World Surf League’s “Transformed” Season 2 Hosted by Shaun Tomson

The World Surf League has launched “Transformed” Season 2 featuring Giovanni Douresseau, Imani Wilmot and Frank Solomon who harness the power of surfing to create change. Hosted by Shaun Tomson, “Transformed” showcases how surfing can change lives and cultures all over the globe.  

Pictured: Giovanni Douresseau, who is committed to sharing the life-altering gift of surfing.

The World Surf League (WSL) Studios debuted today the first episode of Transformed Season 2, “Sawubona”, and teased the upcoming episodes, all stories of surf ambassadors whose lives were transformed through surfing, and who are now transforming their communities through the power of surfing. 

Transformed is a multi-part documentary series hosted by Shaun Tomson, 1977 World Surfing Champion, that showcases how surfing can change lives and cultures all over the globe. The first season of Transformed launched in August 2019 and is now back by popular demand to tell three new stories from South Central, Los Angeles; Kingston Jamaica and Cape Town, South Africa.  

Transformed was really well-received when it launched. It sparked an emotional response from surf fans and resonated with a broader audience,” said Erik Logan, President of WSL Studios. “As part of our mission at WSL Studios, we endeavor to give voice to those doing extraordinary things through surfing. Season 2 offers powerful examples of that.”

The real-life narratives told in Transformed Season 2 shatter stigmas around surfing, and focus on how surfing changes people, their communities, and the waves of change that follow. The stories range from 15-20 minutes in length and are featured on WSL’s owned and operated channels, and can be viewed at  beginning on October 28, 2019. 

Catch-up on Season 1 HERE.

Summary of the Season 2 Transformed stories

At the age of 12, Giovanni Douresseau’s life consisted of the eight blocks of guns, gangs, and violence surrounding his home in South Central, Los Angeles. After being exposed to surfing during a youth summer program, he fell in love with the sport and met a mentor who helped him completely move past his rough upbringing. Ten years later, Giovanni is committed to sharing the life-altering gift of surfing that was given to him when he needed it most. Directed by Tyler Dunham and Brendan Calder and produced by WSL Studios in association with MakeWild Films, the episode is streaming now on, the WSL app, and WSL YouTube.

Sentinel Ocean Alliance 
For many of the boys and girls in Frank Solomon’s program, a life of poverty and crime was the only path forward. But through his Sentinel Ocean Alliance, the South African big wave surfer is keeping them in the water and off the streets. After winning Sports Charity of the Year, Frank is determined to expand and teach the kids more than just surfing. Directed and produced by Rick Wall in association with Hurley, Waves for Change and WSL Studios. Debuting on October 31, 2019.

Surf Girls Jamaica
Imani Wilmot is a Jamaican surfer using the sport to transform the lives of women around her. By bringing women together through her surf training camps, she empowers them to develop self-motivation and respect for the environment. The deep sense of community she has created around Kingston has inspired Imani’s mission to provide women of color access to surfing across the globe. Directed and produced by Lucy Jane, Joya Barrow and Imani Wilmot in association with Little Dot Studios. Debuting on November 3, 2019.

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About the WSL 
The World Surf League (WSL), established in 1976, is the enablement platform for surfing and surfers worldwide. The WSL is dedicated to changing the world through the inspirational power of surfing by creating authentic events, experiences, and storytelling to inspire a growing, global community to live with purpose, originality, and stoke. 

The WSL is a global organization, headquartered in Santa Monica and with regional offices in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA. The WSL possesses a deep appreciation for the sport’s rich heritage while promoting progression, innovation, and performance at the highest levels.

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