California Championship Series 4
West LA College, Culver City, CA
August 17, 2003
Organizer: Westwood Ski and Sports Club, IGSA

Sponsored by: 3dm skateboard wheels,
Oust Bearings, Ed Economy longboards and Kryptonics wheels.

After the X Games, we stopped by WLAC to check out some slalom racing. John O’Shei took first place for the Black Leather Racing Team in the Fast Slalom race and even tried to ollie the 4 foot street block after his last run… out of control! The times were close, with the top three skateboarders within 0.05 seconds of each other. In the end, Richy Carrasco posted the fastest time, but a cone penalty moved him back to second place and John O’Shei’s clean rides swept up first. It was a good day as the racers geared up for the upcoming 2003 World Slalom Championships in Morro Bay on Sept 26th. After the races it was time to celebrate Steve Evan’s birthday with cake for everyone. Happy birthday Steve! The next pre-Morro Bay session is set for Bicknell Hill on Wednesday night 9PM. See ya at the races!

Skateboard Fast Slalom (best of 3 runs, 0.2 seconds/cone):
1 John O’Shei 21.844
2 Richy Carrasco 21.879 (fastest time, but 1 cone penalty)
3 Attila Aszodi 21.886
4 Brent Kosick 22.904
5 Michael Kaelon 24.169
6 Tiger Williams 24.343
7 David Carrasco 24.390
8 Chris Sutherland 24.708
9 Rick Howell 25.530
10 David Hamm 25.712
11 Lynn Kramer 25.950
12 Tim Kienitz 26.007
13 Roger Jennings 26.400

*Overall Results: The third slalom of the 2003 California Championship series (and fourth date of the race series) at West LA College featured an informal tight slalom and a hybrid giant slalom with a fast and smooth finish, but a series of 6 tight cones near the top that made it more representative of the fast slalom style. (Downhill results are posted at

The best part about a slalom race is the race but the next best part is that everyone makes you feel welcome. Thanks to everyone for a great Sunday afternoon at the races.

evansrichiejohno evansrichiejohno

steveevanscake steveevanscake

California Championship Series 4 California Championship Series 4

richie vans attila richie vans attila

attilla attilla

Lynn Kramer Lynn Kramer

Chris "Slappy" Sutherland Chris “Slappy” Sutherland

Rick Rick

cakeforeveryone cakeforeveryone

evans attila cake evans attila cake

Rene Carrasco Rene Carrasco

Rene Carrasco Rene Carrasco

California Championship Series 4 California Championship Series 4

attilla, ed economy attilla, ed economy

john oshei john oshei

California Championship Series 4 California Championship Series 4

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