Astrodeck X RVCA Launch Party

RVCA hosted a historic gathering with the Fletcher family at Icons of Surf in San Clemente, California on April 28th to celebrate the launch of the RVCA X Astrodeck collection. Since 1976, Astrodeck has been putting traction under the most celebrated surfers in history and as Astrodeck founder Herbie Fletcher says, “Astrodeck changed surfing. Astrodeck lets you fly in the air and carve harder and get more torque in the turns. I always said more traction in the action.” To ride big waves is one thing, but to be considered an Astrodeck Wave Warrior is a true honor, and a rite of passage for the most savage watermen on the planet.

RVCA founder, PM Tenore has been working with the Fletchers for long time and this Astrodeck collaboration pays tribute to surfing culture, which includes a righteous nod to two of the world’s best Wave Warriors, the late Buttons Kaluhiokalani and Michael Ho. This unique collection includes a variety of RVCA/Astrodeck t-shirts, Wave Warrior surf trunks and Astrodeck backpack and sandals.

We rolled from Venice to San Clemente to support the Fletcher family and got there just in time to snap a few photos with Herbie Fletcher, Christian Fletcher, Pat Tenore, Mike Maldonado and the crew. Congrats to RVCA and the Fletcher family on another brilliant project.

RVCA x Astro Deck Exclusive Collection from surfstitch on Vimeo.

Photos and video by Dan Levy & Vans Davey

Ever the pioneer, Herbie Fletcher continually sets out to change surfing and show those in the community how it can be done better. In 1976, Herbie created Astrodeck in his own lab—the world-famous traction pad company. As the use of the pads became more well-received and technology advanced, so did the ability to create different contours and shapes. “I looked at it like the last part of my shaping job by adding kicks, arches and different surface patterns for ultimate grip and control, until the designs eventually evolved into the patented multi-grid lock high performance foot pad of today,” explains Herbie.

Read more about Herbie here in an interview by Steve Olson 
for Juice Magazine and here in an interview by James O'Mahoney.

Astrodeck started a revolution in performance surfing and continues to be the standard for surfboard traction. Through the years, Herbie has worked with the best surfers in the business and created the Wave Warriors video series to promote the Astrodeck brand. The iconic Wave Warrior photo shoots with the best surfers on the North Shore is still a tradition that carries on today.

Astrodeck has evolved over the years, and the family tradition of the brand has persevered. Herbie and Dibi continue to be the driving force behind Astrodeck. Their sons Christian and Nathan are also involved and, besides Herbie, are Astrodeck’s most tenured team riders. The RVCA X Astrodeck collaboration has been in the making for many years through a deep friendship between the Fletchers and RVCA founder PM Tenore.  RVCA is proud to present the RVCA X Astrodeck collection that is only available in our premiere surf retailers worldwide.

Please follow the Herbie Fletcher’s new video series The Thrill is Back at RVCA.COMThe Thrill is Back is a catalog of re-edited footage from the Astrodeck archives, packaged by Herbie in a video series exclusive for RVCA. Enjoy.

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