The 2014 Skateboarding Hall Of Fame induction ceremony was another one for the history books. The inductees this year included a wide range of skateboarding’s finest and and most celebrated riders and behind the scenes icons. We are fortunate enough in our beloved art of skateboarding to be able to give recognition to those participants who started it all and many of them are still alive to be able to tell their stories. We have lost some great leaders and icons in skateboarding as well and to be able to pay homage to them in front of their peers is something to hold in high esteem. I can’t think of any other sport that celebrates it’s dysfunctional community with unconditional love and heckling the way skateboarding does. It is for this reason, the ceremony this year was full of attitude, comedy, appreciation and total respect for those being inducted. The list of prolific names is long and heavy and the amount of fans in the building made this night truly unique. Congrats to all of the inductees of the evening and great job to all of the presenters as well as the nights always colorful host, David Hackett. There are a lot of pictures below that I was completely honored to take. Thank you skateboarding. – Words and photos by Dan Levy

Alex-Olson-and-Prof-Paul-Schmitt Alex Olson and Professor Paul Schmitt. Photo by Dan Levy

Alex-Olson-Cyril-Mountain-Dan-Rogers Alex Olson, Cyril Mountain, Dan-Rogers. Photo by Dan Levy

Alex-Olson Alex Olson doing his version of an introduction for his dad, Steve Olson. Photo by Dan Levy

Allen-Losi-and-Terri-Craft Allen Losi and Terri Craft with Cholo lurking in the background. Photo by Dan Levy

BenSchroeder The one and only, Mr. Ben Schroeder. Photo by Dan Levy

Bod-Boyle-and-Mofo Bod Boyle and Mofo. Photo by Dan Levy

Brandon-Wong-Eric- Brandon Wong and Eric. Photo by Dan Levy

Bryce-Kanights Master lensman, Bryce Kanights. Photo by Dan Levy

Christian-Hosoi--Jim-Thiebaud--Alex-Olson Christian Hosoi, Jim Thiebaud, Alex Olson. Photo by Dan Levy

Chuy-Madrigal Chuy Madrigal. Photo by Dan Levy

Cindy-Whitehead-and-Patti-McGee Cindy Whitehead and Patti McGee. Photo by Dan Levy

CindyWhitehead-and-Prof-Paul-Schmidt Cindy Whitehead and Professor Paul Schmitt. Photo by Dan Levy

CR-Stecyk-III--Pat-Ngoho--Chicken C.R. Stecyk III, Pat Ngoho, and Chicken. Photo by Dan Levy

CR-Stecyk-III-and-Glen-Friedman Glen E. Friedman and C.R. Stecyk do the introduction honors for Jim Muir. Photo by Dan Levy

Dale-Smith--Steve-Caballero Dale Smith and Steve Caballero. Photo by Dan Levy

DaveDuncan-and-Lance-Mountain Dave Duncan and Lance Mountain. Photo by Dan Levy

David-Hackett--Steve-Olson--Jeff-Ho--Glen-E-Friedman David Hackett, Steve Olson, Jeff Ho and Glen E. Friedman. Photo by Dan Levy

David-Hackett--Steve-Olson David Hackett and Steve-Olson. Photo by Dan Levy

Dennis-Martinez The legendary, Dennis Martinez. Photo by Dan Levy

Don-Brown-and-Steve-Van-Doren Shoe gurus, Don Brown and Steve Van Doren. Photo by Dan Levy

Eddie-Elguera-and-Lance-Mountain Eddie Elguera and Lance Mountain. Photo by Dan Levy

Ellen-Oneal-and-Lance-Mountain Ellen ONeal Deason and Lance Mountain. Photo by Dan Levy

Ellen-Oneal 2014 Skateboarding Hall of Fame inductee Ellen Oneal Deason. Photo by Dan Levy

Geoff-Rowley--Jeff-Kendall Geoff Rowley and Jeff Kendall. Photo by Dan Levy

Glen-E-Friedman--David-Hackett All smiles – Glen E. Friedman and David Hackett. Photo by Dan Levy

Glen-E-Friedman-and-Bryce-Kanights Two iconic lensmen, Glen E. Friedman and Bryce Kanights. Photo by Dan Levy

Glen-E-Friedman Glen E. Friedman got the crowd going with his speech for Muir. Photo by Dan Levy.

Grant-Brittain J. Grant Brittain accepting the Icon Award. Photo by Dan Levy

Hoffman-to-Mr-Hoffman Hackett and Hoffman pointing to Mr. Hoffman. Photo by Dan Levy

J-Grant-Brittain--Natas-Kaupas--Lance-Mountain J. Grant Brittain, Natas Kaupas and Lance-Mountain. Photo by Dan Levy

J-Grant-Brittain J. Grant Brittain takes home the Icon Award. Photo by Dan Levy

J-Grant-Brittain--Natas-Kaupas--Lance-Mountain2 Lance being Lance while Grant and Natas pose for photos. Photo by Dan Levy.

Jay-Smith-and-Jeff-Kendall Jay Smith and Jeff Kendall. Photo by Dan Levy

Jeff-Grosso-and-John-Lucero Jeff Grosso and John Lucero performing for Lance Mountain’s introduction. Photo by Dan Levy.

Jeff-Ho--Christian-Hosoi Skateboarding heavyweights: Jeff Ho and Christian Hosoi. Photo by Dan Levy

Jeff-Kendall-and-Steve-Olson Jeff Kendall and Steve Olson. Photo by Dan Levy

Jim-and-his-son-Teague-hug-it-out Teague Muir congratulates his dad, Jim “Red Dog” Muir. Photo by Dan Levy

Jim-Muir--Christian-Hosoi--Lance-Mountain Jim Muir, Christian-Hosoi and Lance-Mountain. Photo by Dan Levy

Jim-Muir-and-his-wife-Eire Jim Muir and his lovely wife, Eire. Photo by Dan Levy

Jim-Muir-and-Steve-Olson-stoked Jim Muir with a bear hug for fellow inductee, Steve Olson. Photo by Dan Levy

Jim-Muir-shooting-Lance-Mountain Muir gets his video camera focused on Lance Mountain during his speech. Photo by Dan Levy

Jim-Muir Jim Muir with a big smile and inspirational words for the Hall of Fame crowd. Photo by Dan Levy

Jim-Muirs-amazing-parents-Mr-and-Mrs-Muir Jim Muir’s amazing parents, Mr. and Mrs. Muir. Photo by Dan Levy

John-Lucero-is-stoked-for-Lance Lucero celebrates with Lance Mountain. Photo by Dan Levy

Lance-Mountain Lance Mountain – a fan of skateboarding – as well as one its favorite heroes. Congrats Lance! Photo by Dan Levy

Muir-Brittain-Hosoi-Cab-Mountain-Kaupas-Olson-Hackett-Mofo-Ho Muir, Brittain, Hosoi, Cab, Mountain, Kaupas, Olson, Hackett, Mofo and Ho. PHoto by Dan Levy

Natalie-Krishna-Das-and-Hailey-Villa Natalie Krishna Das and Hailey Villa. Photo by Dan Levy

Natas-Kaupas-1 Natas Kaupas graciously accepts his award. Photo by Dan Levy

Natas-Kaupas-Jim-Muir-and-Sister-Steve-Olson Natas Kaupas, Jim Muir, Muir’s sister and Steve-Olson. Photo by Dan Levy

Natas-Kaupas Natas Kaupas and Skip Engblom. Photo by Dan Levy

Peggi-Oki-and-Lance-Mountain Peggy Oki and Lance Mountain. Photo by Dan Levy

Rick-Blackheart--Terri-Craft Rick Blackhart and Terri Craft. Photo by Dan Levy

Salba-and-Hoffman Salba and Hoffman. Photo by Dan Levy

Skip-Engblom-and-Natas-Kaupas Skip Engblom and Natas Kaupas. Photo by Dan Levy

Skip-Engblom Skip Engblom gave an awesome introduction for Natas Kaupas. Photo by Dan Levy

Steve-Caballero--Natas-Kaupas--Steve-Badillo--Craig-Stecyck-III Steve Caballero, Natas-Kaupas, Steve-Badillo and Craig Stecyk III. Photo by Dan Levy

Steve-Caballero-and-Craig-Stecyk-III Steve Caballero and C.R. Stecyk III. Photo by Dan Levy

Steve-Cabellero-and-Peter-Whitley Steve Caballero and Peter Whitley. Photo by Dan Levy

Steve-Olson-accepting Steve Olson accepts his place in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. Photo by Dan Levy

Steve-Olson-and-His-Father- Steve Olson and his dad trying to figure out what they’re doing here. Photo by Dan Levy

Steve-Olson-celebrating David Hackett looks on as Steve Olson claims another trophy. Photo by Dan Levy

Steve-Olson-laying-it-down Steve Olson with a few words of wisdom for the masses. Photo by Dan Levy

Steve-Olson Steve Olson needed his glasses for this one. Photo by Dan Levy

Steve-Steadham-and-Family Steve Steadham and family. Photo by Dan Levy

Susanne-Melanie-Berry-CR-Stecyk-III--Jeff-Ho Susanne Melanie Berry, C.R. Stecyk III and Jeff Ho with the winning ticket… Photo by Dan Levy

Teague-Muir--Jim-Muir-and-His-Wife-Eire Teague Muir, Jim Muir and Aire Muir. Photo by Dan Levy

Teague-Muir-and-CR-Stecyk-III Teague Muir and C.R. Stecyk III. Photo by Dan Levy

The-Muir-Family The Muir clan. Photo by Dan Levy

Tod-Huber--Mr-Hoffman Todd Huber and Mr. Hoffman. Photo by Dan Levy

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