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Burnside Skatepark Celebrates 28 Years of DIY on Halloween Burnside Skatepark Celebrates 28 Years of DIY on Halloween. Words by Jaymeer. Photos by Jaymeer, Olga Aguilar. and Mike Estes Burnside Skatepark 28 Year Anniversary was a continuing tradition of skateboarding and gathering of locals from every generation Read More
Marginal Way Halloween Skate Jam Benefit The Halloween Jam at Marginal Way was held on Sunday, October 28th, 2018, and a faulty power generator nor the weather could not stop the madness. Skating raged as ghouls and demons skated for the best trick on the mega cinder block wall and, once power Read More
SoggyBones Bowl: Granocide and Anarchy in Australia Check out this two-part video and some sick photos documenting the build of the new Soggybones indoor concrete bowl situated inside the new skate shop in Perth, Western Australia. Congrats to the crew!  THE MAKING OF SOGGYBONES Read More
Parisite DIY: The Struggle for New Orleans First Public Skatepark New Orleans, home of some of the finest music and musicians on the planet, is proud to announce its first public skatepark. What started out as a renegade DIY spot, has resulted in a 10,000 square foot skate mecca, with plans to expand to 30,000 Read More
“Salad Days” DC Punk Doc Screenings in Venice, CA and Providence, RI VENICE PREMIERE: WORDS, PHOTOS AND FOOTAGE BY DAN LEVY The show was sold out for the Venice, California, screening of "Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, D.C." hosted by the C.A.V.E. Gallery on April 3, 2015, at Beyond Baroque. Guests of Read More
4th Annual Scott Greene Bowl Crawl 4th Annual Scott Greene Bowl Crawl in the D.C. area, Nov 7-8, 2014. Tic-Tac Race, Do Your Trick Contest, Deathbox Challenge, Prizes... This event is to celebrate the life of Scott Greene, a staple in the Mid-Atlantic skate community, and to promote cancer Read More
A DIY Backyard Skateboarding Haven in Virginia Red Bull Spot Supply sheds light on a cast of characters, builders, and skateboarders in VA. Before public skate parks, muti-million dollar skate events and skate moms, skateboarding thrived solely on the energy of those who owned a board. Red Bull Read More
Lords of Seatown

Lords of Seatown at Marginal Way DIY Skatepark (1 S Hanford St Seattle, WA 98134, Seattle, WA 98134) on Sunday, September 14th, 2014. Click here for more info.

GROSSO LOVELETTERS: D.I.Y. SKATE SPOTS From Burnside to your local Jersey Barrier, skateboarders have been throwing down concrete to make skate spots for years… Grosso sits down with the guys from the DIY Channel Street Park in San Pedro, California and Mark Scott, mastermind behind Read More
FDR SKATEPARK A Visual History FDR A VISUAL HISTORY Big ups to our buddies from Philly Nicholas Orso, Phil Jackson, and Scott Kmiec who put together a book that chronicles the history of the hardcore DIY movement that is FDR. You can see it from every angle and every line. Won't scratch your itch to skate Read More
The Crater in Wilmington THE CRATER OPENING SHRED Do you remember your first attempt at building a wooden ramp and the DIY spirit and brotherhood of volunteers who just threw down to have a place to ride? Those were the days... Fast forward to 2012 and this spirit and community is bigger and better than Read More
Cinco De Margo Cinco De Margo : a Marginal Way Skatepark Benefit A Free and ALL AGES benefit for Marginal Way is going down on Cinco de Mayo (5th of May). $10 all you can east Tacos and Ninkasi Beer. Entertainment will be supplied by Grindline The Band, CROP, Drunknotes, Carrion Cathartid, Schroeder Bomb and RKC with Read More

One of the under the bridge efforts in the US is throwing a fundraiser TODAY! From 4 “til the gas runs out” it’ll be a BBQin’ skateboard riding good time at Marginal Way. Head over and show your support.


Kings Highway is an under the bridge DIY spot in St. Louis, Missouri. Our friend Jonathan Ware sent us some photos of their progress. Spots like this are crucial. Taking lead from the veterans at Burnside and FDR, these guys are on the daily grind to build and destroy their own stomping ground. Seeking out the resources, taking the time to construct and then annihilating it with their skates. Hit up their website and help answer the call. Bring cinder blocks, dirt, rocks, rebar, concrete, mason mix, tools, and work!

Read more
Cornfest 2011 CORN FEST 2011 Located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Wanchese, the East Coast prove-yourself-or-move-on bowl, lays the scene for CornFest 2011. This year all proceeds from T Shirt Sales at the bowl jam will go to the family of Scott Greene, a warrior of skateboarding Read More
Morgan Ghan. Photo: Dan Levy MORGAN GHAN BIRTHDAY SKATE SESSION MORGAN GHAN BIRTHDAY SKATE SESSION BURGER BOWL, SO CAL DATE: MARCH 5, 2011 PHOTOS AND FILMING BY DAN LEVY The call came in that our good friend Morgan was turning 40 years old and to celebrate Burger opened up his pool and hospitality to the crew. Read More
Cory Juneau. Photo: Dan Levy SECTOR 9 BOWL SESSION WITH CORY JUNEAU SECTOR 9 WAREHOUSE, SAN DIEGO, CA FEBRUARY 26, 2011 PHOTOS BY DAN LEVY WORDS BY DAN LEVY The call came in from Sector 9 that there was going to be a session at the Bread Bowl with all the bells and whistles. Hayden McKenna and Read More
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