Tony Alva – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview

Name: Tony Alva Hometown: Los Angeles, California Age: 58 What set-up are you riding right now? My setups vary. I have a quiver of boards. My favorite is about thirty-four inches long and at least eleven inches wide. It’s like a rounded off old DogTown shape. I’m riding 58mm wheels, which are 92 durometer hardness. I make the wheels and decks and I ride Independent 215’s. I ride a pretty big wheelbase, as well, at least seventeen inches. I like the stability. I don’t like very much of a nose on my boards because I don’t really need it. I ride pools and the shorter nose helps on the steeper transitions of a pool. What’s the most fun DIY, skater-built or renegade spot that you’ve skated lately? My favorite renegade spot is the Indian School ditch in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It comes down from the heights in Los Altos and literally runs into the foothills of the city. You can haul ass in that ditch and ride for miles. I ride a 36-inch board in the ditches and I use a softer tire. Have you ever built something to skate? I once had a really cool ramp in my backyard in San Clemente. It was really wide and had seven foot extensions that we could fly off. It was super cool to practice on. We had a bunch of surf style skate sessions on that ramp. I miss it. Who do you like to skate with the most these days? … Continue reading Tony Alva – Juice Magazine State of Skate Interview