Juice Magazine interviews from Juice Magazine Issue 44 to now, featuring core skateboarders, surfers, artists and musicians.

HARRY JUMONJI HARRY JUMONJI INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTO BY IVORY SERRA   No shoes, all Love… 100% skateboarder, Yeah… Lay this one down, underground… Some do it, others live it… Most can’t… Jumonji, one of a kind, understated… Read More
JAKE DUNCOMBE JAKE DUNCOMBE INTERVIEW BY JAKE BROWN INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY PHOTOS BY ANDREW MAPSTONE   I'm not sure what they put in the water in Australia, but I think it’s beer. Jake Duncombe comes from the land down under and he straight up annihilates everything Read More
OMAR HASSAN OMAR HASSAN INTERVIEW BY JIM MURPHY INTRODUCTION BY JIM MURPHY PHOTOS BY JOE HAMMEKE   A master of speed lines and style, Omar creatively utilizes every inch of pool coping, roundwall, and platform area and reminds you of why you started skateboarding: Read More
Greyson Fletcher - Juice Magazine 68 GREYSON FLETCHER INTERVIEW BY JASON JESSEE INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY PHOTOS BY DAN LEVY   Greyson Fletcher was not just born into the world of skateboarding and surfing, he was conceived in it. To say he rips on a skateboard is an understatement. With raw speed Read More
STACY PERALTA - BONES BRIGADE CHRONICLES BONES BRIGADE CHRONICLES: STACY PERALTA INTERVIEW BY DAN LEVY INTRODUCTION BY DAN LEVY PHOTOS BY TED TERREBONNE and POWELL PERALTA ARCHIVES   One of the most talented skateboarders ever to ride, Stacy also has a passion for making films. His timing could not have been better in Read More
ZACH MILLER ZACH MILLER INTERVIEW BY ERIC BRITTON INTRODUCTION BY ERIC BRITTON PHOTOS BY MOUSTACHE AND DAN BOURQUI   Zach Miller, son of Chris Miller, is a young, up and coming ripper. Zach was born to skate, and started touring before he could even speak. He carries Read More
TONY JAMES TONY JAMES INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS COURTESY OF TONY JAMES   Self made...Follow the leader. Simons says... “What???” Tony James, the One and Only. If you don't know, then you should... 360, from start to the present... Read More
TESTAMENT TESTAMENT INTERVIEW WITH CHUCK BILLY INTERVIEW BY CARSON CORNETT INTRODUCTION BY CARSON CORNETT   Testament is one of the original Bay area thrash bands from the early ‘80s that is still crushing it. Front man, Chuck Billy, is one of the most prestigious Read More
Suzi Quatro SUZI QUATRO INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY BOB GRUEN   Working hard for what one wants. A professional, a showman, or should I say woman... Never allowing no for an answer. Making it happen, and letting it be known... Read More
SLAYER SLAYER INTERVIEW WITH KERRY KING INTERVIEW BY CARSON CORNETT INTRODUCTION BY CARSON CORNETT PHOTO BY SETH HOCHMAN   Slayer!!! Forever reigning thrash metal gods, whose influence in the skateboard world has fueled generations of raging lunatics, Read More
SHANE BORLAND SHANE BORLAND INTERVIEW BY JEFF HO INTRODUCTION BY JEFF HO PHOTOS BY DAN LEVY   Shane Borland is a great kid. He’s got a bright future ahead of him, and the comparisons to a young Tony Hawk are already being made. Shane skates everything from pools to Read More
RICK MCCRANK RICK MCCRANK INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY J. GRANT BRITTAIN AND BEN COLEN   Northern exposure seems unattainable, when things are controlled by others further South... McCrank, did and will always be one of the ones Read More
NEAL MIMS NEAL MIMS INTERVIEW BY JEFF HO INTRODUCTION BY PAT DUFFY PHOTOS BY DAN BOURQUI   Sometime in the summer of 1997, I walked into the old Plan B team house where then Plan B team manager, Sean Rogers, and Caine Gayle lived at the time. Caine casually Read More
MATT ARCHBOLD MATT ARCHBOLD INTERVIEW BY DIBI FLETCHER INTRODUCTION BY DIBI FLETCHER PHOTOS BY HERBIE FLETCHER   I have known Matt since he was a teenager and thought, at that time, that fame fit him like a thrift store suit. He was consistently MIA and probably would Read More
KEN FILLION KEN FILLION INTERVIEW BY JIM MURPHY INTRODUCTION BY JIM MURPHY PHOTOS BY XENO   What is a vert soldier? A vert soldier is a skater who, once he’d started riding vert ramps and bowls, was addicted and sought them out for the rest of his life. Through Read More
GARETH STEHR GARETH STEHR INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY MOUSTACHE and RODENT   Around the world on a skateboard...Pushing it, pays off sometimes...The reward of the risk, HUGE… Pursue the dream as it is...Make it happen. Don’t Read More
EXENE CERVENKA EXENE CERVENKA INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTO BY EDWARD COLVER   X marks the spot. Exene makes her spot KNOWN... That’s an understatement... Artists are a different type of being. Exene is that, different... Unique works, most Read More
DONOVAN RICE DONOVAN RICE INTERVIEW BY MARK SCOTT INTRODUCTION BY MARK SCOTT PHOTOS BY BRADY WALSH   There are lots of young skaters at my local park, and I try to guess which ones are skating for life and which ones will quit. When I saw Donovan as a skate rat, Read More
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