Sixside Fundraiser at SBC Ramp in Vancouver BC Canada

Sixside fundraiser, on Friday, February 24th at the SBC ramp in Vancouver, BC, went off with no short of slash grinds and wall rides. Tons of prizes from the 50/50 draw was able to raise $1800 for the fellas. DIY is a do it yourself mentality with little elves working behind the scenes to make things happen without being the face of the project. I love those guys and always have and always will. Anything I can do to help in any capacity, I will. Big thanks to the Vancouver skate community for stepping up and throwing down for our buddies on the rock. Thanks to all who supported and continue to! All hail Sixside!!

– Words by Malcolm Eric Hassin (SBC ramp owner)

The show photos of Sixside Christmas by Norma Ibarra will be available for purchase at SBC for a few days and part of the proceeds will go to the Sixside DIY skate park!

Event photos by Olga Aguilar

Raffle prizes. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

SBC filled with DIY supporters. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

DJ Layback. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Raffle. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Brandon Cotton. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Jeff Mathenson. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Adam George. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Corey McIntosh. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Stephen Soroka. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Jeff Muirhead. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Adam Hopkins. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Marcus Samji. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Josh Bondar. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Jordan Marowitch. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Jeff Matheson. Photo by Olga Aguilar.

Photo show photos by Norma Ibarra

Sixside. Photo by Norma Ibarra.

Stepan Soroka. Photo by Norma Ibarra.

Adam George. Photo by Norma Ibarra.

Adam Hopkins. Photo by Norma Ibarra.

Lou Lee. Photo by Norma Ibarra.

Merrick Orr. Photo by Norma Ibarra.

Sixside. Photo by Norma Ibarra.

Sixside. Photo by Norma Ibarra.

Sixside Christmas Jam December 2016. Photo by Norma Ibarra.

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