Alec Beck Birdhouse Honorary Guest Model & Vid

Juice Magazine wants to congratulate our longtime friend and homie, Alec Beck, on his Birdhouse honorary “guest model” and video part in collaboration with the Tony Hawk Foundation.

Alec has been working to get skateparks built and strengthening the skate community since he first stepped on a board. His efforts in helping to bring awareness to the need for skateparks aided and resulted in skateparks like Stoner Park and the Venice Skatepark, just to name a few.

As many recall, Alec’s philosophy on giving back to skateboarding was sparked during long ago days spent at the SPAUSA ramp on Lincoln Blvd in Venice, California and his early days as a Zephyr competition team rider, for Skateboarding Hall of Fame Icon, Jeff Ho.

Zephyr Competition Team 2005: Jeff Ho, Aaron Murray, Aarec Baker, Alec Beck, Eric Britton, Wes Tata and Nicky Richardson. Santa Monica, CA. Photo by Terri Craft

Alec has spent his life dedicated to skateboarding, which gained him a coveted position as programs manager at the Tony Hawk Foundation. You may also remember Alec’s unique marriage proposal to Amelia Brodka on the hip of the combi bowl at the Vans Pool Party a few years ago. Congrats again to Alec and Amelia, who has also been doing great work for women’s skateboarding with her non-profit organization, Exposure Skate dedicated to empowering women through skateboarding.

As the Tony Hawk Foundation has announced, “All royalties of Alec Beck’s deck sales will go towards building more public skateparks in low-income areas. The decks are available for pre-order now and will start shipping on April 1. Congrats to Alec, and thanks for helping our mission… while simultaneously ripping the parks he’s helped to create.”

Pre-order an Alec Beck deck now at

We wish Alec well as always and cheers to the best in the future.

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