“What’s Hot?!” Dope Wax

Juice Magazine Product Review: Dope Wax

“I’m pretty sure I’ve lost every piece of wax that I’ve ever owned before it was all used up. I have it when I don’t need it and it’s gone when I need it most. Luckily, Dope Skate Wax sent us a box filled with Dope wax. They offer Dope wax in bars or the shape of skateboard wheels. These fit perfectly in your back pocket and make it easy to bring along to every spot. Don’t ever leave a ledge spot again without getting your trick because the ledge wasn’t working for you. Bring some Dope Wax, butter it up and land that shit!”





DOPE SKATE WAX… The original Dope brand since 1989… Free stickers with every purchase! Dope Skateboard Products include: skateboards, wax, apparel, bags and skate tools. Dope Skate Wax comes in a variety of easy to use shapes and sizes including: wheel-shapes and standard bars. With roots deeply planted in the underground, Dope has grown to symbolize individuality and freedom of self-expression. Dope is for those who dare to be original. Live life on the edge. Dope. See all that Dope has to offer at:


“WHAT’S HOT?!” Juice Magazine Product Review

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    1. I use Dope every time I grind. All my buds use it too. It’s the best I’ve used.
      Glide, baby, glide…

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