Opening Night of Venice Ignite Photography Show by Dan Levy at The Waterfront in Venice Beach

Venice Ignite Photography Show by Dan Levy at The Waterfront in Venice Beach.

Words by Dan Levy with Photos by Alan Presutti

It was an honor to have my first solo photo show on May 19, 2022, at The Waterfront Venice. This location sits on the sacred grounds of Venice history, a stone’s throw away from where the infamous POP pier once stood and fell into historical glory amongst the surf and skate tribes.

It was a magical night with the work displayed telling stories of Venice from the 90’s until now.  The work will live on the walls for the indefinite future for all to enjoy and you can check out the photos at The Waterfront 205 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA, 90291 

Thank you to Terri Craft, Jake Mathews, Andy Vaughn, Christina Marquez, Vanessa Davey, Bill Wallis, Alan Presutti, Libby Knudson, Tana Douglas, Brian Averill, Ralph Ziman, Cindy Schwarzstein, Universal Art and Framing, for all of your amazing help and support to make this show a successful reality. 

Prints from the show are available now at

Dan Levy, Ryji Masuda, Taj and Ona Gauthier, Hanabi Masuda, Takuji Masuda, Ami Masuda and Steve Olson
Landon Belcher & friends
Dan Levy & Dave Fowler
Jesse Martinez, Dave Fowler, Toots, Downhill Dogs Venice, Rob Dog
Greg Falk (Carver Skateboards) Landon, and Dan
Val LaForge & Lindsey Klucik
Michael Torquato DeNicola & Shae Breitenbach & Dan Levy
John & Michelle Cowell and DL
DJ Ray Flores
Fuzz & Heidi Lemmon
Universal Framing with Dan Levy
Heidi Lemmon
Dan Levy & Andy Vaughn (Waterfront)
Jim Gray, Barbarella, Julie Daniels, Kimi Kallman, Lonnie Hiromoto, Hugh Holland
Toots & Mark Zamudio
Countess Francesca Quintano & Dan
The Masuda Family, Jesse Martinez, Terri Craft, Steve Olson, and Dan
Rob Dog and Dan Levy
Syracuse Crew, Mikey, John Cannon, Sean McGowen, Dan
Angry Bill
Rita and Oscar Hecho En Venice
Jesse Martinez, Christy Priske, Jimbo Quaintance, Lydia Ponce, Rick Nishiyama
Kimi Kallman, Lonny Hiramoto, Jim Gray, Julie Daniels
Toots and Jesse Martinez
518 Underground
Countess Francesca, Nano Nobrega, Dave Tourje, Gary Wong, Dan Levy, Terri Craft, Tibby Rothman, Baby Schizo
Dan, Gerard Ravel (NSI Video)
Custom Boards Handpainted for the show
Bennett Harada
Jonathan Penson, director of Made In Venice Movie and Dan Levy
Venice Ignite Slide Show Narration by Dan Levy

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