“What’s Hot?!” Aulta Surf Watch

Juice Magazine Product Review: Aulta Surf Watch

This is the Leeway Nylon blue Aulta Surf Watch designed by Pancho Sullivan. It’s waterproof up to 100 meters and it’s really stylish. I’ve worn it all over: when I’m working, when I’m shaping, when I’m painting, when I’m surfing… it goes good in the water. I’ve been surfing all over California with it, from Venice to Malibu to Ventura… It’s gold! When I was on Oahu recently, I was paddling out at Threes and this chick comes up to me and says, “Do you know what time it is?” I go, “It’s 10:30.” She says, “Oh, I have to leave to go to work at 11.” Then she looks at the watch and she goes, “Hey, is that one of Pancho’s watches? Is that an Aulta?” I go, “Yeah, this is an Aulta. This is Pancho’s watch!” Every time I wear it, say I go to a party or maybe I’m at one of my openings or something, people come up to me and say, “Wow, man, where did you get that watch? It really looks nice!” It’s a chick magnet, man! The Aulta is comfortable with a durable stainless steel case and Japanese Miyota chronograph movement, to keep you on time all the time. It’s the bomb, man! It’s gold! Check out this video review to learn more about the Aulta…

– Review by Jeff Ho

ALT205 front

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Aulta was born in Hawaiian waters, tied together by friendship, laughter and a shared love for the ocean. The idea was pure and simple, lifestyle matters. Finding time for that rewarding counterbalance to a hard day’s work. From the very beginning the question that kept coming up was “why pay more?”, and the answer that kept coming back was “you shouldn’t”. Aulta believes that stylish, well-made watches shouldn’t break the bank. Which is why Aulta chose a vertical model that allows them to offer watches built using the highest quality components, at the best possible price, direct to you. Aulta was founded by Abe Allouche, Marty Pomphrey, and Pancho Sullivan. For more information, please visit:


“WHAT’S HOT?!” Juice Magazine Product Review

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