“Thrashin’… 1986… Two skateboarding gangs battle each other for supremacy…” Dagger or Ramp Local???!!! All are welcome as JUICE celebrates skateboarding and filmmaking with an encore screening of the cult classic, THRASHIN’. Alongside cast from the movie, JUICE will also be celebrating film directing superstar, CATHERINE HARDWICKE as special guest for Juice Dan’s JUICE TALKS.

Additional highlights of the festivities include a rare appearance by skateboarding pioneer, TONY ALVA, in addition to special guest DJ BgMx, spinning the ’80s sounds, and a JUICE STATE OF SKATE exhibit featuring a display of skateboards showcasing the current state of skate art. 

It all goes down WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2023 at The Waterfront, at 205 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, California. 80’s attire will be highly encouraged, as we get an early jump on Halloween, and prizes will be awarded for best fits. Join us in honoring the spirit of skateboarding. Build X Destroy! 


The ’80s were a magical decade for skateboarding, especially on the gritty streets of Venice, featured in THRASHIN‘. It was from this film that the legendary Daggers crew was born and continues to be part of skateboarding to this day…

As Robert Rusler, star of THRASHIN‘, recalls, “I remember growing up and seeing the changes that took place in Venice over the years, but it all came to an intense crescendo when we filmed THRASHIN‘ there and I skated up to the Venice Pavilion for the first time with the Dagger gang, who were all my skateboard heroes growing up. Suddenly, I find myself, the leader of this gang, skating up to the Pavilion, and I knew that I had arrived. I think that it’s important to say that making THRASHIN‘ really did change my life. I made more friends on that movie than all my other movies combined. Friends for life. Daggers for life!”

The night’s special guest, CATHERINE HARDWICKE is a phenomenal film director, production designer and screenwriter whose directorial work includes, Lords of Dogtown, Twilight, Mafia Mamma, The Nativity Story, Red Riding Hood, Plush, Miss You Already, Miss Bala, Prisoner’s Daughter, and Thirteen, which she co-wrote with Nikki Reed, the film’s co-star, in addition to her work as a Production Designer on THRASHIN’.


Corey (Josh Brolin) and his band of skater buddies sometimes make mischief, but they’re more interested in having fun on their boards than in getting into any real trouble. Notorious enemy crew the Daggers, led by Tommy Hook (Robert Rusler), get their kicks terrorizing the locals at Venice Beach. When Corey starts dating Tommy’s kid sister, the Daggers are furious. The boys then take their beef to the “L.A. Massacre,” a deadly skate race down a canyon road.

THRASHIN’ is a 1986 American skater drama film directed by David Winters and starring Josh BrolinRobert Rusler, and Pamela Gidley. The film features appearances from many famous skaters such as Tony AlvaTony HawkChristian Hosoi and Steve Caballero. The film also stars Sherilyn Fenn, who was cast by the director. The Red Hot Chili Peppers make an appearance in the film as well. The film is considered to be a cult classic.

Not only was THRASHIN a flashpoint for superstars like JOSH BROLIN and ROBERT RUSLER, it was also one of the first gigs for CATHERINE HARDWICKE. HARDWICKE then went on to become a renowned director after the success of THIRTEEN and then found herself at the helm of yet another skateboarding movie, LORDS OF DOGTOWN, followed by great success as Director of TWILIGHT.

Hardwicke has been recognized for her talent with the Sundance Film Festival Dramatic Directing Award, Women in Film Dorothy Arzner Directors Award, National Board of Review, USA Special Recognition Award, and the Young Hollywood Award, just to name a few, and she has shattered more than a few glass ceilings. Here are just a few trailers highlighting her extraordinary body of work.


  • Rating: PG-13 
  • Genre: Action 
  • Original Language: English 
  • Director: David Winters 
  • Producer: Alan Sacks 
  • Writer: Paul BrownAlan Sacks 
  • Release Date (Theaters): Aug 29, 1986  Original 
  • Release Date (DVD): Oct 1, 2015 
  • Runtime: 1h 30m 
  • Production Co: Winters Hollywood Entertainment Holdings Corporation


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The Waterfront sits at the base of where the Pacific Ocean Park Pier (POP) once existed, a place of legend where a young group of surf skaters launched the Dogtown & Z-Boys aesthetic. The Waterfront features beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, from the world-famous Venice Beach boardwalk, and offers California cuisine with carefully selected seasonal local produce and curated beverage menus. Get Waterfront reservations at

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