LINCOLN CITY SKATEPARK – Lincoln City added to their skate park. I believe they have re-earned their title, Gnarliest Skatepark in America 2003.

CHRISTIAN HOSOI NEWS – Christian Hosoi has signed with Emergency/Black Label Skates.

SALBA’S new website –

PLACERVILLE PARK – New Placerville park is located at the El Dorado Fairgrounds and will open on the weekend of June 12-15th with the County Fair. It should be a zoo. The guys running the park for the community are from Mountain-Surf shop in town. This park is way bigger then the Cameron Park area. Looks to be a better flow then other parks too. The park was desinged somewhat on the fly as changes were made as the building went on by the skate crew doing the design and building. [M. Chantry]

VANS SKATE TEAM EMBARKS ON FIRST-EVER INTERNATIONAL SKATE TOUR Rowley, Caballero, Trujillo, Greco and Cohorts Rip through West Coast June 13-24 and East Coast in Mid-August. The Vans skateboard team, featuring the world’s best street skaters including Geoff Rowley, Steve Caballero, Tony Trujillo and Jim Greco, is currently tearing through Europe and hits the States for a West Coast swing June 13 through June 24 before resuming in the East Coast August 15 through August 27. Vans’ Pleased to Meet You skateboard tour is the most ambitious skate trek put together in Vans’ 37-year history with more than 15 riders taking part and the team hitting more than 35 cities in eight countries. visit for more info

V.S.A. NEWS – The Venice Surf and Skateboard Association is pleased to announce that the VSA will be participating in the Venice Carnival on June 14th and the Abbott Kinney festival on Sept 28th. The event on June the 14th will take place at Windward Plaza in the heart of Venice, Ca. This event will be for skateboard demonstrations only. The VSA will set up a street style course. Teams will be invited to participate. The Sept 28th event will be a Pro/Am street style competition. Skater divisions will include :Team, sponsored am, unsponsered am and pro. A cash purse of $500.00 will be offered in the pro/am division. The VSA is a non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible(501c). All precedes go to youth programming (skateboard contests,skate trips, job training etc.) Sponsorship is very affordable. One event $150. Two events: $250. The VSA values your interest and participation. Thank you Ger-I Lewis – Venice Skateboard Association. For more information e-mail –

BOOST Mobile Pro Skateboard Contest to Award $250,000. BOOST Mobile has announced the first BOOST Mobile Pro invitational skateboard contest, to take place at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Casino and Hotel, June 27-29th, 2003. Promoters say that the contest’s $250,000 of prize money will make this contest the world’s richest pure skateboarding event in history. The competition is expected to attract fourty world-class skateboarders to compete for seperate $40,000 first prizes for the Vert and Street contests. Street skaters expected to attend include Andrew Reynolds, Chad Bartie, Austen Seaholm, Brian Anderson, Caswell Berry, Chris Senn, Colt Cannon, Daewon Song, Ethan Fowler, Evan Hernandez, Geoff Rowley, Heath Kirchart, Jim Greco, John Cardiel, Mark Appleyard, Paul Rodriguez, Rick Mc Crank, Tony Trujillo, Matt Mumford, Mike Carroll, Bastien Salabanzi, Eric Koston and Ronnie Creager. Vert skaters to compete include Bob Burnquist, Bucky Lasek, Darren Navarrette, Jake Brown, Lincoln Ueda, Max Schaaf, Mike Crum, Omar Hassan, Peter Hewitt, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Rune Glifberg, Sandro Dias, Shuan White, Mike Frazier, Neil Hendrix and Brian Howard. Unlike many contests, for the BOOST Mobile Pro the skaters have been influential in the design and layout of the course and ramps. The event also claims to be breaking new ground with a peer judging format, with invited skaters who are not competing choosing the winners, and with a timed man-on-man jam format. Oakley is the presenting sponsor of the event, and will be awarding two additional $7,500 cash Over the Top prizes to the street and vert competitors who exhibit unrivaled ability and creativity and achieve the most innovative and technical maneuver. Contest Schedule: Friday, June 27, 6:30PM: skate-off between 12 wildcard contestants will decide who will join the other 39 selected street skaters for the main event on Saturday, June 28. – Saturday, June 28: Street Event – Sunday, June 29: vert competition – Ticket prices are said to cost about $10/day, not including service fee.

THREESIXTEEN SKATE CONTEST – ThreeSixteen Skate Contest Series 2003
Contest #2 Sat. July 19th, 360 Skate Spot in Willow Grove, PA.
Contest #3 Sat. Sept. 20th, Boarderline Skate Park, West Chester, PA.
Contest #4 Sat. Nov. 1st, VANS Skate Park, Moorestown, NJ.
Divisions: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Sponsored, and Best Trick.
For more info log onto or


X GAMES – Bucky Lasek goes gold at the X Games Global Championship Crowd with a #1 Finish – Carlsbad, CA – May 19, 2003 – In typical Lasek style, Bucky took Gold at the Skateboard Vert competition Saturday night at the X Games Global Championship, held at The Alamodome in San Antonio, TX. His second run earned a 94.0, and was highlighted by impressive tricks and big frontside airs. Lasek can be seen next at ESPN X Games IX, 2003 held this year in Los Angeles and aired August 16-21, 2003 on ESPN, ESPN 2 and ABC Sports.

HOLMBY HILLS, CA – MAY 6: Playboy bunny Sheila Levell, professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and Playboy bunny Holly Madison perform a scene during the filming of a commercial for X Games IX at the Playboy Mansion May 6, 2003 in Holmby Hills, California. This year’s X Games will take place at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles from Aug 14-18.

STOP THE FCC – ”On June 2, the Federal Communications Commission is planning on authorizing sweeping changes to the American news media. The rules change could allow your local TV stations, newspaper, radio stations, and cable provider to all be owned by one company. NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox could have the same corporate parent. The resulting concentration of ownership could be deeply destructive to our democracy. Congress is supposed to guard against monopoly power. But the upcoming rule change could change the landscape for all media and usher in an era in which a few corporations control your access to news and entertainment. Please join me in asking Congress and the FCC to support a diverse, competitive media landscape by going to: You can also automatically have your comments publicly filed at the FCC. When the folks at talk to Congresspeople about this issue, the response is usually the same: We only hear from media lobbyists on this. It seems like my constituents aren’t very concerned with this issue. A few thousand emails could permanently change that perception. Please join this critical campaign, and let Congress know you care.

PHILLY UPDATE – Philly, PA- 3 days pre-construction. Hope to be rolling by mid June –


SAND-A-GROOVE TOUR – The Donavon Frankenreiter Band presents the SAND-A-GROOVE TOUR.. with special screenings of the new film Drive Thru Japan starring Donavon Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherly, Rob Machado and Shawn Barney Barron. Screening only: Thursday, June 5 – La Paloma Theater Encinitas, CA 92024 Info: (760) 436-SHOW – $5 Admission. For more information visit or

DEKLINE TO LAUNCH AT ASR SEPT 2003 (San Diego, CA) – Tum Yeto, Inc., home to successful brands Toy Machine, Foundation, Pig Wheels, Hollywood, Deathbox and Ruckus, announces the launch of its latest brand, Dekline. After more than a year of development, Dekline will debut its premiere line in September at ASR San Diego. Their comprehensive line of footwear, apparel and accessories will land at select core retailers for Spring 2004.

ROBB HAVASSY – The city of Chula Vista, is proud to present an exhibition of art by California painter Robb Havassy. The exhibition, A California Fairytale will present 60 of Havassy’s paintings and limited editions and will be open to the public from June 3 – July 1, 2003 at the Rosemary Lane Galeria, located within the newly constructed South Chula Vista Library. 389 Orange Ave., San Diego CA (619) 585-5755 (call for info/directions) or go to

SURFING ADDED TO X GAMES X – Competition to be held in Surf City USA – Huntington Beach – on August 9. ESPN’s X Games, the definitive action sports event, has added Surfing to its competition lineup, beginning with X Games IX in Los Angeles this August. The Surfing competition will be held August 9 at Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City USA. X Games IX will be the first major competition to embrace the National Surf League’s (NSL) The Game format, a new competition that features two eight-surfer teams. The ninth annual X Games in Los Angeles will showcase more than 300 of the world’s best action sports athletes competing in a variety of sports categories for medals and prize money from August 14-17. STAPLES Center will serve as the primary venue for the X Games, and will host competitions in Bike Stunt, Moto X, Skateboard and Aggressive In-line Skate. The Moto X Freestyle event will be held at the Los Angeles Coliseum at night under the lights on August 16. Competitions taking place the week prior will include Surfing at Huntington Beach and Wakeboard, Skateboard Street and Downhill BMX at locations to be announced soon. More than 20 hours of X Games IX original programming will be featured on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC August 16-22. The two Surf teams at X Games will be created to play off the time-honored rivalry between America’s east coast and west coast surfers. Each team will also include two wild cards, which will allow the teams to add surfers from other parts of the world. The National Surf League will serve as the sport organizer for Surfing in the X Games. The format: -Two eight-surfer teams compete in four quarters with each quarter broken off into two twenty-minute heats. -Each heat is surfed as a team. Four surfers from one team go out for the first twenty-minute heat, and then four surfers from the other team go out for the quarter’s second twenty-minute heat. -Surfers keep their top two wave scores. All athletes’ best two scores are added together for a team score. -Each team is allotted three time outs per half, usually taken during lulls in wave sets or while team riders are paddling out to the break. -Team coaches determine which foursome’s will head out – based on match-ups, surf conditions, rider’s strengths, etc. Never before has there been a surf contest that encouraged teamwork, Gerlach said. The Game is designed to bring the excitement and spectator-friendly nature of mainstream sports to surfing. We are excited to work collectively with ESPN in creating a hugely successful GAME to kick off our 2004 NSL Game Series and to be the unparalleled surf format for X Games. The Game was founded by pro surfer and co-founder of National Surf League (NSL) Brad Gerlach as a revolutionary surfing competition format. The NSL’s objective is to develop a revolutionary surfing format that is dedicated to the pursuit of surfing excellence, building awareness for the sport and creating a fun, competitive landscape for all types of surfers.

FUEL TV – Skateboarding’s not dying -now – it’s 24 hours a day…. FUEL – the New 24-hour Action Sports Network to Launch in July 2003 With Live Events, Original Series and Never Before Aired on Television Movies and Series from 411, Props Road Fouls and and More LOS ANGELES -Listening to the voices of action sports participants and industry insiders, General Manager David Sternberg and CJ Olivares, Vice President, Programming and Marketing, today announced FUEL as the official name of the anxiously anticipated 24-hour digital service dedicated to the world of extreme action sports that launches this July. FUEL’s compelling original series and acquired programming will kick it off. Naming the network was not an easy task, said Sternberg in making the announcement. Today’s youth are smart enough to know when corporate America is trying too hard to relate. We feel the name is an organic, but not contrived, expression of their individuality and their ideals of freedom, which FUEL’s programming and positioning will embrace. FUEL originals will cover both competitive and non-competitive action from skateboarding, surfing, BMX, motocross, snowboarding and wakeboarding; emerging artists and musicians from within both the action sports industry and indy record labels; and showcase behind-the-camera talent through innovative new series. FUEL originals will also key into the action sports lifestyles that transcend families and time. Original FUEL series premiering throughout July include Firsthand, a day-in-the-life show about your favorite action sports athletes; Check 1,2 featuring an action sports personality and recognizable recording artist for a one-of-a-kind jam session; Fuel Live Concert Series bringing you live performances from up and coming alternative and indy acts with behind-the-scenes coverage, special sound check performances and interviews; Red Square Productions – Project Detention, a compilation of trick submissions from groms and unknowns around the country; 10 Count, highlighting a countdown of 10 tricks, moments, runs and waves from action sports; and Refused TV, a 30-minute music video and interview show featuring an eclectic mix of indy, urban, Brit, garage and alternative acts. FUEL originals will cover both competitive and non-competitive action from skateboarding, surfing, BMX, motocross, snowboarding and wakeboarding; emerging artists and musicians from both within the action sports industry and indy record labels; and showcase behind-the-camera talent through innovative new series. FUEL originals will also key into the action sports lifestyles that transcend families and time. IMS Sports applauds FUEL for taking the initiative and leading the charge for this elusive but highly sought after demographic and we are sure that they will enjoy tremendous success from this asset in the coming years. The opportunity that FUEL has created for athletes, musicians, clothing brands and event promoters alike is unparalleled in the action sport market, said Adam Jacoby, CEO of IMS Sports LLC.FUEL. Expressing the athlete’s view, skateboarder Eric Koston echoes industry sentiments, The launch of FUEL confirms that action sports are an important part of today’s youth. I look forward to being a part of its success. Additionally, FUEL has licensed the Bruce Brown Film LibraryCollection, including the iconic Endless Summer and cult favorite On Any Sunday, as well as, the other 6 films in the collection. The mix of original and acquired programming will be complemented by a unique blend of 30-90 second interstitials looks at the most groundbreaking photos in the world of action sports and f-word, which will take a look at the most groundbreaking photos in the world of action sports and give gives athletes and viewers a forum to speak their mind on various topics, respectively.

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA – Vans is running away from its skatepark business, officials said. The company, which sells shoes, clothing, helmets and other action sports products, suffered heavy losses last year. Many of the losses stem from the 10 skateparks it operates across the country. In its third quarter, Vans reported $9.2 million loss on $82 million in sales. Included in the loss was a $15.3 million charge to write down assets from its skateparks and 17 of its retail stores. According to officials, the company is negotiating with property owners to either close its skateparks or reduce rents. Gary Shoenfeld, the company’s chief executive officer, said competition from free, city-owned parks cut into company’s revenue. As far as for-profit skateparks, we want to get out of that business, he said. Many BMX riders have criticized Vans parks because some prohibit bikes and other allow them only during limited hours. Officials said they have yet to decide which parks it will close.


SACRIFICE SKATEBOARDS – Bart Saric has a limited edition signed and numbered B/W full board graphic on Sacrifice. It’s called the ‘dead pool’. There were only 50 made with a different pool shape signature on each one for info 310-455-2403. Also check out his new sticker design for Sacrifice Skates.

NORTHWEST FILM – Northwest Film Premiere Tour – April 29, 2003 – Northwest is a new film by Coan Buddy Nichols and Rick Charnoski. Like their other films, Fruit Of The Vine , Skateparks Of Oregon and Tobbacoland , this real-life road movie uniquely showcases great skateboarding in all its varieties–not to mention the perils and joys of the road and the spontaneous fun that makes life worth living. Focusing their super-8 lenses on hand-sculpted concrete skateparks and the skaters who build and ride them, Nichols and Charnoski capture some of the rawest skateboarding you’ve ever seen in the peaceful and beautiful setting of the Pacific Northwest–all while visiting old friends and making new ones. Rick and Buddy have traveled all over the world documenting the underground aspect of skating through films, stories and photographs. Appropriately, Emerica Footwear is sponsoring Northwest , which takes the Nichols and Charnoski legacy to new heights by featuring an impressive roster of skateboarding’s underground concrete heroes, like Jimmy The Greek and Red, as they take on an impressive array of amazing new monstrous concrete transitions–not to mention the powerful skating of Ben Krahn and Ryan Johnson as they gracefully destroy everything in sight. Emerica is proud to be part of a film that splendidly documents these lesser-seen but equally important aspects of skateboarding. Northwest will premiere at fourteen locations spanning the West Coast throughout May. If you have the opportunity, come on out and be part of Coan and Rick’s journey through the skater-poured concrete of Northwest . Order one up at

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