Venice Art Crawl at Paper Scissors Rock

VeniceArtCrawl-PaperScissorsRock-Juice from Juice Magazine on Vimeo.

Venice Art Crawl  went off under a blanket of mystical Venice marine layer rolling in over the eclectic mix of Venice locals and visitors from all corners of the globe on March 16, 2017. There’s nothing quite like good times with the Venice family. Paper Scissors Rock played host to an art & music event, which featured art and photography by Martin Wolfe, Josh “Bagel” Klassman, Greg Smith, Peter Carpenter, Rae Ray Goldman, Asylm, Sean Conniff, Caviar, Steve Shelp, Jeff Shelp and Jeff Ho. One of the sacred rituals still holding strong in Venice is the passing of invaluable traditional gifts to the upcoming generations. On this night, Baby Paul Cullen’s brother, Brian, along with Jeff Ho handed down to Shota Kubo two framed photos of his father, Shogo Kubo, shot by Wynn Miller, as a gesture of respect and kindness for Shogo’s only son. Jeremy Parker, the ultimate frontman, jammed throughout the night with the multi-talented, Masao Miyashiro. Some may know Masao from his cameo role in skate cult classic “Thrashin'”, while those new to the game probably know him as the leader of Tone Def Karaoke shows where he shares his love for punk rock at legit events all over LA and beyond. The night’s festivities were kindly sponsored by Dude Beer and Stone Brewing. Find Masao on the daily at his shop, Paper, Scissors, Rock, the locals clubhouse, since 1987, located at 1711 Pacific Ave, Venice, California. Stop in and show support for local businesses and locals.

Photos and video by Dan Levy

Venice, California. Photo by Dan Levy

Jeremy Parker, Masao Miyashiro. Photo by Dan Levy

Steve Shelp Photos. Photo by Dan Levy

Brian Cullen, Shota Kubo, Jeff Ho with photos of Shogo Kubo by Wynn Miller. Photo by Dan Levy

Doejha Killpatrick, Ray Rae Goldman, Kash Rulez Bozo. Photo by Dan Levy

Jeremy Parker and Masao Miyashiro jammin’. Photo by Dan Levy

Master Lensmen: Josh “Bagel” Klassman and Ray Rae Goldman. Photo by Dan Levy

Paper, Scissors Rock, Venice, CA. Photo by Dan Levy

Kelly Jackson, Katy Sullivan, Shota Kubo, Ray Rae Goldman, Sam Jackson. Photo by Dan Levy

Katy Sullivan and Christina Marquez. Photo by Dan Levy

Shota Kubo and Danny Coty. Photo by Dan Levy

Christina Marquez. Photo by Dan Levy

Brian Cullen, Danny Coty, Shota Kubo. Photo by Dan Levy

Zephyr Competition Team Shirt and Steve Shelp Photos. Photo by Dan Levy

Steve Shelp Photo. Photo by Dan Levy

Jeff Ho, Kaycee Breann, Vans Davey. Photo by Dan Levy


Bennett Harada, Sasha, Sam Jackson, Kelly Jackson, Bagel. Photo by Dan Levy


Party time. Photo by Dan Levy

Victor Blue and Jessi Groux. Photo by Dan Levy

Katy Sullivan, Jeff Ho, Jeremy Parker. Photo by Dan Levy

Kelly and Sam Jackson and Elisabeth Fried. Photo by Dan Levy

Elisabeth Fried and Dan Levy – photographers selfie. Photo by Dan Levy

Venice Art Crawl. Photo by Dan Levy

Paper Scissors Rock. Photo by Dan Levy

Venice Beach. Photo by Dan Levy


  • Masao Miyashiro March 31, 2017

    wow i’ve been told i should check this article out and am so glad i did.big thank you for all the kind words and the coverage that juice has done throughout all the years in venice.brings me back to when you guys were on market which is now the snapchat how things have changed but still a few survivors in these harsh economical times.must commend you on the longevity of your craft.stay Juiced!

  • dave flynn April 26, 2017

    im with you brother juice has supported the venice punkrock scene and continues too.thanks dan and terri


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