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Juice Magazine Product Review: Go Macro Thrive Bars

The Go Macro Thrive bars are pretty good. I’ve been looking at the ingredients and they are all organic, and they have the proper amount of carbs balanced with protein. They have a lot of nuts and seeds in them too, which is good for you. As far as the sugar content, I see 6 grams of sugar in the one I tried, which is not too bad. I prefer no sugar, but I guess it makes it a little more tasty. All in all, I think Thrive bars are great tasting. You could use this as a substitute for a meal. If you were counting carbs or on a trip, and you’re just running around and you’re a busy person, these could really help you out. After a good surf session or if you’re going to a gig, take a couple of Thrive bars with you. It could be really helpful. Check out this video review of Go Macro Thrive Bars…

– Review by Jeff Ho




ABOUT GOMACRO®: Starting on a small organic family farm in 2004, GoMacro is an internationally distributed plant-based food company that believes in the pursuit of thoughtful food choices and clean eating. Sourcing only the highest quality plant-based ingredients from the top organic and non-GMO certified growers, GoMacro has maintained a steadfast commitment to the company’s roots in Farm, Family, and Ingredients. GoMacro’s award-winning MacroBars and recently launched Thrive Bars are produced in Viola, Wisconsin, near the GoMacro family farm. For additional product information and more about our story, please visit or call 1-800-788-9540. Find us on social media at @GoMacro.


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