. Adelmo Jr. is putting the final touches on his part for the upcoming Kayo Corp. video, ‘It’s Official.’ Kris Markovich is filming for a 411 part. Last but not least, the Autobahn Wheel Company is proud to announce the addition of Stereo Sound Agent Clint Peterson to the team. Welcome aboard Clint!


GRIND FOR LIFE CONTESTS – Grind for Life Annual Fundraiser Benefit – Nov 19, 2005 and Oct 8th, 2005 GFL Contest #4 – 4pm YMCA Skatepark (pool contest only) – Entry fee for each contest is $15 and includes contest t-shirt. Please call 561-252-3839 for more info. For contest details go to

‘CBGBS FOREVER’ – THE WORLD UNITES IN HOPE OF SAVING LEGENDARY CLUB – Unprecedented Rally to Take Place in Washington Square Park . On AUGUST 31, the last day of CBGBs current lease, legendary musician and actor Steven Van Zandt along with CBGB owner Hilly Kristal, will host an unprecedented rally in Washington Square Park to ‘Save CBGB.’ This event, which will take place from 3-7pm, will serve as a tremendous rallying cry for New Yorkers to save this national treasure. Speakers will include City Councilmen Alan Gerson and Bill DeBlasio, Talking Heads’ Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, filmmaker Jonathan Demme, actor and musician Jared Leto, The Ramones’ Marky Ramone and actor and co-President of the Creative Coalition, Joe Pantoliano as well performances by world-renowned musicians including a rare performance by Blondie. Other performers include Gavin Rossdale, formerly of Bush, with his new band, Institute, The Bouncing Souls, Chesterfield Kings, The Charms, and other special surprise guests. CBGBs influence on modern day music is undeniable, given Kristal’s long-standing policy of only allowing bands that play original music, the club remains a breeding ground for new acts. It’s well known that legendary bands including the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, Patti Smith Group, all hailed from the CBGB stage, and it hosted early performances by the B-52s and the first U.S. performance of the Police. The club continues to be at the heart of new Rock music with rock sensations The Strokes, Green Day, Hank Williams III, Shooter Jennings, Against Me, Thursday and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists debuting or playing at CBGBs. Recently, the ‘Save CBGB’ coalition was validated and encouraged when New York City District Court Judge Joan M. Kenney ruled that CBGBs did not owe any money to their landlord, the Bowery Residents Committee for unbilled rent increases. In her decision, Judge Kenney hailed CBGBs as ‘pillar of the community’ and credited the club with ‘being the anchor of what has become the ‘renaissance’ of the Bowery.’ Her decision echoes the sentiments of the numerous New Yorkers and the CBGBs coalition, led by Van Zandt and comprised of musicians, local community organizations, historical preservationists, who are determined to keep this cultural institution alive. Supporters from as far away as Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and the U.K have been signing petitions and writing letters to help CBGBs, a small indication of the depth of support the club has around the world. ‘Given Judge Kenney’s resolute decision, we see no reason why negotiations have continued to be stalled, now, we’re truly in the 11th hour,’ states Van Zandt. ‘It’s time for these two organizations, which both contribute immensely to the community, to look at the future and see how they can coexist in a mutually beneficial way. Hilly Kristal wants to save his club, and he will not give up the effort to communicate with the BRC until there is a resolution.’ Hilly Kristal, and the ‘Save CBGB’ coalition have worked tirelessly to negotiate a new lease with the B.R.C. Van Zandt’s company, Renegade Nation, sent a proposal to the B.R.C., addressing their concerns with regards to a new lease for the club. The proposal outlines conditions of a new lease that includes a proposed rent increase, new security deposit and a third-party guarantee fund, which has already been incorporated and is called the ‘The Bowery Project.’ In addition, Mr. Van Zandt offered to host a benefit to raise money for the BRC, which will also raise awareness for the organization and the homeless issue in general. So far, these proposals and numerous attempts at communication have been met with no response from the BRC. Bryan ‘Papillon’ Kinelen, bass player of the Bouncing Souls, a popular punk band who will perform at the rally, represents the new generation of CBGB loyalists. ‘I had the rare privilege of growing up not to far from CBGBs, and ‘came of age’ as a musician exposed to the best and most potent music the world has to offer through CBs,’ Kinelen stated. ‘It really upsets me to think that future generations will be deprived of that experience and it’s being taken away from all of us unjustly. There is only one CBGBs and it is not replaceable after it’s gone.’ The rally will be broadcast on the CNET Web site, The celebration will continue all night long at CBGBs with special band performances from the Chesterfield Kings and The Charms, both shows are open to the public. For more information about the Save CBGB campaign or for details regarding scheduled shows please visit or

ATLANTIS MUSIC CONFERENCE + FESTIVAL ANNOUNCES 2005 ARTIST LINEUP – August 10 – 13, Atlanta, GA – Acts selected to perform at this year’s AMC+F include: Silver Addictive, Nessa Morgan, Snatches of Pink, Rob Gonzalez, Minamina Goodsong, The Rantings of Eva, Modern Skirts, Leslie Helpert, Psyche Origami, The Whigs, Snowden, Liquid Cheese, Second Shift, Taylor Hollingsworth and Tragic City Rhythm Section, India, The Booze, Five Eight, Kite, The Love Drunks, REHAB, Inspirience, Lynam, Red Letter Agent, Collective Efforts, GoodNight City, Alana Chirino, Lennex, Mars Ill, Tim Brantley, Honestly, Avenge Vegas, Heavy Mojo, Steadlur, Free Sol, and Miguel. The conference itself will take place at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel in Downtown Atlanta. For more go to

SST NEWS – SST Record’s Overkill (Black Flag label mates) have reformed with all the original members after 22 years apart and are playing this coming Saturday August 6, 2005 @ the 3rd Annual N.A. Punk Show, Noon – 10pm. Tickets $12. advance or $15. @ door @ Ken Miller Rec. Center 3330 Civic Center Dr., Torrance, Ca, 90503… Saturday August 13, 2005 and @ The Rock-it Cafe 14239 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne, Ca. 90250 (310) 676-1867 – Ignite Productions present’s : J.F.A. and SST Overkill and Instigator. Tickets $10…. Saturday August 27, 2005 – T.S.O.L and D.I. and SST Overkill at Vault 350 club in Long Beach. Tickets $12. For more go to www.

HELLFEST 2K5 presented by Alternative Press Magazine NEWS – HELLFEST’S OFFICIAL STATEMENT – Due to circumstances beyond our control, Hellfest has been cancelled. After a full day in court in Burlington County, NJ, Hellfest was unable to meet unreasonable demands brought to Hellfest’s attention by the Sovereign Bank Arena on August 16, 2005 at 6:21 PM, and to be met by August 17, 2005 at 7:00 AM. Actions were taken and Hellfest had an injunction filed by noon on August 17, 2005, but was overruled by the judge. We send our deepest apologies out to the fans and everyone who was involved with the event and want you to be aware that legal action is being taken. For ticket refunds please contact the Sovereign Bank Arena box office. For more


CLAY WHEELS NEWS – Clay Wheels has been in the studio working on new material! Ray Stevens II has been working on music for soundtracks (Guarte), dee jaying and playing solo acoustic shows in the Bay area and Northwest. Upcoming shows include – July 30, 2005 – Clay Wheels, Tommy Gun and the Bullets, Hot Black Desiato at Thee Parkside at 1600 17th Street @ Wisconsin St. San Francisco, CA 94107 Ph. 415.503.0393. Show starts at 4PM. Cover $10. Check out this show too. August 26th, 2005 – CLAY WHEELS, S.L.A. and Nagg at The Blank Club at 44 Almaden San Jose, Ca 95112 . Cover $7.00. To book the Clay Wheels at your club contact Ray at

THE NEEDLES – If you like AC/DC and The Dead Boys, then THE NEEDLES are right up your alley. Whiskey-soaked, dirty, smoky, sonic powered skate rock. Listen for yourself.. Stay tuned for feature interviews with THE NEEDLES in upcoming issues of SURFER MAGAZINE and JUICE MAGAZINE. THE NEEDLES are also featured on the soundtracks of a variety of surf/skate films in addition to an upcoming TONY HAWK video game. You can hear THE NEEDLES on Los Angeles, CA radio station Indie 103.1FM – recently voted by Rolling Stone magazine as ‘America’s coolest commercial radio station.’ AUG 11 – THE NEEDLES at The Abbey – Boston, MA, AUG 12 – THE NEEDLES at Arlenes Grocery – New York, NY, AUG 13 – THE NEEDLES at Hank’s Saloon – Brooklyn, NY, AUG 15 – THE NEEDLES at Southend Pub – Va. Beach, VA, AUG 16 – THE NEEDLES at The Pit/Nag’s Head – Kill Devil Hills, NC. For more info visit


PROJECT SURF VS SKATE – a group art show featuring painted boards and decks. Opening Saturday – Aug. 13th – 8pm-1am. Show runs Aug 13-Sept 3rd. Gallery Hours – Friday 12-5 and Saturday 12-5. Project Studio: 5016 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019. Featuring artwork by Tes One, Misk 1, Blaine Fontana, Cole Gerst, Joshua Krause, Lisa Alisa, Thomas Han, Danny Estrada, Urban Medium, Misha, Alayna Magnan, Sophia Pottish, Matzu MTP, Bask, Eric Orr, Damion Silver, Tim McCormick, Nathan Spoor, Luke Chueh, Brian Gibb, Plasticfucker, Christian Wiseman, Drew Mancilla, L. Croskey, Freddi C, David Flores, Upso, Yoskay Yamamoto, Trent Watanabe, Joe Ledbetter, isaac Pierro, Will Rhoten, Dewey, Tiki Jay 1, John Gill, Josh Walpole. and Photography from Scott Soens, Mike Blabac, Jon Humphries, Andrew Sarnecki. For preview info email info@

PRIMEDIA’s Action Sports Group announced the creation of the Macy’s California Trifecta Surf Series with Macy’s West secured as the title sponsor. The Macy’s California Trifecta Surf Series offers a $33,333 prize purse to the surfer who takes first-place in three California World Qualifying Series (WQS) events. Kicking off the Trifecta Surf Series, was the four-star Body Glove Surfbout Presented by Adio held at Lower Trestles, San Clemente, April 26-30, 2005 with epic surf, endless amounts of sunshine and the largest crowds in Surfbout history. South African David Weare took the win, making him the current Macy’s California Trifecta Surf Series points leader. The second stop of the Trifecta will be the storied WQS two-star OP Newport Classic, a history-rich event that brings together amateur, professional and airshow competitions, and attracts surfing’s brightest talent. The 2005 edition will take place September 21-25, 2005, at Newport’s renowned 56th Street. Santa Cruz’s famed Steamer Lane will play host to the final stop of the Trifecta when the WQS four-star O’Neill Cold Water Classic takes place October 18-21, 2005. Northern California’s premier surfing event is also the final professional surfing event on the United States mainland in 2005. FUEL TV telecast the first Macy’s California Trifecta Surf Series event,the Body Glove Surfbout, June 25 and an encore showing is scheduled onSaturday, September 3 at 2pm ET and 5pm ET. The Newport Classic isscheduled to premiere on October 24 and the O’Neill Cold Water Classicis scheduled for November 28. For additional dates and specific timesvisit


SURF PHOTO ART SHOW – AUGUST 4, 2005 – 7PM-10PM – Tommy Stoilkovich, Mike Garrett and Mitch Hunter invite you and a guest to attend an exhibition of selected vintage surf and beach lifestyle prints by Grant and Chris Rohloff – Champagne and hors d’oevres. Live accoustical performance by Peter Distefano of Porno for Pyros and special guest percussionist at Voda – 1449 Second St. Santa Monica, CA. Info and RSVP to 310.394.9774. Valet parking.

QUIKSILVER KING OF THE GROMS DUE TO BE CROWNED – After a series of worldwide eliminations involving more than 1,000 surfers, finals of the Quiksilver King of the Groms kick off at Capbreton, on the South-West Coast of France, on Tuesday 2 August. The world series event, for surfers under 16 years, will be held from Tuesday 2 August to Sunday 7 August at the famous beachbreak of La Piste. The newly crowned ‘Quiksilver Grom King’ will receive an unprecedented start to the surfing career of his dreams: guaranteed trials slots into three of the world’s premier ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) events – the Quiksilver Pro in Japan, France and Australia. A good showing in these trials could see the ‘King’ surfing in the main event against the sport’s biggest star, six-time world champion Kelly Slater, or three-time world champion Andy Irons. Elimination events for the Quiksilver King of the Groms have been held in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia, Peru, Brazil, Tahiti, Hawaii, mainland USA, Reunion Island, the Canary Islands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, England, Ireland and France. Qualifiers include: Owen Wright (Culburra, NSW, Australia), Ryan Hawker (Piha, New Zealand), Keito Matsuoka (Sendai, Miyagi, Japan), James Woods (South Africa), Muklis Anwar (Bali, Indonesia), Alejo Muniz (Brazil), Christobal de Col (Peru), Tamaroa McComb (Tahiti), Albee Layer (Maui, Hawaii), Brent Reilly (Carlsbad, California, USA), and Kris Wiernicki (Melbourne Beach, Florida, USA). The main event at Capbreton is sanctioned by ASP Europe (Association of Surfing Professionals Europe) and will be run in the same format as a 48-man WCT event. As well as the men’s competition, sixteen under-16 girls will compete in an event sponsored by Roxy. WWW.QUIKSILVER.COM

JAH SURF EXPO – Sat Aug 13 from 2p-8pm will be the JAH SURF bi-annual mini-surf expo at the Bayside Hut 3501 Rickenbacker Causeway on Key Biscayne(Miami), Florida, right next to the old Marine Stadium. JAH SURF will host all kinds of products from surfboards, skateboards, windsurf and kite boards to clothes, Surfrider, reggae items, art and music. The event will have a paddleboard race, surf lessons, a kiteboard demo, windsurfing demo and a skateboard contest. One each hour starting at 3pm. The after party happens immediately after the expo at the same venue with 3 live bands. Adm will only be $10 all day and night. All ages welcome.

RIP CURL MALIBU PRO... – the only WCT Professional Surf Contest in the Continental USA… where the world’s best women surfers will compete for a piece of a $62,500 prize purse. The Rip Curl Malibu Pro is a stand-alone women’s World Championship Tour (WCT) event that takes place October 1-9 at Malibu Surfrider Beach in Los Angeles, CA. Rip Curl will also be hosting a celebrity surf bout for charity, featuring celebrities from film, television and music. Rip Curl WCT rider Jaqueline Silva (6th in the world) will be competing in the event, and fellow team riders Stephanie Gilmore, Julia Christian, Bethany Hamilton and Alana Blanchard are trial contenders. Those seeking further info on the event or sponsorship opportunities should contact Kim Peterson at

UNLEASHED – The Rip Curl Boardmasters, the UK’s largest free lifestyle festival, is proud to announce ‘Unleashed’, Newquay’s first major live rock concert since 1998. ‘Unleashed’ will take place on August 5-6, 2005 on a cliff-top field with the breathtaking backdrop of the Ocean and Watergate Bay. For more information on Unleashed or the Rip Curl Boardmasters please contact James Rodd at

X GAMES 11 – The ESPN X Games 11 Surfing competition will move to Puerto Escondido, Mexico from its previous home in Huntington Beach, CA. The competition is scheduled for August 1, with August 2 being a make-up day, depending on swells. X Games added Surfing to the lineup of sports in 2003 with a discipline called The Game™. Developed by pro surfer Brad Gerlach, The Game places surfers into opposing teams – East Coast and West Coast at the X Games – competing for an overall highest score and the team victory. For the past two years, the East Coast team has taken home the gold. Invited athletes will be announced at a later date. X Games will remain in Los Angeles through 2009.


THE UPRISING – Nathan Groff, Jay Alabamy, Brian Sumner, Lance Mountain, Richard Mulder, Christian Hosoi. (Not shown, Butch Sterbins and Skatemaster Tate). The next Uprising event will be in Charlotte N.C. on Sept 16th, followed by dates in Florida in Oct and Nov 2005.


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