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Juice Magazine Product Review: 100% Food

100% Food sent us three types of food to sample. One is the regular version, one is low carb and one is the double protein that’s jacked up with protein. They have a variety of flavors too: choco, natural and vanilla. You just add water and it’s an instant meal. Since I eat raw foods, smoothies, vegetables and plant-based foods, this is really good stuff. 100% Food is an excellent option for a meal on the go. At only $3.50 per serving, it’s an affordable and healthy choice. I tried the 670 calorie raw vanilla flavor, which contains 1/3 of the FDA daily recommended intake. I just added a bottle of water to the 100% serving at lunchtime, and I was good to go until dinnertime. It was a little crunchy and I could taste the seeds in it when I first tried it with just half a bottle of water, so I recommend using a full 16 oz. bottle of water for the best mix. It tastes a little bit salty and a little sweet, like a shake or a smoothie. The consistency is a little watery, but tastes like oatmeal. It has a pleasant and interesting taste. It’s perfect for those looking for a good diet plan or anyone leading a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s 100% Food! Check out this video review of 100% Food…

– Review by Jeff Ho



100% FOOD is a nutritionally complete smoothie in a bottle. Just add water shake and enjoy! 100% FOOD only uses natural nutrient ingredients and add vitamins to meet specs for FDA daily 2,000 calorie diet (670 per meal). 100% Food uses seeds as the primary source of natural ingredients: Organic Golden Flaxseed, Hulled Hemp seeds, White Hulled Sesame seeds, Rice flour, Dextrose + Vitamin and Mineral mix to fit FDA 2000 cal diet specifications. For more information, please visit:


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