Z-Flex Limited Edition ZVP 2nd Installment

ZVP – Episode 2 – The Original from Z-Flex Skateboards on Vimeo.

Z-Flex has just released their second installment of the limited edition line of ZVP products. Check it out:


“When there’s a lot of talented guys on one team, they’re always going to be pushing each other really hard to take it to the next level and I think the boards were part of that, the boards were progressive” – Tony Alva

Backing up the first episode “The Beginning”, Z-Flex Skateboards brings you the second episode of the ZVP mini-documentary series, “The Original”.

Filmed and edited by Jon Holland, episode two takes an in-depth look at the first Z-Flex skateboards, the fiberglass boards. Hand crafted by Kent Sherwood in 1976, Kent’s mission was to make a board that could keep up with the intense skating of his step-son, Jay Adams. As Aaron Scott puts it, “with Kent’s background in fiberglass, they were hoping this would actually last Jay Adams’ skating”. Kent worked tirelessly on perfecting a board that would pioneer an industry to come.

Bringing the surf to the streets, the original Z-Flex boards tell a story of a time when skateboarding was just coming on the scene and skaters were pushing the limits in the way they skated as much as they were in the products they skated.

Aaron Scott, Mitch Kaufman, George Wilson, Jim Davey, Wentzel Ruml, Dave Hackett, Duane Peters, Marty Grimes, Jimmy Plumer and Tony Alva join Jay Adams to reminisce the original Z-Flex boards and tell the story of where it all began.

To accompany the mini-series, Z-Flex has created the ZVP category and re-issued the iconic fiberglass boards, first made by Kent Sherwood in the 1970’s. The re-issue boards include four models: The Original, Jay Adams, Warptail, and Jimmy Plumer. Each board comes in a numbered collectors display box with an authentic Z-Flex bandana and commemorative booklet. Only 300 units of each model will be made and sold worldwide.

“That was my weapon of choice at the time. Pound for pound it was just a really killer board.”- Marty Grimes

To watch all episodes of the ZVP series, and to get your limited edition re-issue board, visit www.zflex.com/zvp

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