Jay Boy Classic 2015

The Jay Boy Classic at Venice Skatepark in Venice Beach, California, on May 23, 2015, was fun for almost everyone… Much love to Black Flys, Osiris, Ace Trucks, Diamond Supply Co., Grizzly Grip Tape, Hurley, Maui & Sons, Prisma Guitars, Venice Originals and Venice Skateboarding Stuff. Here are a few clips and photos of what went down during the Masters Jam and Cash Grab chaos featuring: Steve Olson, David Hackett, Tony Magnusson, Pat Ngoho, Cholo, Steve Alba, Marty Grimes, Eddie Hadvina, Willy Lara, Mason Merlino, Alex Sorgente, Sky Siljeg, Charlie Blair, and more…

Filming by Dan Levy

Contest Results

Age Division: 0-13
1. Desmond Shepard
2. Mile Dalnso
3. Bolton Bailey

Age Division: 14-17
1. Julian Torres
2. Andley Lerma
3. Jarred Albright
4. Jesse Papik

Age Division: 18+
1. Isiah Sanchez
2. Andrew Miller
3. Sean Johnson
4. Nick Rivera
5. Esteban Jesus
6. Patron

Photos by Dan Levy
_IMG_7790 Marty Grimes.

_IMG_7776 Pat Ngoho

_IMG_7793 Salba

_IMG_7794 Dave Hackett

_IMG_7777 Pat Ngoho

_IMG_7800 Riley Stevens, Jeff Clark and Charlie Blair

_IMG_7804 Desmond Shepard

_IMG_7830 David Hackett

_IMG_7834 Isiah Sanchez

_IMG_7864 Daniel Cuervo

_IMG_7870 Willy Lara

_IMG_7872 Jamie Quaintance and Eric “Tuma” Britton

_IMG_7875 Victor Blue and Tracy Hubbard Adams

_IMG_7809 Grom Winners Circle : Ages 13 and Under

_IMG_7812 Winners Circle: Ages 14-17

_IMG_7820 Winners: 18 and over

_IMG_7826 Riders Meeting

Photos by Zoli Delphia
_IMG_0183 Sean Johnson

_IMG_0184 Isiah Sanchez

_IMG_0185 Andrew Miller

_IMG_0199 Eddie Hadvina

_IMG_0202 David Hackett

_IMG_0210 Salba

_IMG_0226 Tony Magnusson

_IMG_0227 Happy Birthday Cholo!

_IMG_0264 Gary Bolos



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  • Karl November 28, 2015

    Excellent coverage of the comp only thing is the correct spelling of Isiah Sanchez it’s all good though freaking bad ass pics


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