Texas KingFest SkatePunk Campout

This year marks the eighth annual King Fest, Skate Punk Campout at Doug King’s compound. I’ve never been to Brewce Martin’s Skatopia, but from what I have seen, I’d have to call this the Texas version. This gathering is a fundraiser for more ‘crete to complete the snake run that will lead to an 11-foot bowl. Last year the turnout was slow due to bad weather. This year we were blessed by the skate Gods with perfect conditions. Kingfest is a non-stop, full-court press of all night skating, bands, bonfires, fireworks, storytelling, beer drinking, moshpits, thrills and spills.

More than 1oo tents and campsites are spread throughout the property, and everybody is here for the same cause. Skate to create – create more tranny. Crews drove many miles to be a part of this including: Embassy, JAK’s, Cockfight, GTS Crew, Dirty Boyz, Dallas crew, El Paso and Virginia Beach… It’s a gathering of shredders from all over. Collin Graham, Ben Johnson, Raney Beres, Will Cortez, Diego (from El Paso) were some of the vert soldiers on hand that kept the crowd yelling for more. At 4:20 am, you hear the sound of trucks barking hard on pool coping. At 7:30 am, you wake up to the sound of Todd Prince yelling, “Breakfast is ready everybody!” To my surprise, there was a spread of actual food to make breakfast tacos. “Who needs tacos when there’s still beer in the ice cooler?” yells Ben Johnson.

We all get to travel due to skateboarding, and we’ve all seen some amazing situations all over the world. I have to say that I’m never more stoked every time I see the date for Kingfest. There is nothing that compares to this Texas-sized campout. If you’re within 500 miles of Austin, the second Saturday in November, you owe it to yourself to participate in the raddest two-day party of non-stop mayhem of STOKE.   The Punk Rock spirit is alive and well in Texas. God Bless America!

ivan_boneless_tree Ivan Rodriguez. Photo by Lee Leal

collin_jice Collin Graham in the rafters. Photo by Lee Leal

ben_pork_juice Ben Johnson pulling pork. Photo by Lee Leal

img_4965-2 Raney Beres. Photo by Lee Leal

img_5059 Zachary Castillo. Photo by Lee Leal

collinoscopy Collin Graham – Collinoscopy. Photo by Lee Leal

img_4919 Lone Star state of mind. Photo by Lee Leal

diego_juice Diego Alvarado. Photo by Lee Leal

embassycamp Embassy camp. Photo by Lee Leal

raney_juice Raney Beres. Photo by Lee Leal

adamwiggins_juice Adam Wiggins. Photo by Lee Leal


zach_juice_02 Zachary Castillo. Photo by Lee Leal

cockfight_roper Cockfight Roper. Photo by Lee Leal

img_5046 Ivan Rodriguez. Photo by Lee Leal

img_5365 Midnight Moshpit. Photo by Lee Leal

ivan_texasplant_juice Ivan Rodriguez Texas tree plant. Photo by Lee Leal

jaks_02 Jaks. Photo by Lee Leal

jeremysmith_juice Jeremy Smith. Photo by Lee Leal

raney_01 Raney Beres Texas Proud. Photo by Lee Leal

skully-session The Skully Session. Photo by Lee Leal

campground_juice Kingfest Campground. Photo by Lee Leal

adam-wiggins Adam Wiggins. Photo by Lee Leal

benjohnson-colin Ben Johnson. Photo by Lee Leal

benjohnson2 Ben Johnson. Photo by Lee Leal

girl-power Girl Power. Photo by Lee Leal

ivan-rodriguez Ivan Rodriguez. Photo by Lee Leal

johnny-mateu Johnny Mateu. Photo by Lee Leal

tracy-weller Tracy Weller. Photo by Lee Leal


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