INTERVIEW BY JAY ADAMS INTRODUCTION BY JAY ADAMS PHOTO BY WYNN MILLER How in the hell can you describe what Tony Alva means to the world of skateboarding? T.A. was the first skater to set standards. Nobody did it better or with more style than T.A. He was the first world champ, first in the world record books, first winner of the ‘SkateBoarder’ Poll and the very first to pull off frontside airs in pools. Nobody was a bigger rock star skater than Alva; Not then and not now. In his prime, you were lucky to even get to drop in while he was skating. If you did, you’d better be able to rip. If you couldn’t, you’d better just sit and watch. I can’t tell you how many times he showed up at a skatepark and everybody would just stop skating and take notes. The early days of pool-riding belong to him. He paved the road that all modern day skaters are riding down. The name Tony Alva is still burning bright in the skateboard world. Can you name anyone else who has been doing it as long and as good as Alva? Don’t think he’s ready to give it up anytime soon, because if you did, you’d be kidding yourself. I bet if you asked him he’d say it’s just beginning (again). With a new shoe from Vans and Alva Skateboards coming on strong, I’d say it’s a safe bet to believe he’s going to be around for … Continue reading TONY ALVA