j Jonny Manak JONNY MANAK INTERVIEW BY JASON JESSEE Why don’t more people call Michael Jackson, Mike Jackson? Maybe we should call Jonny Manak, Jon Manak. He’s somethin’ else. He’s got the right lust for life. In the words of D.P., “Let the gayness begin....”  Read More
HOMIEPALOOZA HOMIEPALOOZA RUSTY'S SURF RANCH SANTA MONICA PIER - SANTA MONICA, CA September 27th , 2003 photos by Dan Levy featuring N-9, Left Hand Side, Horny Toad, and Sancho's Revenge a benefit for the Boys and Girls Club and the Surfrider Foundation... Read More
Mark. Photo: Terri Craft FULL MOON WEEKEND IN VENICE FULL MOON WEEKEND IN VENICE Photos: Terri Craft Words: Terri Craft June 14, 2003 Venice, CA   The full moon crazies are out in force. Ryan Tate is the first to show up after a long week of work on the new Kreper video 'Kreep Show'. Read More
HENRY ROLLINS photo by Liza Leeds HENRY ROLLINS INTERVIEW BY JEFF JOBES INTRODUCTION BY JEFF JOBES PHOTO BY LIZA LEEDS   There are bands, musicians, and artists out there who exist solely to earn their share of your wallet. It doesn't matter how you cut it, you end up paying for their Read More
CESARIO CESARIO “BLOCK” MONTANO BLOCK INTERVIEW BY DAN LEVY INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY PHOTOGRAPHY BY BLOCK   Filmmaker, photographer, skater, surfer, ass kicker and the underground Mayor of Venice. If you asked Block to describe himself he would tell you that he's obnoxiously Read More
ALICE COOPER photo by Liza Leeds ALICE COOPER INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON PHOTO BY LIZA LEEDS Where are you guys? We're in Chicago, getting ready to play the House of Blues. We play Detroit tomorrow night. The name of your new CD is'Dragon Town'? Right, 'Dragon Town.' When I get into NASCAR, we'll Read More
YOUTH BRIGADE photos by DANIELLE JOHNDRE YOUTH BRIGADE INTERVIEW WITH MARK STERN AND SHAWN STERN INTERVIEW BY DANNY BARAZ INTRODUCTION BY DANNY BARAZ PHOTOS BY DANIELLE JOHNDRE   When I sat down to pick the brains of two out of three of So. Cal's godfathers of punk rock I knew my job would be Read More
SNAPCASE photos courtesy Daryl Taberski. SNAPCASE INTERVIEW WITH DARYL TABERSKI INTERVIEW BY JEFF JOBES INTRODUCTION BY JEFF JOBES PHOTOS COURTESY OF DARYL TABERSKI   Innovators. That is perhaps, the most accurate way to describe Snapcase. When rock trends change like the kitchen trash, Read More
MIKE NESS photo by Heidi Muzhik MIKE NESS MIKE NESS INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY HEIDI MUZHIK From here to fraternity, up and down,  left shock, born to rock. Ness, not Elliott, Social Distortion, and the rest... here do you get the most response when Read More
LES CLAYPOOL LES CLAYPOOL INTERVIEW BY DANNY BARAZ INTRODUCTION BY DANNY BARAZ PHOTOS BY DANNY BARAZ My first interview for 'Juice' gave me the jitters. It consisted of two things that I love - Les Claypool and hearing myself speak. I fondly recalled an adolescence where you Read More
Ted Nugent photo by Gehr TED NUGENT INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON "Kill it and Grill It. Deal with it, the Nuge." So, the Nug' is going on tour soon? Yeah, we hit Europe then we tour the States this summer. Do you sing all the songs now? No, on the new album, Read More
REVEREND HORTON HEAT photo by Heidi Muzhik REVEREND HORTON HEAT INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTO BY HEIDI MUZHIK Amen, do you hear me? I said, do you hear me?! This is the Reverend Speaking. Punkabillyspeedboogie '50 spunk... How much you junk you got in that trunk punk?! The Reverend Read More
AFI AFI INTERVIEW WITH DAVEY HAVOK INTERVIEW BY ROBIN FLEMING INTRODUCTION BY ROBIN FLEMING PHOTOS BY ROBIN FLEMING Being a known audiophile (music pervert) means that people are always trying to tell you about a band. For a while my friend Jim Thiebaud Read More
T.S.O.L. T.S.O.L. INTERVIEW WITH RON EMORY INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON True sounds of liberty, liberty of sounds true, lost, never, sounds like, something true, T.S.O.L... ell me your name. Ron Emory. Where do you come from? Monterey Read More
DEVO DEVO DEVO AND THE EVOLUTION OF THE WIPEOUTERS INTERVIEW WITH MARK MOTHERSBAUGH INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON Any lil intro to these guys is worthless. Read the interview then make your own decisions. And if you think, that's good Read More
THE DICKIES photos by Ruby Ray and Fat Wreck Chords THE DICKIES INTERVIEW WITH STAN LEE INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON 1, 2, 3, 4, The Dickies - from then to now - and then some. oh yeah, and don't forget, go out and buy all their records. you deserve to have some fun. don't listen to the man, Read More
PUBLIC ENEMY PUBLIC ENEMY INTERVIEW WITH CHUCK D INTERVIEW BY DAN LEVY   Talk about your trip from the beginning. It's a musical trip paralleled throughout the building of hip hop. I think we built a cornerstone. I've had some valuable experiences. Did your family Read More
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY CORROSION OF CONFORMITY INTERVIEW WITH PEPPER KEENAN INTERVIEW BY TERRI CRAFT INTRODUCTION BY TERRI CRAFT The very first hardcore show I ever saw was Corrosion of Conformity. It was like walking up to a secret backyard ramp in the middle of a sick session. Their live show Read More
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