Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic 2018 With Historic $65,000 Prize Purse

Skateboarding history was made at the seventh annual Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic contest on March 10th as World Cup Skateboarding and Vans invited the top girl bowl skaters in the world to compete for a prize purse of $65,000 at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, California. 18 girls were invited for both Am Divisions: 14 and Under and the Open Amateur (15 and Over), and 24 girls were invited for the pro division to compete at the legendary proving grounds of the combi pool.

In the pro division, Nicole Hause took first place, Jordyn Barratt took home second and Brighton Zeuner came in third. In the amateur 15 and over division, Dora Varella took home first, while Michelle Yoon took second and Gabrielle Brownfield took third. In the amateur 14 and under division, Bella Kenworthy took home first place, while Jordan Santana placed second and Ruby Rockstar Trew came in third.

The level of skateboarding at this year’s event was off the wall and the competition was fierce! New lines were drawn, airs were higher and grinds were more punishing as the girls attacked every run. The plateau, or as we call it, “The Duncan”, one of the most difficult sections of the combi to skate, was absolutely annihilated with Caballaeriels, inverts, backside ollie transfers into the square and rock and roll transfers into the round. The vibe between the competitors was 100% skateboarding, which is just one of the things that makes this contest one of the best in the world.

Support for the women was bigger than ever with poolside cheers and mentoring by Patti McGee, Robin Logan, Laura Thornhill Caswell, Edie Robertson, Cindy Whitehead, Gale Webb, Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Bucky Lasek, Chris Pastras, Jason Lee, Darren Navarrette, Rhino, Joe Hammeke, Bryce Kanights, Mike Miller, Anthony Acosta, Vern Laird, Reda and many more. Congrats to the winners, and thanks to Vans and World Cup Skateboarding and to all the girls that showed up to rip. Special thanks to Kristy Van Doren who stepped up to recognize the girls of skateboarding with a new prize purse for the contest of $65,000! Wow! Go Vans! Go girls! Check out the Juice Magazine “On Location” 3-hour live feed by Dan Levy for all the action.

Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic Contest Results:


Place Name Age Hometown Sponsors Purse
1 Nicole Hause 20 Stillwater, MN The House Boardshop, Nike, Antihero Skateboards, Bern Helmets, 187 Knee Pads $28,000
2 Jordyn Barratt 19 Cardiff, CA Vans, Powell Peralta, Maie Tickets, Black and Decker, Independent, Bones $14,000
3 Brighton Zeuner 13 Encinitas, CA Vans, Frog Skateboards, Red Bull, Independent, Spitfire, Bronson, Mob Grip, Protec Helmets, 187 Killer Pads $7,000
4 Lizzie Armanto 25 Santa Monica, CA Birdhouse, Vans, Monster, Independent Trucks, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Baby G & Brostyle $3,500
5 Poppy Starr Olsen 17 Newcastle, Australia Vans Australia, Girl is not a 4 letter Word, Ride TSG $3,000
6 Sakura Yosozumi 15 Iwade-shi, Japan Five Cross Skatepark, DC Shoes Japan $2,500
7 Arianna Carmona 19 Buena Park, CA Identity Boardshop, Moonshine Skateboards, Vibronic Hemp Wheels, Immortal Laces, 187 Killer Pads, S-One Helmets, Grinderz $2,000
8 Grace Marhoefer 14 Cocoa Beach, FL Ron Jon Surf Shop, Purps, Pro Tec, Alva Skateboards $1,800
9 Minna Stess 11 Petaluma, CA Santa Cruz, Vans, Independent, Bones Wheels, Merge 4 socks, 187 Pads, Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word, Sonoma Old School Skate Shop $1,700
10 Lea Taylor 22 Fountain Valley, CA Focus Boardshop, Xto Outfitters, Body Glove, 187 Killer Pads, Getwisefool, Vestal Watches $1,500
11 Allysha Le 21 El Segundo, CA Dickies, Creature, Independent, Bones, So Cal Skateshop, Protec, 187 Pads, Doomsayers
12 Bryce Wettstein 14 Encinitas, CA Silly Girl Skateboards, McGills Skateshop, Pride Socks, 187 Killer Pads, Wise Fool, Encinitas Surfboards, Sticky Bumps Surf Wax, Lazy Acres Market
13 Julz Lynn 25 Fullerton, CA Julz Skateboards, S1 Helmets, Ace Trucks, Servant Footwear, Black Fly’s Eyewear
14 Karen Jonz 33 Santo Andre, Brazil
15 Katherine Folsom 36 Sacramento, CA embassy skateboards, Ace trucks, Girl is not a four letter word, Badass Skate Mom, immortal laces, Kung fu grip tape, speed lab wheels, Nmen Poolservice, XT Outfitters
16 Bia Sodre 22 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Dreamin’ skateboard , Britneys Crew , Kenko Fisio , Niggli Pads
17 Kihana Ogawa 16 Japan Hosoi Skateboards, Hurley, Black Flys, 187 Pads, Stance Socks, Murasaki Park Tokyo, Tokyo Gas
18 Spencer Breaux 14 Denver, CO Poor Sportsman, Vans Rockies, 187 Killer Pads, Triple 8
19 Leticia Goncalves 20 Sao Paulo, Brazil Vibronic, Dreamn, Mary Jane, Obi, New Skate, 187 Pads, Mightb, Rockstar Bearings
20 Erin Wolfkiel 25 Liberty Township, Ohio

Amateur 15 & Over

Place Name Age Hometown Sponsors Purse
1 Dora Varella 16 Sao Paulo, Brazil Vans, Kanui, Stance Socks, Hosoi Skateboards, Crazynboard, Bowlhouse $1,000
2 Michelle Yoon 14 Buena Park, CA Plain Skateboards $600
3 Gabrielle Brownfield 24 Novelty, Ohio Speedlab Wheels, American Nomad Skateboards, Tristar Skateshop, Butthole Ditch $400
4 Jessie Frietze 27 Los Angeles, CA Dekult, Silly Girl Skateboards
5 Tuling Lam 31 Santa Monica, CA Pope Skates, Powerflex Wheels, Chapter 7 Clothing, 187 Pads
6 Lauren Canoura 26 Saint Augustine, FL Catalyst Surf and Skate Shop
7 Michelle Barnett 35 Newport Beach, CA Be the Rad
8 Stacie Roberts 29 Port Orange, FL
9 Audrey Indigo 15 Mount Pleasant, SC Parrot Surf Shop

Amateur 14 & Under

Place Name Age Hometown Sponsors Purse
1 Bella Kenworthy 11 Dana Point, CA Pink Helmet Posse, Jacks, S1 Helmets, Billabong, Flow, Krux Trucks & Vans $1,000
2 Jordan Santana 14 Houston, TX Hosoi Skateboards, 187 Killer Pads, Powerflex wheel, Immortal Laces, Rastaclat Bracelets, DeKult $600
3 Ruby Rockstar Trew 9 Sydney, Australia Pink Helmet Posse, Aloha Manly Style Surf Shop, Monster Skate Park $400
4 Karen Muto 11 Japan Pro Shop Bells, Hosoi Skateboards
5 Isdora Pacheco 12 Florianopolis, Brazil Vans, Child, Stance Socks, Extra English, Evoke
6 Stella Reynolds 12 North Hollywood, CA Element, Adidas, Spitfire, Val Surf, Volcom
7 Lilly Stoephaius 10 Berlin, Germany
8 Carlin Makibbin 10 Ocean City , Maryland Shout out to MATT DOVE!
9 Ruby Lilley 11 Berlin, MD Flow by Aces and 8’s
10 Nora Baker 14 Fort Collins, CO Market Skate Shop, Launch Community through Skateboarding


Pros: 15 & Over Amateurs 14 & Under Amateurs
1 Jordyn Barratt 1 Dora Varella 1 Isadora Pacheco
2 Nicole Hause 2 Gabrielle Brownfield 2 Karen Muto
3 Poppy Starr 3 Paige LaBare 3 Bella Kenworthy
4 Brighton Zeuner 4 Gracie Earl 4 Carliin Makibbin
5 Arianna Carmona 5 Michelle Barnett 5 Asiya Mercado
6 Yndiara Asp 6 Olivia Black 6 Rory Beaudoin
7 Bryce Wettstein 7 Leah Ho 7 Kody Tamanaha
8 Lea Taylor 8 Michelle Yoon 8 Asahi Kalhara FB
9 Julz Lynn 9 Halle Gonzalles 9 Stella Reynolds
10 Allysha Le 10 Charity Tahoe Smith 10 Sierra Kerr
11 Hanna Zanzi 11 Lauren Canoura 11 Lilly Stoephasius
12 Sarah Thompson 12 Mami Tezuka 12 Poe Pinson
13 Grace Marhoefer 13 Stacie roberts 13 Keet Oldenbeuving
14 Autumn Tust 14 Riana Saenz 14 Jordan Santana
15 Spencer Breaux 15 Maite Steenboudt 15 Chase Barclay
16 Zoe Safanda 16 Audrey Indigo
17 Minna Stess 17 Tuli Lam
18 Sakura Yosozumi
19 Lizzie Armanto
20 Nora Vasconcellos
21 Amelia Brodka
22 Kihana Ogawa
23 Kody Tamanaha
24 Hunter Long
25 Leticia Goncalves
26 Bia Sodre
27 Katherine Folsom

Girls Combi 2018 from Caro on Vimeo.

Photos by Dan Levy

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