The Calabouco Film Featuring Underground Punk Rock and Surfing in Brazil

“The Calabouço” (The Dungeon) is an independent film created by photographer Guilherme Calissi with influences from the movies of the ‘90s, showing the current underground scene from Brazil. The film features surfers: Dávio Figueiredo, Wesley Santos, Sidney Guimaraes, Murilo Graciola, Gilmar Teixeira and Dadá Figueiredo and shows concerts of Brazilian bands: Lo-Fi, We Suck as a Band and The Boneyard Club in places like the Junkie Box and the Jailhouse Pub in São Paulo, and also in their own homes! This project was not for profit, but to try to maintain a philosophy, and never let it die.

Words by Thiago Roxo

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