Bridge St. Skatepark – Nashua NH
2000 Nashua, NH – 11,000 sq ft park includes left hand kidney 6’6” shallow end to 10’ deep end. 6” of vert in shallow, 1’ vert in deep. Tile and pool coping, death box? street course with ledges, handrail, extension to vert, mini ramp bowl and 90 degree hips. Skateboarding only/ free/public with lights til 10pm.

Brian Picolo public skatepark – Pinealas Pines, FL
40,000 sq ft park with 56’ wide mini ramp, 32 ft wide spine ramp, 48 ft wide vert ramp, competition street course, one to eleven foot vert wall. Info 516-509-5046. Rick Burns wants to thank Team Glug (Daytona, FL).

MONTAUK Public Skatepark, NY:
Right hand kidney bowl- 5 1/2’ shallow and 9’ deep end, 10,000 sq ft concrete street course, bowls, rounded pockets, bank ramps, 1/4 pipes, ledges and real pool coping.  Pool is already shot. Public park free to residents of East Hampton and Montauk. Opens after Thanksgiving 1999. Call 516-668-0356 for info.

SKATEPARKS IN THE WORKS: SPRING 2000:  Greenwood Village, CO, Laramie, WY, Jackson Hole, WY, Montrose, CO, Anaheim, CA, Brooklyn, NY


Brought to you by Matt Ballard

Pool skaters are a lot like gravediggers; it’s not often when you come across either of their paths. Unless of course you are one of them! There are a few noticeable similarities between the two; both require tools for their ugly duty. A gravedigger uses a shovel, for a pool skater (STOP). Let me make one thing clear, if you’ve never cleaned a pool or at least helped someone then you better take the word (POOL SKATER) out of your vocabulary and now call yourself a (CHUMP). Draining and discovering new pools is only half the battle! Plus, the pool knows who helped to get that 100-year-old mildew water, surrounded by broken (40 OZ BOTTLES), and whatever else people choose to throw in it. If you don’t help bucket, sweep or at least spot out the next future pool, there will be no rewards for you and either the (POOL) will punish you! Or the legend himself (LORD SALBA)! So if you are one of those (CHUMPS), you better get a (BUCKET) and a (BROOM) and get to work. . .




ASR 1999 – San Diego, CA
L to R: Ger-I Lewis, creator of the Venice Surf-A-Thon, Dan Levy, Juice Ad Sales Director, the legendary Tony Alva of Alva Skateboards, Terri Craft, our illustrious Juice leader, Blackass – up and coming underground DJ and Bryan our resident Juice music guru all got caught on film by the equally legendary surf photographer extraordinaire Art Brewer at ASR.

Spreckles Theatre
Home to the debut of the Osiris masterpiece The Storm @ ASR 99. A virtual who’s who of skating.

Brett Gurewitz gives recording tips
Millencolin hard at work on Pennybridge Pioneers at West Beach Studios under the strict guidance of Mr. Brett Gurewitz. We found out Swedish Porn is somewhat of a myth and there is no Swedish bikini team, but we have a copy of the record, which really rocks. However, you have to wait until Feb., so in the meantime, check out their new home video on Epitaph.


1- When a girl calls for your roommate, tell her he is not there even when he is, and the proceed with your smoothest line.
2- Only take low-blows when ragging on each other examples: ‘At least I’m not in love with a girl that doesn’t love me,’ or ‘At least I still have parents that love me.’
3-  Tell your roommate his top 6 lists suck
4-  Stay online also known as the internerd all day so no one can call.
5- Walk around in tight very revealing underwear.
6- Laugh harder as they get madder (works very good).
Bonus: Jerk off but don’t lock the door.


This guy called up one day and asked if I’d be into checking out this book he had put together documenting punk rock flyer art. Fuck yeah. Is the pope a nazi war criminal? Well, what arrived surpassed anything I expected. This was obviously a major labor of love for Bryan Turcotte and Christopher Miller, who are the cats responsible for compiling this. The medium of flyer art is an amazing thing, and it really doesn’t matter if it was one some kid made for a hall show or a Pettibon. The feeling is there, like punk rock flophouses with flyers pasted top to bottom on the walls. Hieroglyphics of suburban angst run into art of necessity, like the music involved. Fucked Up and Photocopied does an admirable job at a near-impossible task. It is really set apart by great use of photos paired with observations by many influential figures in the American punk underground. Naturally LA/SF/NY/DC get heavy representation, but so do most scenes, and I bet a lot of you also will trip out on the number of shows you were at that you’ll see flyers for here. Great book. – Bryan Stahel


Wounded Knee Video Revue
“People always mistake partying for fun. Uh-uh. Some people are gonna get hurt.” – Sloppy Sam, Wounded Knee rider. Wounded Knee’s team riders are basically skating’s Hell’s Angels, so I guess that makes WK the Harley Davidson of skateboarding. So what kind of video do you think you’re gonna get? I’ll save you some time, there’s no street skating at all. But if you have tattoos and/or ride 169’s, you’ve hit the fucking jackpot. Backyard pools, party hi-jinks, guns, puking, alcohol abuse, hefty slams, burning cars, lots of coping and serious punk rock damage, it’s all here. From the opening blast of the Cro Mags, Dedicated to the Pride is nothing but 100% balls out skating. It blazes through Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, NY, and Jersey with probably the highlight being the Skatopia/CIA segment whose operatives pull the fastest and sickest lines. Must be seen, because it’s the punkest video ever. You can not go wrong with this. – BRYAN STAHEL

Find this video and watch it.  I am personally a pretty picky person when it comes to movies and let me just say that I laughed my ass off.  You can watch this in any frame of mind and not be disappointed. Creative animation, clever skits, and definitely some sickness make this a must see. Props to all contributors of Spike and Mikes.  Check them out at – DAN LEVY



PIPELINE: Rumors, gossip and innuendo

Ice Cube is setting his sights on a possible N.W.A. reunion album. “Me and Dre and Snoop and [MC] Ren has been talking about an N.W.A. album,” Ice Cube said in a recent MTV Radio Network interview. “It’s just talk now…I’m looking forward to it if we can do it.” Rumor has it that Snoop Dogg will join the reunion as a tribute to N.W.A. founding member Eazy-E, who died in 1995 of AIDS.

A new video about the man behind the Manson (that’s as in Marilyn) shows that what’s behind the Manson isn’t all that different from what’s in front…particularly if he’s wearing cut-out trousers. “Demystify The Devil” was made by Chris Nicholas, a friend of the artist formerly known as Brian Warner. “We had no idea this video would turn out so crazy. It’s way beyond our expectations”  says Nicholas. The video shows everything from Manson performing oral sex on a man, sacrificing a rabbit to his pet snake, and exposing his penis and making it sing “The Beautiful People”. But, wait! There’s more: Manson masturbating a dog, and never before seen concert footage of Mr. Manson’s side band, Mrs. Scabtree! Get yours today!

City leaders of Long Beach, CA tried to squash Sublime-spin-off Long Beach Dub Allstars’s video for “Trailer Ras,” the first single off their debut disc. Label sources say video director Bill Henderson (a veteran of punk videos for the likes of Black Flag, T.S.O.L. and the Vandals) was granted a permit to film in Long Beach but the city recanted upon discovery that the band sports two ex-members of Sublime, who, it seems, are city hellions from way back. Henderson finally cut a deal that enabled him to film, provided the shoot was monitored by 15 local cops. But apparently that didn’t stop the frolicsome atmosphere. Henderson explains, “Our attitude was ‘Let’s throw a party, and, by the way, I’ll film it.’ Some of the more interesting moments of that “party” include LBDA singer Ras-1 getting it on with porn star Jill Kelly ( the uncensored “director’s cut” went to the Playboy Channel) and old school SoCal punk band Secret Hate’s lead singer Mike Davis doing a flip that resulted in two broken arms (also in the clip). “The ‘Trailer Ras’ shoot was a really good time, just a bunch of friends hangin’ out listening to some great music.” …and breaking bones and shagging porn stars…

Two unknown gunmen recently burst into the Los Angeles-area recording studio where Philadelphia-based rapper Kurupt was finishing his upcoming album “Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha”, firing a barrage of shots that left one person in the musician’s posse dead and two others seriously wounded. About 20 people were standing outside the Echo Sound studio when they were “viciously attacked,” according to a statement issued by his Philly-based label Antra Music. “They fired without provocation,” Officer Guillermo Campos said. “The motive is unknown.” Dwayne Dupree, 23, was found dead in the parking lot with multiple gunshot wounds to the torso, while rappers Jevon Jones and Willard Givers each were treated at a hospital for a gunshot wound and released. The record company statement also said, “It is believed, but not yet confirmed, that the shooting resulted from a possible misinterpretation [of the lyrics] of a hidden track (on Kurupt’s forthcoming album).”  The song in question, “Calling Out Names,” refers to a number of individuals by name, and was recorded as a way for the rapper to try and put some old bad situations behind him, according to a spokesperson for Antra.  The label’s statement went on to say, “Any battles should be fought with words not bullets. We are terribly saddened by the loss of life and hope this doesn’t happen again. Please respect the human life.” There were no arrests and suspects in the shooting remain at large, according to police.

“Our clients were in no way involved in a shooting at a Los Angeles studio where rappers Kurupt and Daz were reportedly recording” say representatives for rappers Foxy Brown and DMX in response to Kurupt’s label, Antra Records, issuing a statement suggesting that the shooting may have resulted from a misinterpretation of a song on the rapper’s forthcoming album. “Calling Out Names” mentions the annulment of Kurupt and Foxy Brown’s much-publicized engagement and alleges that Brown has been dating DMX. A spokesperson for DMX says any connection is not warranted. “DMX is in Miami recording his album. It is unfortunate that such an act of that nature happened. DMX is not knowledgeable of this. I just got off the phone with him. Anyone with any knowledge of the Ruff Ryders [DMX’s rhyme outfit] knows that there’s no way they would ever stoop to take anyone’s life.” A spokesperson for Foxy Brown simply offered, “We have no comment. We don’t know anything about that at all.”

HIGH-ER EDUCATION- It already sounds funny. Method Man and Redman recently sold the rights to a film they came up with and will star in to Jersey Shore/Universal. The premise behind “How High” is about two guys that smoke so much weed that they become brilliant and enroll in Harvard University. If only it was that easy.’

TRAMPS- On a sad note, legendary New York club Tramps will be closing it’s doors September 24th. The club has been home to many major Hip-Hop shows throughout the years.




The 6th Annual Surf-A-Thon was held on Oct 24th, 1999 in Venice, CA. Although the surf was pretty non-existent, sunny skies, drunk judges and hopeful parents contributed to overall surf stoke of the contest. One of the highlights of the day was when judge John Hends got into an argument with a rollerblader on the bike path after a twelve-pack and a fifth of tequila. As usual, the awards party was an event in itself. Female Chauvenist Pigs from the South Bay opened up ripping into their set. The all-girl band pumped everyone up with their fem fatale brand of punk. Next up was Front Side Grind. After running the contest all day, it was    amazing that singer Geri-I Lewis had any energy at all, however F.S.G. really gave an enthusiastic show and played O.G. faves “Fuck the DMZ” and “Jap Hoe”. Ger-I, wearing his army suit and skate gear was totally having a great time tossing out sponsors  giveaways to a feeding frenzy of piranhas slamming themselves silly. Kid Frost and Block made a special appearance on the turntables and got the crowd all sweaty and sexy with dope-ass Chicano hip hop. Every one was anticipating the bikini contest and it did not disappoint. The hopped up crowd went nuts as the girls bumped and grinded to DJ Buck. Dollars were flying as dudes tried to convince their girls into a last minute entry for a $500 winner-take-all purse. Needless to say, the crowd was drunk, stoned and sexed up to a fever pitch for Thee Wretched. They wrecked the joint and only got to play 5 songs before management pulled the plug. Everyone had a full day and looks forward to next year.
Sponsors:  Sector 9, Venice Print Shop, Groundswell Surf Shop, Dogtown, Redsand, 13th Floor, Juice Magazine, Lost, Red Ink, Grind King, S.V.S, F.C.S., Miken, Fear Nada, BYB, THC, Anarchy and Slave.
by – The Plate

Girls (open)
1. Megan Manuel
2. Erin Moyers
3. Melanie

13 and Under
1. Max Alatore
2. Wes Talbert
3. Brittnay Adams

1. RIck Massie
2. Nick Navaro
3. Satch
14-18 Years
1. Patrick Lloyd
2. Justin Swartz
3. Diego Rameriz

19-22 Years
1. Patrick Lloyd
2. Phil Lop
3. Takachiyo ChiSaichinpo

23-28 Years
1. Leif
2. Sal T. Nuts
3. Gabe Morgan

29-35 Years
1. Barnesto
2. Jon Jon Ramierez
3. Peter Dystafeno

35 and Up
1. Dookie Pantz
2. Kosta
3. Billy Penal Code

1. Scott Adams
2. Damon Smith
3. Jim Muir



How old is your label?
5 years old and still growing strong.
Who makes up Resurrection?
1) A.J. Falvo- President
2) Lee Morrow- Web Master
3) Alan LaZare- PR Director
4) Steve Jackson Street Promo.
5) Glenn- Marketing Assistant
6) Lisa- Intern
Band roster?
The current RAD line-up consists of: Arson, Built To Last, E-Town Concrete, Pocket Change, Synthetic 16, and To Each His Own.
What is your bands and staff’s involvement with, surfing, skating or snowboarding?
Just about everyone involved with Resurrection A.D. Records plays apart in the Skate/Snowboard/Surf scenes in one way or another.  I for one am an avid snowboarder and surfer.  Steve Jackson  is ESA ranked #9 in the men’s division in Bodyboarding and is also sponsored by BZ.. Just about every band has a member that  either surfs, skates, or snowboards.
What does being indie mean to you?
To us, being Indie gives us freedom to release all different types of music which then allows us to touch the lives of everyone in the world.  we do everything.  We have it all from Metal to Emo/Pop/Rock, and then finally to plain old in-your-face Hardcore.  Something for everyone.



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