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CURREN_CAPLES CURREN CAPLES CURREN CAPLES INTERVIEW by JAY ADAMS PHOTO BY ARTO SAARI The future is now and Curren is an all around skater who rides with nail-biting speed and endless style all while bringing modern day tricks to new levels on every terrain. This is a conversation Read More
JAMESHETFIELD METALLICA – JAMES HETFIELD METALLICA JAMES HETFIELD INTERVIEW BY STEVE CABALLERO PHOTO BY ROSS HALFIN It takes a certain type of thinking to do what is considered impossible by many, unbelievable by most, and unexplainable by all who witness it. James Hetfield and Steve Caballero Read More
ALLEN_LOSI ALLEN LOSI ALLEN LOSI INTERVIEW by JIM MURPHY rowing up, I always had skateboard mag shots all over my wall and I always wondered what it would be like to meet the skaters in the photos. Would they be cool or not? Would the companies they rode for dictate their Read More
KINGDIAMOND KING DIAMOND KING DIAMOND INTERVIEW by JASON JESSEE Here are two of the most eccentric personalities of music and skateboarding having a talk about life's tribulations that, for those who dance in the darkness, make up the very fiber of their being. King Diamond Read More
MartyGrimes MARTY GRIMES MARTY GRIMES INTERVIEW by JAY ADAMS PHOTO BY GLEN E. FRIEDMAN A talent born from the banks of Mar Vista, Marty Grimes has shredded with the gnarliest of them. Classic laybacks, stylish grinds and super speed lines fueled his career in the early days Read More
JimmyGanzer JIMMY GANZER JIMMY GANZER INTERVIEW AND INTRODUCTION BY STEVE OLSON PHOTOS BY JEFF HIGGINBOTHAM Trim, look good, pull out... Natural born ‘imagineering’... Live life, with the gusto of POW... Deal with what is dealt, cross step through life with determination... Read More
AERIAL ASSAULT AERIAL ASSAULT INTERVIEWS AND INTRODUCTION BY DIBI FLETCHER PHOTOS BY HERBIE FLETCHER AND TOM SERVAIS hen thinking about how to put together an article about aerials in surfing, it didn’t take me long to make a list of the different people I wanted Read More
THESHRINE THE SHRINE THE SHRINE INTERVIEW with JOSH LANDAU INTERVIEW by CHUCK DUKOWSKI PHOTOS by DAN LEVY and OLIVIA JAFFE The Shrine are bringing sludge rock to the masses with an old soul style. Josh Landau cut his teeth skating backyard pools and playing guitar and Read More
JerryValdez JERRY VALDEZ JERRY VALDEZ INTERVIEW AND INTRODUCTION by STEVE OLSON PHOTO BY BILL SHARP AND BOYD HARNELL Jerry Valdez, a.k.a. The Jer... From the streets, to the Top. When one claims, skateboarding saved my life, this is the truest statement for one of the pioneers Read More
BACKYARD BRAZIL BACKYARD BRAZIL REDBULL SKATE GENERATION BRAZIL PHOTOS AND WORDS BY CHICKEN n a small island, off the south coast of Brazil, you’ll find a slice of skateboard history and a chunk of its future. In the small town of Rio Tavares, on the island of Read More
D GENERATION D GENERATION D GENERATION INTERVIEW with DANNY SAGE INTERVIEW with MICHAEL WILDWOOD INTERVIEW by STEVE OLSON hen it's dead, dig it up again... From when one is young, it resonates through a lifetime. Two brothers, not the whole band. A perspective from the Read More
DAVE TUCK DAVE TUCK DAVE TUCK INTERVIEW by MERK INTRODUCTION BY CHET CHILDRESS Dave Tuck (Tuckinator X) 1. Giver. 2. Fighter. 3. Husband. 4. Father. 5. Drummer. 6. O.G. 7. Boarder 8. Radical x 10,000,000 9. Cook 10. Ripper for days. 11. Camper 12. Carpenter 13. Read More
DEREK KRASAUSKAS DEREK KRASAUSKAS DEREK KRASAUSKAS INTERVIEW by JIM MURPHY PHOTOS by GEOFF GRAHAM erek is one of those classic East Coast vert sodiers with a sick style and a great sense of humor. The Northeast has its own special brand of sarcasm and D-Rack brings on the Maryland Read More
HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA INTERVIEW by STEVE OLSON ick Manitoba is Handsome. Hard work and love is the answer. Following one’s faith, or whatever it's called, is the common thread. You do what it is that has to be done. Handsome Dick is just that. Hey, Read More
EVAN DOHERTY EVAN DOHERTY EVAN DOHERTY INTERVIEW BY CHRISTIAN HOSOI earless he rides; that's Evan Doherty. He's a 9-year-old ripper with a heart of gold and an appetite for fun that goes from the street to the top of the Mega Ramp. Here's Big E. What’s up, Evan? What Read More
CPOOL C-POOL R.I.P. C-POOL R.I.P. WORDS BY EASTIE rowing up in Boston, I’ve seen many legendary spots come and go over the years. Turtles was dug up and destroyed to be replaced by a newer style of playground, City Hospital was destroyed for modernization of the hospital Read More
JIMMY PLUMER JIMMY PLUMER JIMMY PLUMER INTERVIEW by STEVE OLSON INTRODUCTION BY TODD JOHNSON n 1982, I started going to Kona. I didn’t have a quality skateboard, so I rented one from the pro shop. It was a Jimmy Plumer Z Pig model, early fish shape. The die cut Z in the Read More
RICHARD NOVAK RICHARD NOVAK RICHARD NOVAK INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON ell me a story, fill in the blanks. Truth of the matter, is fact. Follow your strategy, and believe in it, through thick and thin. Quality and performance... a must. Get it out to those in need, and profit... Read More
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