Tomorrow night, we will be celebrating 14 years of the Venice Skatepark. It was no small task to get the park built, but the community of Venice came together and stood strong and made the dream of having a world class skatepark at ground zero for modern day skateboarding’s origins a concrete reality.

Juice is going to be honoring stars of the movie A.K.A. Dogtown legends, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2023 at the Waterfront in Venice, located at 205 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291 with a special encore screening of the Made In Venice Movie, which features the story of the fight to make the most skated and photographed and videoed park on the planet.

Stars of the film will be doing autograph signings from 6-10pm and be featured as special guests for Juice Dan’s Juice Talks. There will also be amazing raffles and silent auction prizes. Join us in honoring the spirit of skateboarding and the dedication to the core that now exists for everyone to skate and shred. Build X Destroy!


The feature-length documentary, Made In Venice, carries the viewer through the history of Venice to present day, as it tells the story of the decades it took a relentless crew of skateboarders, surfers and civic activists to convince the City of Los Angeles to build a skatepark in the area that gave birth to modern-day skateboarding.

Made In Venice is not just a skate movie. It’s a tale of audacity, guts and hope filled with counterculture characters that overcame all obstacles to claim victory for the masses. Anyone that has fought for what they want can identify with this film. This is the story of visionaries that refused to give up the goal to build concrete terrain for future generations.

The film captures the firsthand stories and recollections of 40-plus years of skateboarding in Venice that started with the Z-Boys, and continued with its legendary street skaters and the iconic Venice Skatepark. Never-before-seen Super-8 and early video footage, along with rare black and white stills, take you back to innovative demos on the Boardwalk and skating the walls of the Pavilion, as the Venice skaters pushed the boundaries of street skating and put it on the global map.

Made In Venice features appearances by skateboarding legends, professionals, heroes, skatepark activists and skate icons: Jesse Martinez, Geri Lewis, Christian Hosoi, C.R. Stecyk III, Skip Engblom, Jay Adams, Jeff Ho, Aaron Murray, Scott Oster, Cesario “Block” Montano, Jim Muir, Tim Jackson, Ray Flores, Eddie Reategui, Eric Britton, Dave Duncan, David Hackett, Joey Tran, Pat Ngoho, Wally Hollyday, Jimbo Quaintance, Joff Drinkwater, Nathan Pratt, Solo Scott, Jamie Quaintance, Asher Bradshaw, Kiko Francisco, Bart Saric, Heidi Lemmon, Anthony “Tonan” Ruiz, Lance Lemond, Susanne Melanie Berry, Jereme Schadler, Dennis Ogden, Steve Mayorga, Julien Martinez, Victor Blue, Steve “Primo” Primeau, Mary Prideaux, Lauren Seagrave, Katie Sullivan, Adam Hamilton, Karington Smith, Mike Sherrod, Pauline Bronon, Mario Narango and Zack Wormhoudt.

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The Waterfront sits at the base of where the Pacific Ocean Park Pier (POP) once existed, a place of legend where a young group of surf skaters launched the Dogtown & Z-Boys aesthetic. The Waterfront features beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, from the world-famous Venice Beach boardwalk, and offers California cuisine with carefully selected seasonal local produce and curated beverage menus. Get Waterfront reservations at

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