The Belle of Baldy Fundraiser for Pammy


indelibleCAUSE Introduces a Creative Method For Fundraising Programs With Cell Phone Accessory. 

PERSONAL-CAMPAIGN/FUNDRAISER for Pamela Brodowski, Skateboarder in need of Assistance

The ‘Belle of Baldy’. Unique Fundraising Approach. High Visibility. Easy to Recognize. 


San Jose, CA—(November 1, 2013)—First generation Thrasher magazine alumnus, Mörizen Föche, aka Mofo, along with indelibleCAUSE™, a new fund-raising outlet founded in 2013, are asking the greater skateboard community to join them in a personal-campaign fundraising effort, geared towards helping out skater-friend-in-need, Pamela Brodowski, with rapidly growing medical costs associated with her fight against Lymphatic cancer.

This personal-campaign fundraising effort takes place in the form of the sale of “the Belle of Baldy” — a stoic photograph imprinted on khameleON HIDES™ brand repositionable, scratch-resistant cell-phone back-panels. All of the proceeds from the sale of “the Belle of Baldy” will be donated directly to Pamela.

“Pam Brodowski is my hero”, says Mörizen Föche. “I am in complete awe and admiration as to the depths and degrees of courage, determination and optimism of this incredible woman. A beautiful human being, with deeply piercing eyes, an incredible smile, and the sort of ‘at-ease’ “amante de la vida” essence that makes you fall in love with her immediately. I always look forward to cross her path at events, or skate sessions, so I could enjoy the well of vibrant energy emanating from her fountain of energetic abundance.”

Pam was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma, and In the year and a half since learning of her condition, she has endured several rounds of chemo-therapy, radiation treatment, a few surgeries, and biopsies. Her medical benefits and assistance have run out, while the medical, dental and basic bills in life all continue to pile up with the certainty of more and more bills to come. Mörizen adds, “I’m embarking on this personal campaign and fund-raising effort thru Indelible Cause™, to reach out and seek financial support for Pam. It is my hope that others will also participate to help offset at least a little of the debt that lay ahead for Pam.”


The Belle of Baldy 

Simple and innocuous at first glance, a skater-chick, with long blond hair, pulled back in a pony-tail, stands, facing the dark abyss of the well-skated 14-15’ wide pipe. The POV is from behind, looking past her, into the seemingly infinite darkness. Her posture, one of steadfast determination, stabilizing herself, self-assuredly assessing the ride to come, visualizing the lines she intends to utilize, when she assails that legendary, graffiti-strewn concrete. Observe this avid skateboarder. Subtly defiant, in a firmly rooted, determined stance of confidence, at the edge of darkness, facing a void that might symbolize the unknown future, where anything can happen. It IS dark, and it IS filled with infinite possibilities, both good and bad, symbolizing the challenges we ALL face in our lives every day—a ride, and an adventure to be surmounted. It’s the sort of image that sticks in your mind. The thoughts and memories it brings to mind, and the sentiment this image elicits, whether one is a skateboarder or not, is a feeling that can be appreciated on so many levels. That skateboarder, standing with firm defiance IS Pam Brodowski. The ‘Belle of Baldy’, photographed by Julz Bauer Gallagher


• This Pamela Brodwski fundraising event is taking place on

• This fundraiser is offering a unique cell-phone adhesive image accessory, the ‘Belle of Baldy’. 

• All of the proceeds of the sales of the “Belle of Baldy” cell phone panels will go directly to Pamela Brodowski. 

• The cost is $14.95. To place an order, please visit: 



khameleON HIDES are repositionable, coverings used to cover and decorate the backsides of all of your favorite smart devices*. Our uniquely formulated low-tack adhesive allows for indefinite repositioning. HIDES are fabricated with a specially formulated polycarbonate created to interact specifically with a unique vinyl substrate developed to receive full color, high-quality, high-resolution images. (The top-shelf vinyl’s utilized by other producers of smart-device coverings—commonly referred to as “skins”—are severely limited in their ability to manage quality image reproduction). This unique ability to successfully bond together combines to create a groundbreaking material. The resulting product is a scratch/scuff-proof medium to print and display colorful imagery, while simultaneously possessing a level of versatility, virtually unmatched by any other product created for similar purposes.



A unique, successful approach to fundraising is the goal of indelibleCAUSE. Using the indelibleCAUSE program you can have your design, slogan, or artwork printed on khameleON HIDES™ brand adhesive, repositionable decorative accessories for cellphones and smart-devices to assist in the acquisition of funds, or to focus awareness and attention to your school, club, team, group, charity, cause, or event.

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KhameleON Hides™ and indelibleCAUSE™ are both divisions of Headbone Unltd.™


CONTACT: Mörizen Föche



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