Patti presents This Way – A Western Film starring Nora Vasconcellos & Friends

As The Queen Of The West, Dale Evans, once wrote… “Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Happy trails to you, keep smilin’ until then...”

In the meantime, here’s some happy viewing thanks to the awesome people at Patti.

Patti presents “This Way – A Western Film” the second installment of the series. This time Patti fired up the ol’ 94 stretch limo and headed west with Nora Vasconcellos, Laura Enever, Jaleesa Vincent, Shanae Collins, Frankie Harrer and special guests Stephanie Gilmore, Nicole Hause and Jordyn Barratt.

The crew drove across dusty roads from Texas to California. Skateboarding and surfing their way through small towns, snow capped mountains and desert plains.

1994 Lincoln Town Car stretch limousine. One previous owner. 100K original miles. The scent of 90s wealth. 30ft long. 4 doors. Privacy screen. Car phones. Television. VCR player. 2 Tape decks. Air conditioning throughout. The scent of leather. 12 Champagne flutes and couple of dirty skateboarders and surfers on the road to nowhere… Photo by @COCOLOBERG

1355 miles, 4 states and a shit load of memories made this trip one to remember. Doing fun stuff with your friends is what it’s all about!

Waco, Texas a small town in the middle of somewhere known for the deadly Waco siege. Made up of bail bonds, payday advance stores, fast food and a wave pool. The skate park was fun with some friendly locals. Nike was one of them. Nike grew up here and had never seen girls skate the bowl before, she also loved to sing. Nora dropped two bottles of wine in a gas station. The night escalated to distorted memories. Good times Waco, you weird little place. Nora Vasconcellos Photo by @THESCOTTWYNN

‘I love this so much, so excited to be involved. Dream trip!’ – Nora Vasconcellos

70mph heading west on the 40 is where our brush with death happened. What started as wobbly beginnings ended in a blow out. We were waiting for help on a tight shoulder at 10pm in 35 degrees with the closest town being Holbrook. A Route 66 town stranded in the 60’s. Holbrook delivered a night in a concrete tepee, warming soup on a heater, trying Aliberto’s famous butt burner salsa and teaching the waitress how to twerk. Big Tony lent us a hand to fix the limo and we got on the road headed for Phoenix. Photo by @WOODYGPHOTO

‘Patti is amazing! I’m so pumped and inspired of course love to be involved’ – Laura Enever

@jaleesavincent Photo by @WOODYGPHOTO

‘This wasn’t like a trip that I’ve ever done before…in a really good way’ – Jaleesa Vincent

@yeahsheezy doing a frontside smith in Arizona for the ‘This Way’ film. Photo by @WOODYGPHOTO

‘Was such a rad trip, all of the crew are such amazing humans’ – Shanae Collins

Arizona…we stopped by Tempe skatepark for a lil session and hit up a ditch in some sort of business park in Scottsdale. Finished the day with dinner at a fancy golf course, we really didn’t fit in. Nora had a little dance on the 18th green and the local golfers were impressed. Nora Vasconcellos. Photo by @THESCOTTWYNN
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Film Credits

Director ‘Scott Wynn’ @thescottwynn

Producer ‘Elley Norman’ @elleynorman

DOP ‘Andrew Schoener’ @andrew_schoener

Editor ‘Scott Wynn’ @thescottwynn

Photographer ‘Coco Loberg’ @cocoloberg

Photographer ‘Woody Gooch’ @woodygphoto

What is Patti:

‘Patti’ is the home of women’s counter culture. Original stories, films, art, photo’s, news & general antics of people getting at life. With a name inspired by Patti Smith (punk rocker) and Patti McGee (first professional women’s skateboarder) Patti was created for the outcasts and pioneers. A celebration of people, not through looks or likes but through actions. Popular culture tells us we should look and act a certain way… fuck that. Patti, the bureau of unconventional.

@noravexplora @THESCOTTWYNN
Nora Vasconcellos @THESCOTTWYNN
Jaleesa Vincent Photo: @THESCOTTWYNN
@noravexplora slapping da bass in New Mexico @THESCOTTWYNN
“This Way” Tour Photo by @WOODYGPHOTO
@noravexplora Photo by @WOODYGPHOTO

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