ASEC’s “Good Wood for the Hood”
Tricks for Treats
OCT 30, 2004
The Salvation Army South L.A. Community Center
South Central, LA, CA

ESPN X Games “Environmentally Friendly” interactive skatepark was donated to L.A. County Sheriff’s Youth Foundation on Oct 30-31, 2004. ASEC’s “Good Wood For the Hood” program kicked off with Tricks for Treats on Halloween weekend. Action Sports Stars and Industry leaders united with two L.A. communities to donate Americas first 2 Eco skateparks. A.S.E.C (The Action Sports Environmental Coalition) is headed by Pro-skaters Bob Burnquist & Jen O’Brien, D.C. Shoes founder Damon Way & Frank Scura. Participating organizations include LA County Sheriff’s Youth Foundation; The Salvation Army South L.A. Community Center; Bob Burnquist Foundation. Financial Contributors are Home Depot, ESPN, Skatelite, Ilix/4D Card, Conscious Media, DC Shoes, Element Skateboards, Independent, Ipath, New Leaf Paper, PrintRunner, Hyper Girl. Equipment for Centers & Giveaway’s provided by: Independent, NHS/Santa Cruz, Pro Tec, Black Label, Anti Hero, Krooked, Real, Spitfire, Ricta, Bootleg, Diamond, Mob Grip, Element, Quicksilver, Volcom, Comet Skateboards, Livity. Athletes participating include Christian Hosoi, Bob Burnquist, Danny Way, Geoff Rowley, Ed Templeton, Cara Beth Burnside, Vanessa Torres, Goldie Butler, The Hurly Brazilian skate team and 20+ more of the top skaters and bike riders in the world coming out to celebrate these tremendous gifts. A.S.E.C’s “Give Back” program will be holding two events during Halloween weekend. The “Tricks and Treats” event celebrates the donation of a new skatepark to The Salvation Army South L.A. Community Center and the donation of a new skatepark and organic garden to Compton’s Sheriff’s Armory.
Both events will feature Top skateboard pros, live music and special guests all powered by a Solar Stage. Prizes for: best trick for all ages beginner to Pro (skate; bike best trick at Salvation Army only), poetry slam, DJ and B Boy battles as well as open mic sessions, games, giveaways, and candy (organic of course). We are also requesting that attendees bring a new unwrapped toy (suitable for children between the ages of 5-10) to each of the events. These toys will be given away to needy children in the community for Christmas.

The environmentally friendly skateparks are now located at South Central Skatepark at The Salvation Army South L.A. Community Center, 7651 South Central Ave, LA and the Compton Skatepark & Organic Garden at The Armory, 700 N Alameda Ave, Compton, CA. 90220. For information about the events and the AESC – (ACTION SPORTS ENVIRONMENTAL COALITION) – please contact Frank Scura, Executive Director ASEC, 510.223.1177.

Christian Hosoi, Joey Tershay, Ron Chapman, Bob Burnquist, Bennett Harada.

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