Oct 17, 2003 -Jan 1, 2004 – ‘It’s Like That: 20 Years of RUN-DMC’ – a group show of RUN-DMC photos @ Eyejammie Fine Arts Photo Gallery – 516 W. 25th Street – New York City, NY. The show will feature a few choice Glen E. Friedman originals – one of which will be made into a 24′ x 36′ poster for the exhibit. For more info go to

— IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM JUICE MAGAZINE — JUICE MAGAZINE has been 100% independently owned and operated by Terri Craft since 1993. JUICE MAGAZINE is in no way affiliated with Pony International or Global Brand Marketing or The Firm. The reason for this announcement is that press releases were sent out on Sept 15, 2003 from Global Brand Marketing Inc to news sources and websites all over the world announcing the launch of a new publication entitled ‘JUICE MAGAZINE’. This action was an infringement of my registered JUICE trademark. HERE IS COVERAGE OF THE PRESS RELEASE BEING CIRCULATED SEPT 15, 2003 BY GLOBAL BRAND MARKETING… Pony to Launch Lifestyle Magazine by SportsNewsSource 9/15/2003 – Pony International will launch Juice Magazine, a quarterly that will appropriate Pony’s outlaw aesthetic into a lifestyle magazine, representing the insurgent innovators of fashion, film, music and sports. Pony’s Juice Magazine will be available on December 12, 2003 at lifestyle stores, concerts, events and newsstands worldwide. ‘Juice will provide a compelling and different access point for the brand,’ said Killick Datta, Chief Executive Officer of Global Brand Marketing, Inc., majority owner of Pony International. ‘We believe this new avenue will help broaden the scope of Pony as the brand leader of innovators and prove that we’re not scared to try something new.’ The title boasts hallmark writers from The Conan O’Brien Show, The Simpsons, The Harvard Lampoon, Six Feet Under, Comedy Central and MTV, whose presence will integrate a comedic and irreverent edge to its grade of journalism and anthropological studies. They will also combine storyboards and visual communication through masterful photography for less inclined readers whose rapid lifestyle leaves little time for reading. Pony’s Juice Magazine will be published jointly by Pony International and Kashy Khaledi, an independent publisher whose credits include Mean Magazine and Lollapalooza Magazine respectively. ‘If the cultural bar is being raised, you will find it in this magazine,’ said Khaledi. ‘In doing so, you’ve got to have ‘juice.’ After receiving this announcement regarding the new ‘JUICE MAGAZINE’, a cease and desist letter was sent to Killick Datta, the CEO of Global Brand Marketing Inc, and to Kashy Khaledi, the editor of the proposed new magazine. Don’t be confused by any similar announcements or press releases you may read. JUICE MAGAZINE UPDATE On Sept 18, 2003, I received a letter of apology from the general counsel to Global Brand Marketing, Inc. – parent company of The Firm, Pony International and the proposed and erroneously titled ‘JUICE MAGAZINE’. In the letter, GBMI acknowledged my rights to my trademark for JUICE. Apparently, GBMI was mislead by Kashy Khaledi regarding the availability of the JUICE brand name. They have assured me that they will in no way utilize the word ‘JUICE’ in their new magazine title. SEPT 19, 2003 – PONY INTERNATIONAL RELEASED THIS RETRACTION TO THE PRNEWSWIRE SERVICE. Pony International, the world’s leading modern fashion performance brand, today announced that it will rename its publication previously announced in its September 15th 2003 press release to be named Pony’s Juice Magazine. The new title will be released at a later date… UPDATE – SEPT 22 – HERE’S COVERAGE OF TODAY’S STORY IN SPORTS EXECUTIVE WEEKLY… PONY Loses Some Juice. Earlier last week Pony parent company, GBMI, announced that they would be teaming up with publisher Kashy Kaledi to launch a new lifestyle magazine called Juice, but the company was forced to pull the name after it was discovered that the name has already been in use for the last ten years. Turns out Juice Magazine is a Skate, Surf and Punk-Rock publication that originated in Wrightsville Beach, NC, but is now published from Venice Beach, CA… Juice Editor and CEO Terri Craft told SEW, ‘I do feel that Pony is directly targeting our market. There has already been a great deal of confusion as to whether I sold my company to Pony International.’ When contacted for comment, GBMI said they had no comment until their dealings directly with Juice are complete, but the company did release a statement Friday saying they would be changing the name of their magazine. GBMI did say the trademark issues have not delayed the December 12 target release of the new publication, but the new name has yet to be determined.

JUICE MAGAZINE is proud to announce our very special 10-year anniversary issue which will soon be released and distributed all over the world. Thank you for your support. Terri Craft – CEO – Juice Enterprises, Inc. / Juice Magazine

DARKSTAR BATTALION video premiere – Tuesday, Sept 30, at The Galaxy Theatre – 3503 S. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana, CA 92704 ( Doors Open @ 7:00 / RENEE RENEE 8:30 / BATTALION PREMIERE 9:30 / Entry is free, All Ages Show, Limited Capacity. Go to for more information.

SKATEBOARDING MEDIA NEWS – As of Sept 23, 2003, Grant Brittain, Dave Swift, and Atiba Jefferson have all resigned from Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. Also in skate mag news, Rick Kosick is leaving his post at Big Brother.. And the official announcement has been released announcing the demise of Strength Magazine…


PRESS RELEASE – Midwest Bowlriders Contest Series – The 1st annual Midwest Bowlriders Series is a ‘triple crown’-styled series of bowl skating contests held in three of the upper Midwest’s finest skateparks August through October 2003. The goal of the contest series is to give a new generation of skater the chance to experience a different terrain and compete in a contest format totally unlike today’s ubiquitous street-oriented events. The contest series will offer skaters young and old a low pressure ‘funtest’ that builds the Midwest skater community. The organizers of Midwest Bowlriders are actively seeking sponsors for prize donations. Interested companies should contact Bill Morgan at 612-229-5799 or send e-mail to The first stop of the Midwest Bowlriders Contest Series kicked off August 23rd at the 4 Seasons Skatepark in Milwaukee, WI. Stop number two of the Midwest Bowlriders Contest Series is September 27th at the Modern Skate and Surf Skatepark in the Centerpointe Mall in Grand Rapids, MI. This skatepark features a 5′, 7′ and 9′ concrete triple pool built by Team Pain. The deep end has 1′ of vert with tiles and hand-shaped pool coping. The Midwest Bowlriders Contest Series finale will be held October 25th at the 3rd Lair Skatepark in Minneapolis, MN. The bowl at 3rd Lair is an ultra smooth, solid 5′ and 9′ keyhole built by Plywood Benders. For more information, contact: Bill Morgan at or go to

CONSOLIDATED TEAM NEWS: The Consolidated team is working on filming for the Consolidated video due out in December. Alan Petersen is leaving to go to Australia for a few months to skate and film for the new video. Jesse Paez has been traveling like crazy and will be home soon to spend some quality filming time with team manager Sharky. Clint Peterson will be traveling next month and has a rookie segment coming out in the new 411.

Bryce Kanights has been on a great Northwest tour from Vancouver to Portland. The new Independent book, with an introduction penned by the great C.R. Stecyk III, should be out in January 2004.

Larry Schuster – team rider for Natural Koncepts is in Toronto right now on a never-ending skate tour. He’s been to Denver, Detroit, LA and he’s now in Canada skating everything. Next he’s off to Manhattan to film and skate with Josh Zuckert – NK team manager – in NYC.

Simon Elbling of House of Flys is working on a new film project that will focus on the history and present day surf and skate scene in Hawaii. The film will include Kale Sandridge, Jay Adams, Gary Owens and the boys.


PRESS RELEASE – SWAMP and Conspiracy Skateboards. – We have had a busy summer here at the warehouse, and we are starting to prepare for winter in Colorado. Lindsey has been traveling collecting video footage for the new Conspiracy release from the ‘More Concrete’ series, titled ‘Even More Concrete’. The new video will feature Conspiracy skaters in Oregon, Colorado, and somewhere in Kansas. Join the Conspiracy Team in Trinidad, Colorado the weekend of October 4th, and 5th, for the Conspiracy Funtest!!! Skaters from Colorado, Texas, California, and more will converge on the new park for a weekend of fun. The first session will be Saturday starting at 4pm, with a party afterward. BBQ and sessions all day on Sunday. Vert skaters, make sure you check out the new ‘Beelzebozo’ stinger from Conspiracy. 9 1/2 inches of hard wood, with a concave that sticks to your feet. On the SWAMP side, Lindsey traveled to Oregon for Flatstock a couple of weeks ago. He’s back, and churning out more posters. The new Turbonegro rock poster will be available the first week of October. We will have some new art coming out in time for Christmas shopping. Hope we see you in Trinidad. For more info visit or

Brian Patch and Sergie Ventura are starting a new company called S-Type Wheels.

Dave Reul just got the cover of the ‘O.C. Weekly’ newspaper with a photo of himself and his giant in-bred little brother ‘Dogboy’ Sasquatch’. Reuler’s band The Skatanics Rednecks are featured in an article entitled ‘Huntington Beach Hillbillies: The Skatanic Rednecks bring white trash to skate thrash.’ The Skatanic Rednecks are -Reulr, the Skatanic Mechanic, the Bloodsucker Trucker, Jesus Diablo, the Fishin’ Musician and Dogboy Sasquatch. The band is now in the studio recording at the infamous H.B. backdoor recording studio, the Omen Room. For details, call the Redneck Ranch at 714-378-9114 where the barn door is always open.

SAN PEDRO, CA – Work has started on the back bowl at the San Pedro skatepark. It will be the largest singe obstacle in the place. This is exciting as it will put a cap on the end of the park adding a high potential for speed and ‘huck-ability’ within the park. Their web site is (10 worthwhile minutes of dirty skate barge documentation.) Props go to Rob, Andy and their army, for their vision and follow through. It’s an inspiration to dirt bags everywhere.

DC INKS LICENSING DEAL WITH JAMIE THOMAS – Vista, CA. . . . DC Shoes, Inc., has announced today it has struck a long-term licensing agreement with Jamie Thomas, professional skateboarder and owner of Black Box Distribution. The new brand, Fallen Footwear, will be manufactured and distributed by DC Shoes, Inc. under license from Thomas. Thomas will serve as brand visionary, and will develop and design all the Fallen products, beginning with the Holiday 2003 initial launch.

SANTA MONICA, CA SKATEPARK NEWS: SECOND SKATEPARK DESIGN WORKSHOP – The City of Santa Monica will host another skatepark design workshop on Monday, September 29, 2003, beginning at 6 p.m. A presentation of the latest version of the proposed design is part of this workshop, which will be held at the Ken Edwards Center, 1527 4th Street Santa Monica, CA.

Tony Alva is off to Paris for an ‘Alva Girl Expose’ to introduce his new line of girl’s apparel. There will also be another MadDog Chronicles art/photo exhibit at The Mark in Olympia, WA upon Alva’s return.

GRAVITY GAMES WINNERS – Ryan Sheckler Takes Gravity Games – Skateboard Street Gold
Gravity Games Skateboard Street Final Results

1. Ryan Sheckler San Clemente, CA 92.8
2. Rick McCrank Vancouver, BC 90.0
3. Chris Senn Grass Valley, CA 89.2
4. Eric Koston Los Angeles, CA 88.4
5. Fabrizio Santos Costa Mesa, CA 86.0
6. Tosh Townsend Huntington Beach, CA 85.4
7. Chad Bartie Gold Coast 84.2
8. Rodil Junior Curitba 83.4
9. Austen Seaholm Anaheim, CA 82.6
10. Daniel Vieira Curitiba 82.0
11. Carlos de Andrade Curitiba 81.4
12. Kerry Getz Philadelphia, PA 80.8
13. Greg Lutzka Milwaukee, WI 79.6
14. Neves Nilton Sao Paulo 79.6
15. Dayne Brummet San Diego, CA 77.4
16. Colt Cannon Los Atlas Hill, CA 76.0
17. Wolnei dos Santos Baura 75.2
18. Pat Channita Garden Grove, CA 73.2
19. Henrique Candido Belo Horizonte 72.8
20. Allan Mesquita Rio de Janiero 71.6

Gravity Games Skateboard Vert Final Results

1. Bucky Lasek Baltimore, MD 95.2
2. Andy Macdonald San Diego, CA 92.0
3. Rune Glifberg Copenhagen, Denmark 90.0
4. Bob Burnquist Rio de Janiero, Brazil 88.4
5. Chris Gentry Houston, TX 88.0
6. Buster Halterman Wellsville, PA 87.0
7. Pierre-Luc Gagnon Montreal, QB 86.4
8. Mike Crum Long Beach, CA 84.0
9. Jake Brown Sydney, Australia 81.4
10. Sandro Dias Sao Paulo, Brazil 77.8
11. Danny Mayer Omaha, NB 81.8
12. Anthony Furlong Tampa, FL 80.2
13. Tas Pappas Melbourne, Australia 79.6
14. Omar Hassan Costa Mesa, CA 79.4
15. Marcelo Kosake Curitiba, Brazil 78.4
16. Jesse Fritsch State College, PA 78.0
17. Mathias Ringstrom Stockholm, Sweden 77.8
18. Lincoln Ueda Guarulhos, Brazil 74.8
19. Neal Hendrix Redondo Beach, CA 74.0
20. Mike Frazier Tampa, FL 65.8

For more in-depth coverage of this event please go to

Christian Hosoi’s court date has been postponed again to Dec 5th, 2003. You can help by contacting Jen Hosoi at to make a donation to Christian Hosoi’s legal fund.

Sept 12th, 2003, the world mourned the passing of ‘The Man in Black’. Johnny Cash often said that he wore black as a ‘symbol of the downtrodden’. Cash also said many times that he tried to speak for “voices that were ignored or even suppressed in the entertainment media, not to mention the political and educational establishments.” Without question, Johnny Cash was a great inspiration to many. May he rest in peace.

Bulldog Skates just announced two new team riders – Buddy Carr and Kelly Bellmar. Go to for more…

Op and FUEL present another SURF ART EXHIBIT. Friday, September 5th through October 18th, 2003 att Cassius King Gallery 43 3rd Street at J and IslandSan Diego, California Opening Reception: Friday, September 5th, 6pm – Midnight. ASR Hours: noon – 9pm. Post ASR: Tuesday – Saturday 1pm – 9pm. Opening reception features THE DONAVAN FRANKENRIETER BAND + down-tempo dj’s spinning in the outdoor tropical garden includes complimentary appetizers, cocktails and 2 much shwaag.This will be a scaled down Surf Style exhibit at a killer new gallery in SD started by surf legend Richard Kenvin. You’re all invited to celebrate this special exhibit presented by Ocean Pacific Apparel Corp (OP) and sponsored by FUEL Television. Artists include: Art Brewer, Joe Curren, Andy Davis, Glen E. Friedman, Jbrother, Drew Kampion, Andrew Kidman, Jim Banks, Alby Falzon, PNUT, Herbie Fletcher, Barry McGee, Dennis McNulty, Bill Ogden, Craig Peterson, Scott Richards, Craig Stecyk, Patrick Trefz, Donald Takayama and Joel Tudor.


PRESS RELEASE – VANS TRIPLE CROWN – XBOX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – The world’s best action sports athletes will descend upon Oceanside, California this September 25-28 as the Xbox World Championships of Skateboarding and the Vans Championships of BMX, arrive at Oceanside Pier with Vans Triple Crown titles on the line. Each event is free to the public. The competitions are the culmination of the Vans Triple Crown Series with more than $250,000 and a Ford Ranger FX4 at stake for the skate and BMX Vans Triple Crown champions. The Xbox World Championships of Skate will air on NBC Sports on December 20 at 3:00 pm EST, while the Vans Championships of BMX will air on Fox Sports Net October 20 at 4:00 pm regionally. In addition to a full weekend of Vans Triple Crown Series action, this year, the Vans/Surfing Magazine Airshow Series’ final stop, the Vans/SMAS Championships will take to the break right off the Pier. The Vans/SMAS Championship will be on the line when current points leader Zach Keenan (Cardiff, CA), Gavin Sutherland, Jason ‘Ratboy’ Collins and Randy ‘Goose’ Welch lead an exclusive international field of aerial specialists during the September 25-28 holding period. Other locals include Eric McHenry and Zach Reinhardt, both of San Diego, and Josh Sleigh of Oceanside. ‘Phenomenal crowds have come out to Oceanside each of the past three years to see the world’s best skaters and riders compete in the Xbox World Championships of Skateboarding and the Vans Championships of BMX,’ said Steve Van Doren, Vice President, Events and Promotions at Vans. ‘The addition of the world’s best aerial surfers at the Vans Surfing Magazine Airshow Series event makes this weekend even more action packed.’ Fans can expect to see top skate competitors including Bucky Lasek, Shaun White, Andy Macdonald, Cara-beth Burnside and Bob Burnquist compete in the Vert competition while big names Ryan Sheckler, Tony Trujillo, Vanessa Torres and Eric Koston, will battle it out in Street in men’s and women’s divisions at the Xbox World Championships. BMX riders Ryan Nyquist, Jamie Bestwick, Stephen Murray, Dave Mirra and Cory Nastazio will be on hand for the street, dirt and vert comps.

Thu, Sept 25 – BMX and Skate – Practice 10a – 6p

Fri, Sept 26 – Skate – Street (M) – Practice 11:30a – 2:30p, Prelims 2:30p – 5:30p
Skate – Street (W) Practice 9:00a – 10:00a FINALS 10:00a – 11:30a
BMX – Vert Prelims 11:00a – 1:00p, FINALS 4:00p – 6:00p
BMX – Street Prelims 1:00p – 6:00p

Sat, Sept 27 – BMX – Dirt Prelims 11:30a – 3:30p
Skate – Vert (M) Prelims 11:00a – 1:00p
Skate – Street (M) Semi-Finals 1:30p – 4:30p, FINALS 4:30p – 5:30p
Sun, Sept 28 – BMX – Street FINALS 11:00a – 1:00p
BMX – Dirt FINALS 1:30p – 3:00p
Skate – Vert (W) FINALS 10:00a – 11:00a
Skate – Vert (M) FINALS 3:30p – 4:30p, Best Trick 4:30p – 5:30p
*** Schedule subject to change. For more information –

PRESS RELEASE – SIXSPACE NEWS – We have solo exhibitions with Shepard Fairey (September 27) and Chad Robertson (November 1) as well as a group drawing exhibition in December that features works by thirteen artists including Tim Biedron, Clayton Brothers, Fafi, and Laura Mosquera. But first, we have an incredibly important exhibition to benefit the West Memphis Three… ‘Cruel and Unusual: an Exhibition to Benefit the West Memphis Three’ opens with a reception hosted by Winona Ryder on Saturday, September 6th from 5-10pm. The reception is free and open to the public (no reservations required) but we do ask that you come early in case there is a wait. Artists are: The Clayton Brothers, Edward Colver, Robbie Conal, Glen E. Friedman, Camille Rose Garcia, Shepard Fairey, Jaime Hernandez, Emmeric, James Konrad, Matt Mahurin, Marilyn Manson, Liz McGrath, Grove Pashley, Raymond Pettibon, Chad Robertson, and Floria Sigismondi. Images of the artwork are being updated daily on our site – please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a piece. 100% of artwork sales and donations go towards the WM3 legal defense fund. The show continues through September 20th. ‘Cruel and Unusual: WM3 Benefit’ – Sept. 6 – 20 and Shepard Fairey – ‘This is Your God’ – Sept 27 – Oct 25.

TIM BRAUCH MEMORIAL CONTEST UPDATE – The contest will be held on October 11th, at the Van’s Skate Park in Milpitas, Ca. The party will be held at the Blank Club in San Jose and will headline Greg Ginn (playing a Black Flag set), with Mike V and the Rats, and The Clay Wheels.

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