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Juice Magazine Product Review: Remind Insoles

Super stoked on the Remind Insoles! I’ve never taken the stock insoles out of my shoes before and never planned on it, until I got a couple pairs of these. I’m glad that I finally did because I’m hooked. Much more comfortable riding a skateboard and the Remind Insoles provide more support WITHOUT losing any board feel. Highly recommended for anybody who rides a skateboard. If your local shop doesn’t carry these, make sure they order some! Thanks for hooking us up Remind! I’m addicted now…

– Review by Ryan Losito




Started by the most top grade riders and athletes in 2008, Remind was created so we can all do what we love PAIN FREE!  Remind Insoles produces the best performance enhancing orthotics on the planet focusing on alignment of the joints and self molding customization.  Tested and approved by all these dudes – Travis Rice, Bryan Iguchi, Eric Jackson, John Jackson, Kevin Jones, Bjorn Leines, Chico Brenes, Chad Tim Tim, Walker Ryan, Boo Johnson, Nick Tucker and the combination of 30 plus years experience in biomechanics and biomedicine – Remind leads the industry in creating a superior product.  Remind Insole’s priorities are simple –  Quality, Fun, Performance and Comfort… For more information, please visit:

“WHAT’S HOT?!” Juice Magazine Product Review

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