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When did you first hear of SurfSkate style?

I was about 4 years old when I got my first foam surfboard in 1980 in Brazil. When I was 8, I got my first skateboard, a very narrow little cruiser with skate trucks with real hard urethane wheels. When I was about 12, I had this Brazilian sticker album called “SURF SKATE”. We collected stickers that we could buy at newsstands, showcasing surf and skate icons such as Martin Potter, Tom Carroll, Lincoln Ueda, Christian Hosoi and also explaining the name of the tricks as well as the brands at that time. I think that’s when I really understood how SurfSkate was a huge lifestyle movement around the world. I was hooked, and that certainly changed my life forever!

What does SurfSkate style mean to you and who has the best surf skate style?

We all know that surfskate is a lifestyle, but we hardly discuss what that lifestyle really means. For me, it’s a powerful knowledge. It gives us the ability to enjoy a physically and mentally healthy life not only because of what it literally does to our body, but for the perception and the vision that it gives to our minds. The ability to achieve such happiness by disconnecting ourselves from everything that society guides us to believe in, and simply enjoy life for what life really is, a radical ride! There are so many names to add to the list, but if I were to pick an icon for each, these would be my choices: for surf, Tom Curren, and for skate, Christian Hosoi.

How has surfing influenced skateboarding, and skateboarding influenced surfing?

That has to go back to the legendary Jay Adams and the Z-boys back in the ‘70s. As he has mentioned, skateboarders would ride like longboard surfers, just cruising, very mellow with tons of style. Another legend, Buttons, a surfer with a very radical and funky way to surf, really inspired Adams to take skateboarding to another level with sharp cutbacks and stylish tail slides. Both sports have always been intertwined. Surf was possibly the reason skateboarding started, but now, the coin has flipped. Skateboarding is influencing and changing surfing. Shove-its, crazy airs, switch stance and even kickflips are a few of the tricks surfers are taking from skateboarders.

Is SurfSkate style important today?

It always has and it always will. The industry has evolved so much that now you are able to live a very comfortable life through surfskate, be it as an athlete or involved as a professional, or working in this field. It’s not only the financial opportunities, but the well being side of it. This lifestyle has changed so many people and brought life, health, hope and goals to so many, and support to so many families. It is important that we keep pushing that forward, not only promoting the sport through the brands and athletes they sponsor, but by educating others about it, and acting proactively to protect our children, our planet and our future.

Nano Nobrega surf skate style. Photo courtesy of Nano Nobrega


The influence of surfing on skateboarding has been discussed since the beginning of both, yet we have now entered a new era, where skateboarding has returned the favor with its own unique influence on the surfing world. In order to get to the core of this cross over and to try to define the origins and current state and status of surf skate style, we’ve interviewed some of the most innovative skateboarders, surfers, artists, documentarians, photographers, filmmakers and musicians on the planet. In honor of the great, Shogo Kubo, who once said, “To me, style is everything…” welcome to our exploration of Surf Skate Style featuring interviews with Aaron Murray, Aaron Astorga, Abraham Paskowitz, Art Brewer, Bennett Harada, Brad Bowman, Brandon Cruz, Brian Brannon, Carter Slade, Chris Miller, Chris Strople, Christian Fletcher, Christian Hosoi, Craig Stecyk III, Darren Ho, Dave Tourje, David Hackett, Dennis Martinez, Dibi Fletcher, Don Redondo, Eric Britton, Garrett McNamara, Gerry Lopez, Glen E. Friedman, Greg Falk, Greg Galbraith, Greyson Fletcher, Herbie Fletcher, James O’Mahoney, Jef Hartsel, Jeff Ament, Jeff Divine, Jeff Ho, Jim Fitzpatrick, Jim Gray, John Van Hamersveld, Jonathan Paskowitz, Josh “Bagel” Klassman, Kalani David, Keith Morris, Kirra Kehoe, Larry Bertlemann, Laura Thornhill, Lizzie Armanto, Marc Emond, Michael Denicola, Michael Early, Nano Nobrega, Nathan Fletcher, Nathan Florence, Neil Stratton, Norton Wisdom, Pat Bareis, Randy Katen, Ray Flores, Rob Nelson, Robert Trujillo, Scott Oster, Shane Allen, Shaun Tomson, Shota Kubo, Solo Scott, Stacy Peralta, Steve Alba, Steve Olson, Takuji Masuda, Terry Nails, Tim Curran, Tim Hendricks, Tim Kerr, Tom Groholski, Tony Alva, Wes Humpston and Zach Miller.


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