R.I.P. Jeff Grosso 1968-2020

As we search for the best way to pay tribute to one of the most influential skateboarders of our time, we could think of no better way than to share Jeff Grosso’s own raw and unfiltered words with you. This interview took place in 2006, a few months into a life of newfound sobriety for Jeff, before Grosso’s “LoveLetters to Skateboarding” and the next chapters of his life with his son began. This is a down-to-earth conversation, between two good friends, that we hope speaks to you in the same way that Grosso always spoke to all of us, honestly and from the heart… R.I.P. Jeffrey Blaine Grosso. “I am skateboarding. Skateboarding is me. The little wooden toy is a kiss and a curse. It’s everything. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me and the worst thing that ever happened to me, all rolled up into one.” JEFF GROSSO INTERVIEW BY STEVE OLSON CIRCA 2006 (JUICE MAGAZINE #60) OLSON: Yeah. Hello. GROSSO: Yeah. Totally. Who am I talking to? It’s Steve Olson calling from Juice Magazine. What are we doing? An interview? Yeah. Sure. Okay. Let me get some cigarettes. Are you ready? Are you ready? We’re off to a blistering start. This thing hasn’t even started yet. What are you talking about? It’s a false start. I’m full of false starts. See, now we’ve started.  [Laughs.] Tell me your name. Grosso or Grasso, depending on if you are Italian or not. Grasso? Yeah. In Italian it means … Continue reading R.I.P. Jeff Grosso 1968-2020