Pearls of Wisdom with Craig Stecyk III at Beyond The Streets

“Art is artifice, artifice is subterfuge, subterfuge is bending the truth, changing the dictates and trying to find new ways of doing things. That’s the essence of skateboarding. Arguably, it was once the essence of surfing, even though surfing goes back to the Stone Age. I’m just here trying to promote world peace.” – C. R. Stecyk III at Beyond The Streets, which features a recreation of the Venice Pavilion with art by Risk, Slick, C.R. Stecyk III and many more brought to you by Adidas Skateboarding. Filming by Dan Levy – Juice Magazine. #venice #streetart #graffiti #skate #surf #art #worldpeace #beyondthestreets ??? Learn more about Beyond The Streets at

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