Inked Up World Tour Wrap Party

Tattoo Artists Come Together To Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer Prevention

The Keep A Breast Foundation announces an exclusive art show in conjunction with Rockstar Energy Drink and Sullen Art Collective to come together to celebrate the closing of The Inked Up World Tour, a yearlong program supporting the art and culture of tattooing. The tour culminates December 7, 2013 at the official wrap party and group exhibition at Known Gallery, one of the most influential street and contemporary art spaces in Los Angeles.

The Inked Up World Tour is a global celebration of the tattoo lifestyle that combines 12 top tattoo artists, 12 top tattoo conventions, a Rockstar Energy Drink can art contest with a $25,000 purse, a Miss Inked Up model contest, and a Keep A Breast breast cast exhibition. The Rockstar Energy Drink can art contest winner will be announced and art from each of the 12 artists will be on display. The event will include 12 of the best tattoo artists in the country who have combined sculpture, philanthropy, and symbolic artistry creating one-of-a-kind plaster forms made from the female torso of 12 celebrity castees.

The Keep A Breast Foundation Breast Casts™ are part of Keep A Breast’s unique campaign to use art and artistic expression to inform young people about methods of prevention, early detection, coping and support. This awareness campaign is like no other, harnessing the power of art to communicate complex feelings and thoughts about health, the female form, and ultimately about breast cancer.

“This unique exhibition features the breasts of so many of my favorite ladies. It’s been a honor to work with them all.” Stated Shaney jo Darden, Keep A Breast Founder. “I’m thankful for everyone involved in this exhibition from the castees, the artists, Rockstar, Sullen and Known gallery for using your important influence to help raise funds for Keep A Breast and awareness for cancer prevention.”

The breast casts will be sold at the exhibition and online to raise funds for Keep A Breast’s early detection, prevention, and support programs. Through these programs Keep A Breast strives to eradicate breast cancer by inspiring young people to adopt lifestyle choices that have long-term health benefits.

Robert Atkinson – Audrey Kitching
Shawn Barber – Sabina Kelley
Ryan Smith – Bernadette Macias
Robert Hernandez – Lenora Claire
Nikko Hurtado – Ivy D’Muerta
Moni Marino – Xanthia Pink
NORM – Juliette Simms
Oliver Peck – Cherry Dollface
Jack Rudy – Malice
Camila Rocha – Emii
Carlos Torres – Aleyx Chew
Bob Tyrrell – Bridget Blonde

Inked Up World Tour Wrap Party and Group Exhibition
Public showing: December 7, 2013 9-11pm
Known Gallery
441 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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