‘KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN’ – New book by GLEN E. FRIEDMAN. Coming this fall. Official release date: September 3, 2007. Twenty years to the day of the very first Fugazi show.

ALOHA SPIRIT – Mark Partain living the good life on the islands. North Shore nose bone. PHOTO: NLC

GRINDLINE ACTION – GRINDLINE NEWS – Monk, Vogt, Greg and Alfred teamed up with the Arabs to create the super crew, and they just finished Tel Aviv, Israel skatepark measuring in at 14,000 square feet. Rabi and the Snowman with the Klinket crew just finished Sitka, Alaska. Donnie Kyle and the crew finished Kremling, Colorado. The Brute and Vogt skatepark machine finished Winterpark, Colorado. Shags Palmer pools just set up Tuba City, Arizona Navaho Nation and Lil B and the concrete conformists are going in for the finish. Little Eddy and the wasted and wild crew are almost done with Wheeling, West Virginia. Shags is on to Houston. Next we’re starting Bellevue, Washington. Just to name some of the chosen few. ‘Grindline: many are called, few are chosen. Destiny prevails’ – Monk Hubbard.

POWELL NEWS – Skate One has announced a limited edition Ray Underhill Powell Peralta ‘stained’ deck offering. There will be only 100 of these decks offered. All decks have been numbered and signed by Ray. Decks #11-100 will be sold at starting at 12:01pm PST today, September 10, 2007 for $150.00 each. Decks #1-10 will be sold at auction on Ebay starting at 12:01pm PST Tuesday, September 11, 2007. All proceeds will go directly to Ray to help with his cancer treatments. After this offering has ended, a Powell Peralta Ray Underhill re-issue deck will be added to the Powell Peralta line up.

TIM BRAUCH MEMORIAL CONTEST – 9th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest will be held on Saturday, Sept 29th and Sunday, Sept 30th at Tim Brauch Memorial Skatepark – Scotts Valley, CA. For the past eight years, Sessions has held the Tim Brauch Memorial Skateboarding Contest in memory of Tim Brauch who was one of the most respected skateboarders and beloved Sessions’ team riders of all time. His love for skateboarding, friends, and fun inspired everyone who met him. Tim’s untimely passing in 1999 at the age of 25 (read more about him on, led Sessions to create the Tim Brauch Memorial Fund, which donates 100% of the funds towards skateboard park development and
Saturday September 29, 2007 (Street):
9:30 AM- 11:30 AM: Registration and Open Practice
11:30 AM- Gromz Heat 1 Practice
11:45 PM- Gromz Heat 1
12:30 PM – Gromz Heat 2 Practice
12:45 PM – Gromz Heat 2
1:30 PM – Ams Heat 1 Practice
2:00 PM – Ams Heat 1
3:00 PM – Ams Heat 2 Practice
3:30 PM – Ams Heat 2
4:30 PM – Awards
Sunday September 30, 2007 (Bowl):
9:00 AM – 11:0 AM: Registration and Open Practice
11:00 AM – Girls Open Practice
11:30 PM – Girls Heat 1 Jam
11:45 PM – Girls Heat 2 Jam
12:00 PM – Grandmasters Open Practice
12:15 PM- Grandmasters Heat 1 Jam
12:30 PM – Grandmasters Heat 2 Jam
1:00 PM – Ladies Final Jam
1:20 PM- Grandmasters Final Jam
1:45 PM – 2:15 PM Open Practice
2:30 PM- Locals Heat 1
2:45 PM -Locals Heat 2
3:00 PM – Pros Heat 1
3:15 PM- Pros Heat 2
3:30 PM – Pros Heat 3
3:45 PM – Pros Heat 4
4:00 PM – Clay Wheels Play Live Set During Finals
4:00 PM – Pros Finals Heat 1
4:20 PM – Pros Finals Heat 2
5:00 PM – Awards

JAK’S TEAM – The Jak’s Team hosted the 22nd annual T.A. Memorial skate comp at the China Creek skatepark in Vancouver on Sept 8, 2007. Check the skateboarding section at for videos of the competition.

BIRDHOUSE VIDEO PREMIERE – On October 12 2007, Birdhouse Skateboards will proudly host the World Premiere of ‘The Beginning’ in Los Angeles, California. The world premiere will be followed by 55 regional, national and international premieres. It has been nearly 10 years since the release of ‘The End’ and everyone on the team has been breaking themselves for this latest project. ‘The Beginning’ will feature full-length parts from some of the newest, upcoming talents in skateboarding, as well as long-awaited parts from the veteran Birdhouse pro team. Tony Hawk, Matt Ball, Steve Nesser, Brian Sumner, Jeremy Klein, Willy Santos and Shaun White will be representing the pro team, while Justin Figueroa, Randy Ploesser, David Loy, Derek Burdette, Sean Eaton, Shaun Gregoire, Jean Postec, Riley Hawk, Nathan LaCoste, and Jon Dickson will be representing the am team in this video. Stay tuned for more news, video trailers and updates on the upcoming 2007 Birdhouse Tour on

BLACK LABEL UPDATE – The Label crew is on the loose for King of the Road. Keep up with the team at Check out ‘The Best of Jason Adams’ live at the PeepShow while you’re there.

158 SURF AND SKATE OPENS ON THE OUTER BANKS – With over 40 years of surf and skate experience between the three partners, Matthew Price, Mike Rowe, and Craig Purkiss, 158 is opening its doors in the heart of Kitty Hawk, NC. Inside you will find national and local art along with custom made surfboards and limited edition surf, skate, and street wear.

BOB ‘THE BULLET’ BINIAK NEWS – The legendary Venice local and Dogtown hero Bob ‘The Bullet’ Biniak and his family have left Venice and moved to Nor. Cal to a place called Benicia in the East Bay and on the water. We wish Bob, Charlene and Brie the very best.

SEPT 22 – BIG AIR EXTRAVAGANZA @ Sea Bowl Bowling Alley – 4625 Coast Hwy 1 – Pacifica, CA.

JAY ADAMS UPDATE – Jay just got moved to Oregon and is due to be released in a year or less. Send letters to JAY ADAMS #92665-022 FEDERAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION PO BOX 5000 SHERIDAN, OR 97378.

THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED ON GO SKATEBOARDING DAY… Skylar Nalls who witnessed Officer Joey Williams of the Hot Springs Police Department choke his friend, wrote this blog about the ‘Hot Springs 6’ incident of June 21st, 2007 in downtown Hot Springs tourist area of Hot Spring, Arkansas. For those of you who don’t know, Officer Joey Williams of the Hot Springs Police department was caught red handed on video tape, and with a camera choking 13 year old- Jarrod Graham. Previously there has been a strong public disinformation campaign to silence the ‘Hot Springs 6’ youths, but is now steadily fading due to the proof of the video and the resistance of those to speak out about the truth. Jarrod Graham along with several other youths were illegally skateboarding on June 21st 2007 in down town Hot Springs, Arkansas. Jarrod Graham that day received a choking and arrest instead of a ticket, as the local city ordinance states is the fair and just punishment for such a violation. Many of the other of the ‘Hot Springs 6’ youths were chased, headlocked, harrased, and arrested. No concrete evidence proves Officer Joey Williams of the Hot Springs Police Department said ‘Stop’. Officer Williams alleged he said stop after he choked Jarrod Graham, but no solid concrete evidence exists like the video that he made such a statement. Jason C. Waite currently resides in Texas and has started a nonprofit by the name of United Aid due to his experience with this issue. He has been a consistent and avid protector of the ‘Hot Springs 6’ civil rights and currently works to expose the truths of this issue. His recent actions have not only been in the founding of United Aid, but include a protest on the reinstatement of Officer Joey Williams back on the police force; a candle light vigil to denounce police brutality; a historical walk on foot with skateboarders to the Little Rock Capitol from down town Hot Springs, Arkansas; a myspace page ; and several articles written about the ‘Hot Springs 6’ and officer Joey Williams incident. Here’s a link to the videos of Officer Joey Williams choking, chasing, and harassing Jarrod Graham. PARENTAL ADVISORY as the scenes are graphic in nature: Here’s the petition to re-investigate Officer Joey Williams and to hold his violent and despotic actions accountable. Please sign at

HOVERBOARDS – ‘An Online Think Tank has completed a six month research project on the Future of Hoverboards and Skateboards. We have made this available online in our reading room for all. You may download it, read it, share it.’

GandS UPDATE – Skip Frye is now shaping skateboards for GandS Fibreflex. New from GandS Skateboards! 44′ Black Tip 2 – ‘Aqua Velvet’ Available in Deck or Complete with New 70mm 78A GandS Shooterz Wheels… 30 x 9′ 80’s Re-issue – Doug Saladino ‘Street Cruiser’ Available in Deck or Complete with YOYO Wheels… 30 x 10 Steve Claar 80’s Reissue – ‘Whales’ Available in Decks or Completes with YOYO Wheels…

NORTH STATE SKATE SERIES – Sept 29 – Red Bluff, CA and Oct 20 – Anderson, CA. To register please go to

PHOTO SHOW – WHATEVER TUESDAY presents ‘HIGH ON FIXER’. The photography of Clyde Singleton and Lance Dalgart on September 11th @ The Blank Club San Jose with DJ RS2. FREE!

FACTORY13 NEWS – Factory 13 has a new model board for Ronny Ripper of Texas (poolsharks). See it yourself at

PEP WHEELS UPDATE – Pep team rider, Matt Lemond came in 4th place at the eS Game of SKATE 2007 Amateur World Championships. eS Shoes flew in champions from countries all around the world to compete. Matt was the youngest competitor at age 13. For more info: Keep up with the action at

HOMEWOODS BOWL UPDATE – They’ve poured half the kong wall and all the flat. Check out for a sneak peak video. Bacon came through and Benji ripped it proper. Check the videos at Myspace vids. Search Homewoods.

UXA’s 1st collection of personally autographed Limited Edition skateboards. Only 100 boards were produced in this inaugural edition — each numbered according to its place in the series and now autographed by the founders of UXA – Jefferson Pang, Peter Bici and Peter Huynh. Go to Supreme New York to be one of the 1st to own one of these collectors’ items. Read up on it here:

TONY HAWK FOUNDATION SKATEPARK GRANT APPLICATIONS – Fall 2007 Tony Hawk Foundation Skatepark Grant Applications are available at the Foundation’s Web site at Since 2002, the Tony Hawk Foundation has awarded over $1.7-million to 336 communities for the construction of public skateparks. Over 200 of these parks are currently open and serving more than 1.8-million youth annually. Tony Hawk Foundation grants are offered to qualifying municipalities and registered nonprofit groups for the construction of free, public skateparks. Awards range from $1,000 to $25,000, and are based on a one-time, single-year award. The Foundation does not provide sustaining funds or multi-year grants. Grant applications are completed online, and may be submitted through October 1, 2007. Grant awards will be announced in December. For more info visit the Grant Application section of

ZOO YORK NEWS – The Zoo York Institute is proud to announce the release of two highly-anticipated new series of collaboration artist decks. Makeset is a design collective comprised of two Brooklyn-based artists/designers/makers – Mike Perry and Zoo’s very own in-house creative mastermind, Damien Correll. The tag team duo’s new series of Zoo York pro models feature custom graphics that are a playful spin on NYC’s iconic landmarks, renowned architecture, and bustling neighborhoods. From Coney Island, Times Square, and the East River, to the Brooklyn Bridge, Flatiron District, and Chrysler Building, the Makeset Artist Series provides a unique visual narrative on the Big Apple. The Broken Windows Artist Series is a custom creation brought to life by a covert design collective affiliated with Zoo York. Keeping it dark and gritty like New York City, the graphics on this collaborative series of pro model boards reflect the wide range of typography, graffiti, and scrawls plastered all throughout the city’s five boroughs. Cleverly designed so the graphics from one board bleed onto the next to form a complete set (aka, polyptych), the inspiration for this series was derived from a challenge to the 80’s era Broken Windows theory that was adopted by the Giuliani Administration as a way to clean up city streets by cracking down on graffiti, petty crime, and other forms of perceived ‘vandalism.’ Zoo York am Ron Deily just picked up Bones Bearings and Matix as sponsors. Find our more at:

SKATOPIA 2007 – Audrey and Shannon Smith had the best seats in the house for the Skatopia bowl insanity. Photo: courtesy of Shannon Smith. Donate for more concrete or just support the cause with a t-shirt buy at

QUIKSILVER UPDATE – Quiksilver to Launch New Women’s Line – Quiksilver, Inc. is developing a women’s line under the Quiksilver brand that will offer the global 18 to 24-year-old women’s market a year-round range that is inspired by the spirit of Quiksilver, but interpreted from a timeless feminine perspective. The project has been in development by a team of experienced designers, merchandisers and marketers who plan to unveil the Fall 2008 collection in January… Copyright 2007 SportsOneSource, LLC

THREESIXTEEN presents PHILLY-AM 2007 – Contest #3 at Boarderline Skatepark – Saturday September 15th in West Chester, PA. Entry fee $20. 9am Registration.

CHRIS AND JULIE MEARKLE WEDDING SNAPS – Propietor of East Coast Ramp Design, Chris Mearkle just tied the knot with his lovely bride Julie Klosterman. They got married in Colorado and then took off for a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. Check out the photos at Congrats to the newlyweds! For news on upcoming projects and innovative skatepark designs hit up

BBQ and PRO/INVITE BOWL JAM – Bbq and pro/invite bowl session at the South Jordan Skatepark, Utah on Friday Sept 21, 2007. The Dew Tour is in town so we’re having it as a side event. Already talked with Benji Galloway and Mike Peterson who are both in, Bryan Pennington and Willie Sylvester are holding it down for the locals as well as Lizard King (as long as the ankle stays solid). South Jordan Skatepark is located at 10820 S. Redwood in South Jordan, UT.

SKATERMADE NEWS – The GHOST BIKE longboard with original, never before done board graphics are available now. STC2′ is in post production. Sick clips are being logged and epic segments are being formulated.

The Coda team is currently Lou Sarowsky, Jerry Mraz, Dave Mitcheal, Jason Burton, Conor Fey and Rick Espinoza. Patrick Smith has been spending time in Portland and traveling back to NYC once a month. The Coda boys have been shredding all over, working on the video.

VRS Presents… ‘THE TRIFECTATHON SKATE CONTEST‘ Saturday September 29th @ Paradise Skatepark in Merritt Island, FL. Registration Begins @ 11am. 12andUnder…….13 to 16…….17andUp. For More Information go to

ELEMENT DEMO and AM CONTEST – Sept 29th, 2007 @ the Beachworks Store – 3525 Carson St. Torrance, CA.

QUANTUM ENERGY GRIPTAPE: Paradox, the world’s first quantum energy griptape signs Peter Smolik and Alex Horn.

JOHN FUDALA NEWS – Mid-Atlantic Skateboard Series went off this summer. SK8R BASH went off in Va. Beach. Fudala organized three Warped Tour qualifiers, too, and just got back from Surf Expo in Orlando. Email for info about contests coming up in the New York area.

JEFF NASS – photographer extraordinaire currently has a skate and snow show at the Icelantic Gallery on Santa Fe and 8th in Denver, Colorado.

NAVIGATOR TRUCKS NEWS – New trucks available now: Gen 3 Silver Vein – 129mm, Gen 3 Shocker Green – 129mm, Gen 3 Raw – 129mm, Gen 3 Black Stealth – 129mm, Gen 3 Gold Vein – 129mm. Coming Soon: 9′ Ben Schroeder Pro Model Truck. Navigator trucks are 100% manufactured in the USA, and are guaranteed for Life.

DEVILLE WHEELS – DeVille’s: Lips- 52mm, Switch Blade – 54mm, Coping Killer – 56mm. Guaranteed against flat spots, and made for abuse. The Deville Wheels team is Wrex Cook, Skreech, Rob Aaron, Goberilla, Pete Kelly, Ray Gurz, Mario Dasilva. For more info go to

SANTA CRUZ NEWS – Santa Cruz Skateboards is happy to announce the new line of Vets Division Pro boards with graphics done by Guest Artist, Mike Giant. PowerPly decks, white dipped with hand screened black graphics. Jason Jessee, Tom Knox, Eric Dressen and Keith Meek models in stores now…. Santa Cruz Northwest Demo Tour – Alex Carolino, Flo Marfaing, Emmanuel Guzman, Ted DeGros, Alex Moul and Sid Melvin will be in Oregon/Washington from October 20-29th. If you get the chance, check them out at one of the following dates/locations; Oct 20th@ Skate Legion Milwaukie,OR – Shop Signing At 2:00 pm… Oct.20th @ D.O.S./Cals Pharmacy Portland, OR- Demo@ TBA… Oct.23th @ Tactics Eugene, OR- Demo@ 4:30 pm Shop Signing after at Tactics… Oct.25th @ Revolutions Skate and Snow Wenatchee, WA- Demo@ 4:00pm Shop Signing After… Oct.27th @ Inner Space Seattle, WA – Demo @ 4:00pm Shop Signing After.

SKATE DEMO – Saturday September 29, 2007 a skateboard demo featuring Two Felons Skate Co. and Sugar Skateboards in Whittier, CA . There will also be live music and a skate film. For details email

JOKERS SKATESHOP is open and doing raging businss. Check in with Corey and the crew in person or online at

ON DECK SKATE ART AUCTION. Oer 50 custom skate decks will be viewable and able to be bid on at This years artists include Duane Peters, Steve Olson, Hosoi, Putrid, Todd Bratrud and many more.

AST, MOUNTAIN DEW AND NBC ANNOUNCE EXPANSION INTO WINTER – The AST the recently launched umbrella brand and organization for the Dew Tour, today announced the expansion of a winter action sports series with title sponsor Mountain Dew. The AST Winter Dew Tour is set to launch with a series of three events beginning in December of 2008 and continuing into January and February 2009. The Winter Tour will feature both freeskiing and snowboarding disciplines for both men and women. More information can be found at

REEBOK GOES TO DICK’S – Dick’s Sporting Goods continues to expand its ‘private brands’ strategy, announcing Monday at the annual Bank of America Securities Investor Conference that they have inked a deal with Reebok to design, source, market, and sell Reebok athletic apparel under the RBK brand. DKS will use the brand as its in-house fitness apparel vehicle, replacing the Fitness Gear label for men and the Ativa label for women that were the retailer’s own private label brands… Copyright 2007 SportsOneSource, LLC

PATRICK RYAN UPDATE – Since his Minor Threat grom feature in ‘Juice Magazine’ Patrick Ryan has been busy, skating a ton, doing comps, demos and podcasts. He’ll be skating in the upcoming Element demo, and Bones has a podcast coming out soon with him in it. Patrick was also included with the Element Pro team for four mini-1/2 pipe demos at the X Games plus the street course demo. Congratulations Patrick!


TYPE S NEWS – Type-S urethane has merged forces with PPS/ Hosoi skateboards, for distribution in SoCal. Since August, Sergie has been on a road trip with Rune, Cardone, Greek, and the Dagger Crew. They met up with Omar Hassan in Portland for the Oregon Trifecta. Rune was doing his video part for Flip and Sergie was along for his first Trifecta. Sergie didn’t enter the first stop because of a bruised heal, and saved himself for the next stop at Pier Park, and got 2nd. Sergie ended up getting an invite to the Mexico X Games for his first vert contest in several years. Sergie ended up qualifying 9th going into the finals, but had to pull out due to an MCL injury. The Type S riders have been killing it this year. Digo Menezes got 2nd at the LG comp in San Diego. Sandro got 3rd at the Mexico X-Games. Sergie is getting ready for GVR contest. Lincoln and the rest of the street and vert crew have two more stops in the Dew tour and most are ranked in the top ten. Type S is getting ready to release a new line of wheels, and Omar Hassan and Bucky Lasek are getting a pro wheel.

SKINEMA – Chris Nieratko’s Book, Skinema, is available at

SKATEBOARDING: LEGENDARY TRICKS BOOK – Steve Badillo is writing another book, ‘Skateboarding: Legendary Tricks’, the fourth in his series. The book covers famous tricks and the legendary riders who created them. Along with the stories behind the tricks, Steve also shows step-by-step sequences of how to do the tricks. Skaters featured in the book include: Lance Mountain, Steve Olson, Tony Alva, Nick Mclouth, Paul Constantineau and more. The book comes out in spring of 2008 and features photos by DJ Farley. Keep an eye out for it. To contact Steve his email is

TED TERREBONNE NEWS – Ted Terrebonne is out of commission for the next few months after having foot surgery. Stop by his website and send him an email or purchase a photo to show your support.

NJ SKATESHOP 2 – Chris Nieratko and his partner, Steve Lenardo in the new store, NJ II. NJ Skateshop recently opened its 2nd store and celebrated its four year anniversary of its flagship store.

ZOO YORK NEWS – Zoo York am Ron Deily just picked up Bones Bearings and Matix as sponsors.

BODEGA SKATEBOARDS – Bodega Skateboards Pro John Reeves is currently in Portland skating Burnside with Choppy Omega. Bodega team riders John Reeves, Mark Roth and Oscar are planning to go to Hawaii this December for the North Shore Pro Bowl in Oahu.

CONSPIRACY NEWS – Reaper TV Series – You’ll be able to see SWAMP and Conspiracy merch floating around the set of ‘Reaper’, a new TV series premiering on The CW this fall directed by Kevin Smith from Clerks, Mall Rats, Dogma, and a ton of other movies. Check your local listings and keep an eye out for our stuff. Conspiracy Skateboards –

2007 VANS DOWNTOWN SHOWDOWN – Join Vans on Saturday, October 13 for one of the most popular skate contests of the year, the $85,000 Vans Downtown Showdown. We’ve invited top skateboard companies and their riders to submit designs for obstacles as part of the Showdown course on the Paramount Studios Back Lot. You can watch it live by entering to win tickets at select Southern California Vans stores (Monterey Park, The Block at Orange, Alhambra, Torrance, Santa Monica, Culver City, Del Amo, Santa Anita, Canoga Park, Glendale, Montebello Mall, South Bay Galleria, Northridge Mall, Stonewood Mall, and the new Vans store in Hermosa Beach). If you can’t make it, tune in to for coverage all weekend including a live webcast on the 13th. The top teams in skateboarding will be there, including Real, Girl, Zero, Creature, Element, Foundation, Black Label, Alien Workshop and Toy Machine. Expected skaters include Anthony Van Engelen, Johnny Layton, Dylan Rieder, Josh Harmony, Nick Dompierre, Rick McCrank, Chris Troy, Nyjah Huston, Corey Duffel, Adam Alfaro, David Gravette, Darren Navarette, Billy Marks, Jamie Thomas and Chris Cole. Each team will session four unique, custom-made obstacles in a round-robin format with awards going out for top team, best pro, top am and best performance by obstacle. Saturday, October 13 at 5 pm (doors open at 4 pm at Paramount Studios Back Lot. Think you have the chops to create an obstacle on par with the designs sent in by Girl, Creature, Foundation and Real? Give us your design and you can win that obstacle built by the Vans Downtown Showdown crew! Visit for more details.

RAY FLORES NEWS – Ray has been skatin a lot lately, and tore some ligaments in his shoulder so now he’s a recovering skateoholic. Ray’s looking for a new location so he can open a new skate/surf shop. Email Ray at

SUN DIEGO NEWS – New Sun Diego Location In Solana Beach is now open at
677 Lomas Santa Fe Drive Solana Beach, CA. 92075. Phone (858) 523-1733

THE TAO OF SKATEBOARDING: Rolling Through Life – A Skateboard Philosophy by AE Gold is the first philosophy book incorporating skateboarding and the many
lessons it teaches. Ask for it at your local shop or book retailer or visit : Volume 1, limited run available now.

FUEL TV LAUNCHES SWERVE FESTIVAL September 28-30 in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to celebrating West Coast creative culture and its community inspired by art, film, music and action sports. The three-day celebration will be held at the Barnsdall Art Park in Hollywood. SWERVE FESTIVAL programming includes screenings of independent feature and short films, music videos, live music performances and original art installations organized by Beautiful Losers co-curator Aaron Rose. Throughout the weekend, do-it-yourself workshops will provide visitors with hands-on filmmaking, silk-screening, meet-the-artist sessions and a glimpse into CreateAskate-a non-profit national educational curriculum teaching participants how to make their own skateboards. For more information about SWERVE FESTIVAL visit:

MINI-RAMP JAM – Volcom Presents a $35,000 Pro Mini-Ramp Jam in Association with SPoTlight Productions at Surf Expo September 14 – 16, 2007 in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center. Separate Pro and Am Contest. Mini-ramp dimensions: 80′ wide with multiple heights provided by Team Pain – Registration or details please contact For more info on Surf Expo, check

VSA NEWS – ‘Congratulations to Jesse Martinez who placed 5th overall in the Oregon Trifecta. Get well to Chris Cook who broke his leg again. We’re still waiting on the city for the groundbreaking date for the Venice Skatepark so please be patient as we have waited years for this park to be built. The VSA will issue a new shirt in October. Big thanks to Jiro and Drift for donating the shirts and screen printing. If you want your company’s logo to be featured as a sponsor, let me know. If you want to have your logo placed on the new VSA club shirt the cost is $100. You receive 5 shirts as well. The 14th Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon Surf and Bikini contest will be held @ Venice Breakwater on Oct. 6, 2007. Oct 14 is the Second Annual Debris By the Sea skateboard contest. If you wish to sponsor the events or participate give me a shout.’ – Ger-I VSA/Surf-A-Thon. Email –

BILLABONG NEWS – Billabong Posts 24% Fiscal 2007 Sales Growth – Billabong International Limited saw net profit jump 14.6% to A$167.2 million ($131.4 mm) for fiscal 2007, or 19.2% in constant currency terms. Sales revenue climbed 24.1% in constant currency terms (20.1% in reported terms) to A$1.2 billion ($943.1 mm). In constant currency terms, sales in the Americas grew 22.3%, Europe lifted 32.2% and Australasia was up 21.5%. Copyright 2007 SportsOneSource, LLC.

GRIND FOR LIFE SKATEBOARD SERIES 2007 – Entry fee $20 per contest (includes free t-shirt) Trophies to top 5 in each division. Age divisIons 9 and under skate first … 9 and under, 10-12, 13-15, girls, 16-29, Sponsored, 30-39, 40 and over… 4th Contest ‘Pool’ – Sept 23 – Kona Skatepark – 904-725-8770 – 8739 Kona Ave Jacksonville, FL 32211. Registration 3pm. Contest starts at 4pm… Overall Awards – Nov 17 – Cocoa Beach Skatepark – Cocoa Beach, FL 32931. Awards ceremony for the series will be at the 5th Annual Grind for Life Benefit Event from 3pm-8pm. This event will feature pro demos, live music, mega raffles, food and drinks, and a silent auction. For more info call 561-252-3839 or visit

AST DEW TOUR AND EXTREME SPORTS CHANNEL EXTEND INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION DEAL – The AST Dew Tour, the world’s premier season-long action sports tour, today announced a multi-year extension with Extreme Sports Channel to broadcast 20 hours of television programming each season to 22.4 million viewers in more than 50 countries. The deal will continue AST Dew Tour coverage through 2009 on Extreme Sports Channel and will also provide content for Extreme Video On-Demand. Extreme Sports Channel broadcasts in 11 languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More information can be found at

WELCOME TO VENICE CD – The punk compilation ‘Welcome 2 Venice’ features fourteen bands and sixteen tracks, released on Built On An Ounce Records July 24th 2007. Produced by Louichi Mayorga (X/ Suicidal Tendencies, Horny Toad), W2V features current and former members of skate/punk/hardcore bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Beowulf, Neighborhood Watch, Excel, and Creeper that put Venice on the map in the early eighties. Highlights of W2V include two songs by AgainST – a reunion of original Suicidal Tendencies band members with Dan Clements (X/Excel, Supervillain) on the track ‘Camarillo’ and Keven Guercio (X/No mercy) on the track ‘Roll the Dice’. Legendary Dogtown skater Jay Adams’ musical debut with his band Second Coming lays down two tracks ‘No Family’ and ‘That Ain’t My Baby.’ Beowulf front man Dale Henderson comes together with members of Fear Factory and X-Suicidal Tendencies members as the L.A. Infidels with ‘Earshot Away’. Fist of Fury (with professional Koping Killer skater Aaron Murray) track ‘Wrecking Crew’ is skate rock you can thrash to. Horny Toad give W2V a great track with ‘Human Commodity’. N9’s track ‘Homeless’ is raw, simple, straightforward punk rock giving us more evidence that when it comes to punk rock, Venice bands know how to deliver. Reunited Neighborhood Watch, TDRT, Double Secret Probation, Damaged Kids, Supervillain, Unidentified Minds, and Creeper round out the list of bands featured on this historical comp. For more go to

LYNYRD SKYNYRD TO RAISE FUNDS FOR ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME– Legendary southern rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd will be donating a portion of every ticket sold from their upcoming September 13th show at the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Education Programs. The band was inducted into the Hall of Fame on March 13, 2006. Ranked as one of the best-selling bands of all time by the Recording Industry Association of America, Lynyrd Skynyrd is still going strong with almost 65 albums, 30 million albums sold to date, and over 80 performances annually. For ticket information visit

FIST OF FURY are playing a show on Sept 22 at Nocturnal on Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica.

VBS.TV and VICE FILMS’ FEATURE DOCUMENTARY ‘HEAVY METAL IN BAGHDAD’ TO PREMIERE AT THE 2007 TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL – The 32nd annual Toronto Film Festival, the largest public film festival in the world, takes place from September 6th through 15th, 2007. ‘Heavy Metal in Baghdad’ will premiere in the festival’s documentary program, ‘Real to Reel’, as one of 20 of the ‘most explosive and thought provoking documentaries from the U.S. and around the world…’ In the late summer of 2006, as the insurgency escalated and gripped every corner of the city, filmmakers Eddy Moretti and Suroosh Alvi traveled to the Red Zone in Baghdad to meet and interview the only heavy metal band in Iraq, Acrassicauda. ‘Heavy Metal in Baghdad’ is the story of that band and its members, following them from their beginnings under the dying days of Sadaam’s rule to the present day. The filmmakers have collected glimpses into the struggles of Acrassicauda as they try to stay together and stay alive. Their story is the untold story of the hopes and dreams of an entire generation of Iraqis, young lives that have been distorted and displaced by years of continual warfare in their homeland. To view the trailer:

ASG NEWS – The new ASG album titled ‘Win Us Over’ will be out on September 11th while they are on the road playing on the Volcom Tour.

DOWN NEWS – DOWN, consisting of Philip Anselmo, Rex Brown, Pepper Keenan, Kirk Windstein and Jimmy Bower are set to release DOWN III-OVER THE UNDER on Sept. 25th through ILG/Warner Music Group. To chronicle the past five years leading up to the release of DOWN III-OVER THE UNDER, Philip Anselmo will be placing periodic installments on the band’s websites leading up to the release of the record. This is Philip’s personal communication to the band’s loyal fan base and gives a 1st hand account the tragedy, isolation, rebirth and ultimate triumph of one of the most important bands of our time.

TOOTH and THE ENAMELS UPDATE – Tooth and the Enamels 7inch Release Sept. 29th @ Backbooth in Orlando, FL.

REVOLUTION MOTHER EUROPEAN TOUR ANNOUNCED. Revolution Mother will be making their first trip overseas this September 28 for nineteen shows with Gallows and Funeral For A Friend. Mike will also be appearing at various skateshops for autograph signings in and doing a skate demo in The Netherlands. Mike V will also be appearing at three Zumiez stores for autograph signings and a meet and greet in Chandler, AZ; Henderson, NV; and Fresno, CA in November. Mike has been digging into his video archives and has been uploading all types of videos to his YouTube channel at

SECOND ANNUAL THE SUMMER STRUMMER FESTIVAL –SEPTEMBER 2 AT BERGAMOT ARTS COLONY IN SANTA MONICA, CA, is the ultimate all-ages end of summer mega music, skate and lifestyle extravaganza. The event will feature over 40 bands on three stages, an afternoon skateboarding expo, autograph sessions and Gibson guitar giveaways. Artists confirmed to perform include: Mat Kearney, Augustana, OneRepublic, Brett Dennen, Zeke, Astra Heights, Whitestarr, The Tender Box, Test Your Reflex, Eddie Spaghetti and Friends (of Supersuckers), Deadbolt, Ian Moore, Mozella, Duane Peter’s Gunfight, Batallion of Saints, Speedbuggy, Over It, Kate Voegele, Orange, Mandi Perkins, Jay Clifford, Rezurex, Jeremy Fisher, Dusty Rhodes and The River Band, Charlie and The Valentine Killers, Dead Rock West, Drive-A, The Uprising, Rocket, Manda, Billy Boy on Poison, Los Creepers, The Widders, Brigitte Handley and the Dark Shadows, Canon, Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dolls, Dirty Harry, Bullets and Octane, Lonesome Spurs, Tim Myers, Ambrose, Curt Phillips, John Neilson and Stonehoney. Tickets are available now via TicketMaster at (213) 480-3232 and at all TicketMaster retail ticket centers, online at or service charge free at The Key Club box office. For more information go to:

METAL BLADE RECORDS CELEBRATES 25 YEARS OF HEAVINESS – To help commemorate Metal Blade Records 25th Anniversary, Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Red Chord, The Absence, and one more guest to be announced have teamed up for a full US tour to begin September 6th in New Orleans, LA at the House of Blues.

EAGLE RECORDS TO RELEASE NEW TED NUGENT STUDIO ALBUM ‘Love Grenade’ on September 4, Ted Nugent’s 32nd album over the course of the last 40 years. One listen to this audacious rock’n’roll statement is testament to the fact that The Motor City Madman is still as authoritative as ever. In fact, he’s probably more pissed off than ever. Outdoorsman, hunter, Conservative Political Activist, and controversial spokesperson on behalf of The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, Nugent epitomizes and embodies the ethic of the outspoken pioneer taking on all comers in all matter of debates… while still making damn sure to rock his life away non-stop and without regret. Ted Nugent is an American Original.

SUPERSPEEDWAY MUSIC NEWS – San Jose-based punk/skate rock record label SuperSpeedway Music has just released an 4-track EP from The Odd Numbers entitled ‘High Alert’. This release marks the group’s first release of new music since 2001. Go to for details.

RAY STEVENS 2 NEWS – DJ RS2 will spin @ the Tim Brauch contest @ Scotts Valley Park on September 29th. CLAY WHEELS will also perform live. DJ RS2 and Turk have moved Punk Night to the CARAVAn in San Jose. RS2 SOLID SOUND will perform an acoustic set@ the awards ceremony @ GvR on October 7th @ the Etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest,California. DJ RS2 will provide the music for the contest with DJ Sweetbeets. Email Ray at

THE LAST OF THE BAD MEN TOUR. Skateparks all day and punk shows at night. Pix at

SCION ART SHOW – SCION PRESENTS: AUSTRALIAN CHARACTERS Curated by Stormie Mills – September 15th-September 29th, 2007. Featuring artwork by Amanda Shelsher, Frances Andrijich, Leon vs Pippa, Jodee Knowles, and Stormie Mills. SCION Installation LA 3521 Helms Ave (at National) Culver City, CA 90232. Gallery Phone: 310.815.8840.

GROUP ART SHOW featuring LINDSEY KUHN ARTWORK – The Carmichael Gallery has assembled another exciting line up of emerging artists from around the world. ‘So many selves…’ is a diverse collection of works from over twenty-five artists of varying backgrounds, ages, gender, and circumstances. Show runs Saturday, September 15 – Oct 4, 2007 at Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art located at 1257 N. La Brea Avenue West Hollywood, CA 90038.

RICHARD SANCHEZ ART UPDATE – Sanchez has painted a huge mural for Von Dutch on LeBrea and Melrose. It’s total hardcore skate vato. Check it out. Also on L.A. Ink the Doom skateboard is up on the wall, so the camera gets great shots of it with the artists in front of it. There are few Limited edition Doom decks left on WWW.IMPATIENTYOUTH.COM. Art is for sale always also available at Val surf in Pasadena.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Real Skateboards and Deluxe, Juxtapoz, the Fighting for Dreams crew and Osiris invite you to an evening of music, art and general mayhem in San Francisco on Thursday, Sept 6th, 2007. The 111 Minna Gallery will be hosting a one night only show featuring new and collected works from Jeff Soto, Regino Gonzales, OG Abel, Maxx 242, Munk One, Hydro 74, Jason Gallo, Aaron Mason, Acorn and Gems One. Music by Blktop Project featuring Tommy Guerrero, Ray Barbee, Chuck Treece, and Matt Rodriguez. Limited edition T’s will be sold the night of the show only with a portion of the proceds going to the Make A Wish Foundation. Reception starts at 6:30PM. Free admission. For more info visit and

NEXT STEPS – NextAid along with Architecture for Humanity Los Angeles are throwing a fundraiser called ‘Next Steps’ on Sat. Sept. 15 at Infusion Gallery located at 719 S. Spring Street in downtown LA. The evening will consist of an art exhibit, a DJ party and a silent auction. All ages welcome but you must be 21+ to drink. A $15 minimum donation is suggested. A $10 guest list awaits patrons who email their RSVP in advance to For details visit and

ART SHOW – Damian Fulton is having a solo show at Gasoline Gallery 423 Main Street, El Segundo 90245. The show runs Sat. Aug. 18th-Sept 29th. Check out his work at or

SURFBOARD ART – William A. Karges Fine Art present THE SURFBOARD ART of REYNOLDS YATER and KEVIN ANCELL. Legendary surfboard designer Reynolds Yater is renowned for his quality craftmanship and quiet, noble dedication to surfing for over forty years. Now, he’s partnered with artist-surfer Kevin Ancell to create exhibition surfboards for the collector. These boards transcend the idea of surfing as simply a recreational activity or professional sport by celebrating the beauty of the surfboard itself. Karges Fine Art will have many of these meticulously crafted, richly decorated surfboards on display for sale. There will be an opening reception with the artists from 10am-5pm on Sat. Oct 20. Exhibition Dates – Oct 20-Nov 10th at Karges Fine Art located at 6th and Dolores Streets in Carmel, CA.

BILLABONG DEBUTS WORLD PREMIERE OF TRILOGY WITH ANGELS AND AIRWAVES CONCERT AT ASR – Billabong USA will debut the long awaited and anticipated TRILOGY surf film Friday at the 2000 seat Symphony Hall during the ASR Trade Show. The film will be followed by a concert by Angels and Airwaves, the highly-acclaimed band who also recorded the opening song for Trilogy’s soundtrack. The movie subjects bring their own excitement to the debut: Legendary filmmaker Taylor Steele has produced a rare insight into the lives and skills of three of the greatest surfers of all time in Trilogy, the Andy, Parko, Taj motion picture. Andy Irons (Kauai, Hawaii), Taj Burrow (Yallingup, Western Australia) and Joel Parkinson (Coolangatta, Queensland) are three Aces, wild cards and Kings rolled into one.

SECOND ANNUAL LIVE CLEAN SURF CLEAN EVENT – Second Annual Live Clean Surf Clean event. There will be musical performances by Universal Recording artists Astra Heights and well known surfer/singer Porno for Pyros’ Peter Di Stefano . The exhibit will include a photography/art exhibit featuring the works oflegendary photographer/writer/journeyman Jamie Brisick and artist Rob Havassy as well as local photographers Aliza Almarez, Charlie Diaz and Jake Coleman. All photography works on exhibit will be for sale and proceeds will benefit S.U.R.F. Surfer/director Shayne McIntyre will showcase his FUEL TV film series ‘Surfari’ on the outdoor screen and local stylist surfer Solo Scott will MC the event. Free food and drinks (including beer for those 21 and over) will be served. Visit

OP GOES TO WAL-MART – Iconix Brand Group, Inc. signed an exclusive direct-to-retail license agreement with Wal-Mart for its Ocean Pacific and OP brands for distribution of a broad range of apparel and accessories in the United States. The agreement also grants Wal-Mart rights to use the brands in Brazil, China and India, and provides for the possible addition of license rights for other international territories in the future. The targeted launch date for the U.S. is Spring/Summer 2008… Copyright 2007 SportsOneSource, LLC

SURF FLICKS – Grant Rohloff classic short surf films will be shown at the MSA Classic surf event this Saturday 8th at 7PM at the Malibu Inn ($15). There will be live music by Cheater 5 (Denny Aaberg/Dennis Dragon’s band), a silent auction, dinner and surf/motorcycle movies.

SURF NYC – Surfers Healing, a free travelling surf camp for children with Autism, is holding their free surf camps in Belmar NJ on Sunday the 9th, Long Beach on Wednesday the 12th, and Montauk on Friday the 14th. It’ll be an amazing combination of current and former pro surfers coming to NY to introduce surfing to children with Autism, and to help raise awareness. They could really use some extra volunteers – Izzy Paskowitz, the camp’s founder, mentioned that there are 550 kids signed up for Jersey, but only room for 160. He also expects full houses at both the Long Beach, NY event and the Montauk event. Surfers Healing is also having a fundraiser after the Long Beach NY event with a raffle and auction at the Tiki Bar in Long Beach, 832 W Beech St, at 6pm. They are auctioning off a Natures Shapes Surfboard signed by Gerry Lopez, Darrick Doerner, Joel Tudor and everyone else who completed the paddle around Manhattan event that was organized by Surfers Environmental Alliance. Each ticket costs $25, and the winning ticket will be selected on the night of the fundraiser, and announced online on The board is currently on display at Unsound Surf Shop in Long Beach.

SURF VID – Surfrider Foundation to present ‘Lost Jewel of the Atlantic,’ a documentary film by Save the Waves Coalition. Three film screenings in Southern California on Saturday, September 15, 2007 — Ventura, Santa Monica and Costa Mesa, California. On the small Atlantic Isle of Madeira was a wave of legend. Kept secret by a cadre of big wave surfers, one of the world’s greatest surf spots lay hidden on an island lost in time. This is the story of paradise lost. This is the story of Jardim do Mar. Proceeds to benefit Save the Waves Coalition and Surfrider Foundation. Tickets: $ 10.00. Free snacks provided by Newman’s Own Organics. Surf raffle with great gear. Lost Jewel of the Atlantic is a non-profit film directed by Jacob Holcomb and produced by Save the Waves Coalition.

35TH ANNUAL SURFER POLL AND VIDEO AWARDS PRESENTED BY SUZUKI AUTO return to The Grove in Anaheim, Calif. on September 11, 2007 for the 35th year. The event brings together renowned faces in action sports, music and entertainment for one prestigious night honoring the world’s best surfers and surf cinematography. Attendance is by invitation only, and the event will be broadcast on FUEL TV on October 22 at 9:30 p.m. Check for additional airdates and times.

SURFER SWEEP – Cape Fear Surfrider Foundation and the UNCW Surfrider Club will be holding the bi-annual Surfer Sweep from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Saturday September 8, 2007. The event will occur in two locations, Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach, and will include give-aways, food, and refreshments. Please email the chapter with any questions or concerns. Interested parties should meet at Oceanic Street in Wrightsville Beach at 9 a.m. In addition to cleaning up Wrightsville Beach, CFSF will be providing transportation to Masonboro Island to extend the cleanup there as well. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Cape Fear Clean Water Classic. The event and festivities will be held on October 6th and 7th. For more info go to


COSMIC CREEK COMBINES SURFING, MUSIC AND HERITAGE – This year’s Cosmic Creek Contest scheduled at Salt Creek the weekend of September 28- 30th has some new twists. Starting off the weekend will be a set by Donavon Frankenreiter at the Coach House in Capistrano Beach on Friday night September 28th. Then on Saturday night he will play again with a group of special guests. The Contest itself will commence the following day, Sunday September 30th. The Coach House has already sold out before the concerts were even publicly announced. A classic trip back to the 70’s where surfers are invited to compete on vintage single fins, twins and fishes from that decade, the annual event has become one of California’s most popular and soulful cultural gatherings. More than 70 surfers will explore the era of experimental equipment competing in alternating single and twin fin heats. Cosponsored by Surfer Magazine, Sector 9, Kustom and Von Zipper. For Contest Information and Entry Forms call (949) 489-8330 For Coach House tickets call (949) 496-8930.

ASP GRADE 2 OAKLEY PRO JUNIOR SURF CONTEST – Action Sports Group (ASG) is pleased to announce the return of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Grade 2 Oakley Pro Junior to Newport Beach’s 54th Street Break, September 21- 23, 2007. Held in conjunction with the Oakley Newport Beach Pro presented by Jeep, the event is the pivotal second stop of the Macy’s California Trifecta Surf Series and boasts a $10,000 prize purse for the juniors, as well as an additional $5,000 purse and points bonus for the top points winner for the series. 48 of the leading Juniors (under the age of 20) will compete for the cash and valuable points in hopes of qualifying for the annual Billabong ASP World Junior Championships. Following Newport, the series will conclude with the ASP Grade 3 Oakley Pro North American Junior Championships at the 2007 O’Neill Coldwater Classic presented by Jeep at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, Calif., October 9-14, 2007. For more information:

BILLABONG INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ACQUIRES XCEL – Billabong International Limited announced Friday the acquisition of the USA-based wetsuit and technical water-sports accessories brand Xcel. For more information:

Reigning and 8X Foster’s ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (USA) has won his first event in over a year, moved to current World No. 2, and broke a world record after beating Pancho Sullivan (HAW) in the Final of the 2007 Boost Mobile Pro presented by Hurley today. The victory marks Slater’s 34th ASP World Tour win and earns him the record for the most elite tour event victories in history. Former three-time ASP World Champion Tom Curren (USA) set the record with his 33rd event win 16 years ago. Slater tied Curren with his 2006 Bells Beach victory and, despite featuring in four finals in the 16 months since, hadn’t broken the record until today. For more information, log on to

2007 ROXY JAM – World Champion surfer Jennifer Smith (Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA) won the 2007 Roxy Jam Cardiff in San Diego, CA. The current Women’s World Longboarding Champion earned the title of U.S. Regional Champion with the victory of this event. 21-year-old Smith is known for her good attitude and style, and will compete in Biarritz, France in 2008 in hopes to keep her World Champion title. The Roxy Jam Cardiff is a six star women’s longboarding event consisting of over 80 competitors, and featuring the world’s top seeded women longboarders. The winner of the event will be crowned the U.S. Regional Longboarding Champion and earn a coveted spot in the prestigious Roxy Jam Biarritz Women’s World Longboard Championships, in July 2008.

SURFRIDER FOUNDATION NEWS – San Onofre State Beach and the famed surf at Trestles are under threat by the proposed Foothill-South toll road. The California Coastal Commission has an opportunity to protect these precious open spaces and coastal resources in October, but they need to hear from YOU! Let them know that it is unacceptable to allow destruction of a State Park for an unnecessary highway project. The proposed Foothill-South toll road in Orange and San Diego Counties is one of the most environmentally destructive transportation projects in California history. By running through the middle of San Onofre State Park, the road would effectively destroy the interior of the park and close the San Mateo Campground. All while threatening the world-class surf at Trestles and driving numerous endangered species towards extinction. Send your letter TODAY by going to: and visit

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