Paddle Out for Jay Adams

Jay Adams Memorial Paddle Out. August 30, 2014. Venice Pier, Venice, CA.

Photos by Hank Foto, Block, DJ Farley, Jay Adams archives and Dan Levy. Filming and editing by Alicia Gilmour.


August 30, 2014, Venice Pier, Venice, CA

Photos by Dan Levy and Vanessa Davey

Words by Dan Levy

A cool zephyr wind calmly blankets the sacred grounds of Dogtown carrying with it the souls of our fallen warriors. It swirls through the hearts of our tribe and adds vigor to the day ahead. We know life doesn’t just hand us barrels and permission pools. Nobody rides for free. We pay for our freedom. Jay showed us that we earn our freedom with perseverance and constantly striving to be better.

It has been said that everyone just wanted a piece of Jay. Seeking absolution riding his surfboard and skateboard, he spent life basking in true freedom. That’s what everyone wanted. Purity. Through 100% dedication to his passion, Jay Boy showed us there is always another wave to take us somewhere new. He had a magical way about him as if he was tapped into the universe in a way that gave him the ability to see greatness in everyone and everything. This is the Jay we knew and loved. This is the Jay we will celebrate.




Donny Wilson, Dave Hackett, Alan Sarlo, Anthony Ruiz, Shawn Briley, Kalani Robb, Aaron Murray, Tim Jackson, Scott Oster



Tony Meclellan, Pat Keiser, and Homie



Alan Sarlo, Kent Sherwood, Mrs Sherwood, Jeff Ho, Glen E. Friedman, Ezio Friedman


Solo Scott, Christian Hosoi, Seven Adams, Simon Ebling, Jeremy Parker


Floral arrangement for Jay Boy created and donated by Studio Kate Floral in Mar Vista at the request of Lauren and David Wiley.


Pat Ngoho and Marty Grimes


Jeremy Parker, Victor Blue, John McClure, Strider Wasilewski, Alan Sarlo, Jim Muir, Jeff Ho, Rick Massie, Mark Partain, George Wilson, John Hinds, Wayne Saunders, Ricky Tavares


Alisha and Venice (Jay Adam’s daughter)


Zane, Dave Duncan, Don Fisher, Simon Ebling, Darell Delgado


Josh “Bagel” Klassman, Allen Sarlo, Anthony Ruiz, Jeff Ho, Shawn Briley, Kalani Robb, Tim Jackson, Aaron Murray, Scott Oster, Christian Hosoi


Allen Sarlo, Anton, Jeff Ho


Nathan Pratt, Alan Sarlo, Peggi Oki, Chris Dawson, Jeff Ho, Pat Keiser, Steve Mayorga, Katie Sullivan



Christian Hosoi, Mark Vercelli, Judy Swain, Billy Yeron, Brenda Sutherland



Nathan Pratt and Susanne Melanie Berry


Allen Sarlo, Deborah Sarlo, Pat Lennon, Andy Viault, Stacy Peralta


Samo Suto, Jeff Ho, Brian Cullen, Seven Adams, Christian Hosoi, Solo Scott, Jeremy Parker.



Nathan Pratt, John Baum, Allen Sarlo, Peggi Oki, Cris Dawson, Jeff Ho


Christian Hosoi and Terri Craft




Sandy Alvarado



Solo Scott



Simon Ebling



Allen Sarlo



C. R. Stecyk III and Lance Mountain


Cris Dawson and Jeff Ho



Christian Hosoi, Seven Adams and Simon Ebling



Victor Blue, Badger, and Jeff Ho


John McClure, Strider Wasilewski, Allen Sarlo, Jim Muir, Jeff Ho, Rick Massie, John Hinds, Wayne Saunders, Ricky Tavares, Mark Partain



Jeremy Parker, Victor Blue, John McClure, Strider Wasilewski, Allen Sarlo, Jim Muir, Jeff Ho, Rick Massie, John Hinds, Mark Partain





Tim Jackson and Christian Hosoi


Christian Hosoi


Cesario “Block” Montano and Max Perlich


Rhonda Elwell aka Dr. Rhonda Jessum, Louiche Mayorga, Billy Yeron, Laura Thornhill, Ray Flores



_IMG_8794 _IMG_8797 _IMG_8798 _IMG_8799 _IMG_8801

Shawn Kehoe and Monique



Christian and Gabe Pastirik



Sky , Abbey, and Kait


Perry Farrel and son, and Block



Raimund Kallee

_IMG_8861  _IMG_8866

Jeff Ho

_IMG_8877   _IMG_8889

Morena Venice Skateboarding Stuff


Jay Adams Memorial Paddle Out Video

Jay Adams Paddle Out Memorial Speeches by friends and family

Jay’s Wave

Jay Adams Memorial Skate Session at the Venice Skatepark

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  1. Very difficult to (still) come to grasps that Jay has gone to the other side. Being a sk8r4lf and following Jay through Skateboarder Magazine back in the beloved 70s He had alwayZ been my inspiration through the outstanding articles and photography of Craig and Glen and I know that his legaZy will live on especially with the DogTown faithful (duh…I know) . Living in the Chicago area my entire life (now 52) I could only live my life through His and I will alwayZ appreciate what he did for me personally and skateboarding as well. Love you man, never personally knew you but wish I had. Rest in peace you craZy Dood and see you on the other side. RESPECTFULLY, jeff berghuis

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