Noah Doak is one of those kids born to ride a skateboard. Not only does he have plenty of style, but he also fears no heights. He is among the revolution of skaters not yet 4 feet tall that charge it, no matter what the terrain. Next time you hit the islands, look to the sky to find this kid.

What’s up, Noah! What are you doing?
I’m just hanging out with my dad.

Wait. How old are you?
I’m ten.

How long have you been skateboarding?
I’ve been skateboarding about four years.

So you started when you were six years old. That’s pretty good. You’ve gotten really good really fast. Who is your favorite skateboarder right now?
Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, and, oh yeah, this guy named Jay Adams.

You don’t get to pick me just because I’m interviewing you. [Laughs] I’m just kidding. Do you know what’s funny? You remind me of Christian Hosoi when he was a kid. If Christian Hosoi ever has a movie about his life, the way you look and skate right now, you would be the perfect kid to play him when he was a young kid. Does that make you happy?
Yes. I’m very happy.

“I like the feeling of the board under my feet when I’m doing airs. I like the flow of skateboarding.”

I’m not kidding. You’re an amazing skater. You have natural talent. What do you want to do with skateboarding in the future? Do you want to be a pro or do you want to be a soul surfer, skater kid?
I want to become pro and have enough money to buy a nice house.

Wow. Are you going to live in Hawaii your whole life or do you think that you should come to California to be a pro skater later?
When I become really good, I might want to move to California. For now, I want to stay here in Hawaii.

Well, you’re ten years old, so I think that’s a good idea. What time do you wake up in the morning?
6:36 AM.

What do you do? What’s your morning schedule?
I do a little bit of cartoons and eat and go to school, and then I come back home and do my homework and go skate.

You skate a lot. We’ll get to that in a second. What was the scariest dream you ever had?
I was riding away from these giant spiders that were shooting a web at me. It looked very real.

Did you ever have a dream of skateboarding?
Yes. That happened when I was seven years old. I was walking off the playground and I saw a piece of plywood, so I walked over it and then Tony Hawk dropped in from a vert ramp. I thought it was just a piece of plywood, but it was part of the vert ramp.

Do you think you’ll ever skate the Mega Ramp?

Do you want to jump over the Great Wall of China or do you want to do what Danny Way and Bob Burnquist do where they do big 20 to 25 foot airs?
I actually want to do both.

Okay, I’m going to predict it right now. You’re going to be able to do stuff that those guys could never even think about. How’s that?
That would be cool.

When I was living across the street from the skatepark, sometimes I would drive by and you would be the only one there at like eight in the morning. How come you like skating so much?
I like the feeling of the board under my feet when I’m doing airs. I like the flow of skateboarding.

That’s good. This isn’t an ego question, but do you like showing off? Do you like showing how good the stuff you’ve learned is and performing for people or does it make you nervous when there are a lot of people around?
I don’t get nervous. I like to do it a little bit.

That’s good. That just shows that you’re a natural performer. I used to feel the same way. It wouldn’t embarrass me. I liked it. Where’s your favorite bowl that you’ve ever skated in your life?
Donald, Oregon. Thank you Dreamland! Right now I’m in Oregon on a road trip with my parents. I’m lucky that I have relatives here so I get to come up and skate each year. Today I was skating at Ashland skate park. It’s got this sick snake run and a great bowl. It’s a little bit rough and difficult to skate. Maybe because it’s a little bit old, but it’s awesome.

How about Venice Beach? Do you like Venice?
Yes. I like Venice a lot. I skated with Kiko Franciso and Morgan Wolf. Kiko is super good.

Who are the guys you skate with in Hawaii? Do you skate with Kalani David a lot?
Yeah. I like to skate with Kalani David, Malakai Montes, Bobo Kuamo’o, Leoni Kealoha, Hunter Long, Heimana Reynolds, Jordyn Barratt and Isaiah Briley.


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