Tony Hawk & Friends Vert Jam Mexico City

Tony Hawk & Friends Vert Jam was presented in Mexico City by NIXON, Oct 23, 2014 at Arena Ciudad de Mexico. It was an exciting event, especially for many old school skaters who had seen more than two decades of Tony doing demos in Mexico. Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab, Lizzie Armanto, Neal Hendrix, Elliot Sloan, Sandro Dias and local skaters from the old and new school shared a great experience with the skate scene in Mexico and for the new generation of skaters. The event also had a street contest and bands, Liquits, 3Ballmty, and Royal Dead Beats playing during the demo. Super sick!

— Words and photos by Olga Aguilar


Chino Skate Mex

Daniel Simpson

David Villalobos

Diego DSalgado

Eduardo Ramierez

Elliot Sloan-2

Elliot Sloan

Enrique VillalonPina

Francisco Manzanares

Kevin Staab

Kevin Staab2

Kevin Staab Tony Hawk

Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie Armanto 2

Lizzie Armanto 3

Luka BarrenaZ

Nacho Heredia

Neal Hendrix

Neal Hendrix 2

Rodrigo FernandezR

Sandro Dias

Sandro Dias 2

Tony Hawk Mexico City 1989

Tony Hawk Mexico City-2014-2

Tony Hawk Mexico City 2014

Tony Hawk Mexico City Ramp 5

Tony Hawk Mexico City Street

Tony Hawk Mexico City Street 2

Tony Hawk Mexico City

Tony Hawk Demo Kids Mexico City

Tony Hawk Ramp Mexico 2

Tony Hawk Ramp Mexico Winners

Tony Hawk Ramp Mexico 4

Tony Hawk Ramp Building Mexico-

Tony HawK Vert Ramp Mexico

Uli Ortega

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  1. Hey Thanks for the picture, 22 years later it was my first time in a huge vert since that time.


    grate time with Pros, old & new school of Skateboarding

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